Been Verified Reviews: Is It REALLY The Best Background Check

By Craig Brandes: Online Product Researcher

Research Time: 14 hours

BeenVerified is an online service that boasts easy access to public records. Does it really work? Our team researched it so you don’t have to.

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About BeenVerified

If you ever need to dig up public records, find an address of long lost relative, or search someone’s criminal record, you could ask a company such as BeenVerified for support. They offer information on US citizens collected as an electronic report. You can check criminal records, divorce records, or any other data publicly available in electronic form.

If you’ve seen the commercials on TV, you might have the impression of this service being reliable and easy to use. Of course, our team at Doesitwork had to investigate deeper. Read on to discover what we found.

The Claim

BeenVerified provides an easy way to research the people you don’t trust. You can check on your children’s dates, look up a new roommate, or you can even look up info on yourself. The service is marketed as easy to use, free to try, and rich with information.

Most people get over excited with this idea and rush in to give it a try. Others use it for serious business and background checks. Dealing with personal information, especially criminal background checks is a very sensitive issue that doesn’t allow room for mistakes.

Our team was worried if this company truly lived up to its promises, so we worked extra hard when researching this service. Find out in this article what we discovered.

How does BeenVerified work?

It doesn’t really matter how you found out about BeenVerified. It was marketed heavily on TV as well as online. You can choose to try it once, or become a full member and pay a monthly subscription. So what exactly can you use BeenVerified for?

Once you become a member, you can use the service for researching people you’ve met on dating sites. You can also use it for researching potential roommates. People also find it very useful for locating old friends or members of the family. Yet others can’t resist the temptation and search for themselves. You are absolutely free to use it to research whatever data that is available for public record.

Some people get harassed on the phone. There’s prank callers all the time. With BeenVerified, you can find out who was calling your phone, and get to the bottom of it, once and for all. Researching properties is another tool that people find useful.

Of course there are uses of the program that are not permitted. These include verifying a potential employee’s credentials, credit checks, and identity theft among others. To be absolutely certain about the permitted usage of BeenVerified, visit their terms of service section. To be quite honest, there are no legal ways to prevent criminals from using the service in this capacity.

The App

BeenVerified has offered native mobile access to its users. It’s available both for Android and IOS platforms. You can perform 3 weekly checks for free, and if you wish to research more, you’ll have to pay $8. The mobile app provides the same service as the actual website: you can check people’s addresses, browse their criminal records, or even scan their social media presence. The data available is imperfect, but as BeenVerified management says, they’re updating the new information as soon as it becomes available.


If you wish to have all that data available, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Here’s the packages offered by BeenVerified:

  • 1 Report without subscription $29.95
  • 1 month subscription fee $22.86
  • 3 months subscription fee $14.86 x 3 = $44.58
  • 6 months subscription fee $9.83 x 6 = $58.98

If you’re not happy with the service you will need to cancel your subscription, or at the end of your last month it will be automatically renewed. They have a “no haggle, no hassle” option that eliminates any automated charges.

Common questions about BeenVerified

  • Is Been Verified safe? There is room for improvement in the data available, so building your opinion solely based on the site could not be considered a safe bet.
  • Can I get a free trial or account? Yes, they have different trial options for you. Make sure you understand they operate through a subscription model, which means any trials that haven’t been canceled become a full subscription that is charged automatically. People even report being charged after a day into the trial.
  • How accurate is it? Their data relies on criminal data that the courts release digitally. Depending on the country, data can be incredibly accurate, or it can be non-existing. They have a feature called “Court runner” where they send an actual person to request and retrieve court records that are not available electronically. The addresses and emails of people are the most accurate portion of the website.
  • Does it notify the person I am searching for? No, it absolutely doesn’t. All the searches you decide to perform are anonymous. The person you are researching will not be notified.
  • Is it legal? There are illegal activities related to this website such as identity theft. This means bad people could use it for bad purposes. The website itself presents outdated or wrong info on people. This presents a huge problem if potential employers are using this service.
  • How to protect yourself from incorrect records? If an employer is performing a background check and stumbles upon an incorrect record, that could come back to bite US citizens. One minor mistake on your record could mean losing the job you wanted. That can cause serious legal consequences.

Talk to your local State Representative. Report the issue to your state’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Also take the time to make a trip to your local Courthouse where the accurate records are found. You can also find out what background agencies your employer uses and check the info they’ve got on you.

  • What are the main alternatives and competitors? You could choose to give Truthfinder or Checkmate a try. They offer similar services and prices. Truthfinder is a bit more expensive, but judging by customer experience, a bit more reliable. With Checkmate you can research people by their licence plate, but in general these are the three top rated background agencies.

Consumer reviews

When it comes to this service, you’ll find a huge amount of consumer reviews. It’s literally possible to spend an entire week reading about people’s experiences. Most of them are bad, but let’s start on a positive note.

The positive

This website gets people excited. It gives them the equivalent feeling of opening an old wooden chest that was stashed in a secret room for a long time. People are curious by nature, and this is a handy tool for that purpose. Some entrepreneurs find it useful for the real estate industry. Renting rooms to strangers can be risky business. With this service, they can get informed who they’re letting into their property.

Relatives can find each other a lot easier. This website can name 50 people close to you, together with their emails, phone numbers, and addresses from over 10 years ago. They have been tested and are pretty damn accurate.

The negative

On the flip-side having all that information available can cause harm if used for the wrong purposes. People steal identities, they stalk past lovers, and get easier access to victims. This caused serious concerns within the Doesitwork team. We don’t see any legal boundaries that forbids criminals to reach you and your address.

On the practical side, people get upset if they get charged for a service they didn’t choose. If you provide BeenVerified with your credit card info, you can count on your monthly subscription beginning, even if you didn’t choose one. Even if you opt for a trial, most of the time the system makes “mistakes” that can be costly if left undetected.

The customer service you receive on the phone is completely unreliable, and you can count on spending hours trying to reach an agent. On the other hand, if you visit their website and write a negative comment, they reply in almost every case.

When we talk about the service itself, there are a few glitches and downfalls of the system. The company doesn’t have a BBB record, even though there’s been closed complaints over the years.

What we like

  • Great for finding addresses or phone numbers
  • Practical for real estate agents
  • Great for researching potential roommates

What we don’t like

  • Incorrect or outdated information
  • Data missing on individuals with known criminal records
  • Automatic membership that often creates glitches

Does BeenVerified work?

The criminal background portion of BeenVerified needs a lot of work and updating. It might show you charges where they don’t exist, or the criminal record will be blank when it’s not supposed to. The fear of receiving and dealing with false information is a huge negative side of BeenVerified.

The service this company provides is simply collecting all the information found online and organizing it into a report. This is what you get charged for. Could you do a search yourself online? Yes of course. Would you rather do it yourself, or pay BeenVerified to do it? That is for you to decide. Only make sure you understand that this service is not free.

Please share your own experience with us in the comment section below.

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