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The 10 Best Inverter Generators

Looking for a quiet and reliable inverter generator? Here's our guide on which generators to consider buying.


James Mulligan: Engineer & DYI Enthusiast

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Top Inverter Generators

Best Overall

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Champion 3400-Watt Inverter Generator

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Quietest Generator

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Westinghouse Portable Inverter Generator

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Editor’s Pick

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Champion Portable Inverter Generator

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Top Inverter Generators

Instead of operating at full blast all the time, inverter generators digitally throttle the engine upwards and downwards to be fuel-efficient while meeting your demands.

This type of generator generally runs quieter and generates fewer emissions than others, making it a perfect option to consider. Have a look at our top choices for the best inverter generators below.

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Best Inverter Generator 

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

  • 3 mode ignition switch
  • 2 fuel options
  • Quick touch control panel
  • Low noise level at 59 dBA
  • Oil tank capacity of 0.6 quarts
  • Durable cast iron sleeve
  • Propane hose included
  • Automatic shut down when oil is low

The Champion 3400W dual fuel inverter generator has an electric start and performs almost silently with a 59dBA noise output.

The unit can operate on propane or gasoline, running continuously on gasoline for a maximum of 7.5 hours, and on propane for up to 14.5 hours.

You can also boost your power by opting for a parallel kit that features a 50A ready outlet (sold separately).

Other standout features include its 3 position ignition switch, various outlets, USB adapter, quick touch control panel, and 3 year limited warranty.

What customers are saying

This unit received fantastic reviews with customers saying that it is user-friendly, quiet, reliable, and powerful. Some had issues with faulty components and units didn’t start on either propane or gas.

Customers received unsatisfactory customer service from Champion but commended Amazon for their customer service.

Most Quiet Generator

Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Weighs 46 lbs
  • 2 x 120V 20A outlets and 2 x USB ports
  • Low noise output of 52 dBA
  • Runtime: 12 hours
  • Fuel efficiency with economy mode
  • Parallel cable sold separately
  • CARB and EPA certification

This super quiet generator from Westinghouse operates for 12 hours on 1.2 gallons of gas, giving you exactly what you need for an unexpected power outage.

The unit features a lightweight and compact design for easy transportation and storage, plus you can get a parallel cord from Westinghouse (sold separately).

Other standout features include its CARB and EPA compliance, fuel efficiency on economy mode, and a 3 year restricted warranty on parts, service, and labor.

What customers are saying

This generator received mostly good reviews with customers commenting on its efficiency, portable design, quiet operation, and easy setup.

However, several customers had issues with the unit not starting, and some had to do some minor repairs before it started working effortlessly.

Customers also didn’t receive good support from Westinghouse but had only good things to say about Amazon.

Best Large Inverter

Champion 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

  • Quick start with EZ dial
  • Fuel tank capacity: 2.3 gallons
  • Oil capacity: 0.5 quarts
  • Advanced fuel efficiency and prolonged engine life on economy mode
  • Parallel kit sold separately
  • CARB and EPA compliance
  • 3 year restricted warranty with free lifetime support

Keep your lights and appliances on when the power goes out with this powerful 4500W inverter generator from Champion.

The unit boasts a quiet operation at only 61dBA and has sufficient backup for essential appliances and devices. It also features cold start technology, longer running time, and a fuel gauge.

Its engine operates at 3500W running power and 4500W at peak. It can run for up to 14 hours continuously at a load of 25% on a full tank.

This model also generates clean power so you can have peace of mind when connecting sensitive devices. It has an intelligauge to help you to monitor frequency, voltage, and running hours easily.

Additionally, the unit includes a tool-free easy touch control panel and tube for draining oil, making maintenance a walk in the park.

What customers are saying

This generator received plenty of 5-star reviews, and most customers were extremely happy with its portability, silent operation, reliability, and dual-fuel capability.

Others had issues starting the unit on propane, but some stated that once they got it to start, it worked well.

Excellent Portable Option

Honda 663530 Companion Portable Inverter Generator

Honda 663530 Companion Portable Inverter Generator

  • Weighs 54 lbs
  • Quiet operation
  • Gas operated
  • Includes a full manufacturer’s warranty
  • CO-minder technology that monitors CO levels continuously
  • Parallel capability

You will no longer be left in the dark when you purchase the 2200W Honda inverter generator. This portable generator packs an extremely powerful punch in a compact and lightweight package.

It also supports bluetooth, and you can constantly monitor its performance levels via the Honda my generator app on your smartphone. The unit is powerful and efficient enough to complete the job!

Its CO-minder technology continuously checks carbon monoxide levels, which enables the unit to automatically shut down when high CO levels are detected.

This item received 100% positive reviews with customers loving its bluetooth connectivity, portable design, and reliability.

Cheap Inverter Generator

WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator

  • Weighs 39 lbs for easy storage and transport
  • Quiet operation
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1 gallon
  • Safe for charging sensitive electronic devices
  • Parallel kit sold separately
  • Two year warranty
  • Includes: 2 x 120V outlet, 1 x 12V DC outlet, 2 x 5V USB ports

The WEN portable inverter generator offers 1700W running power with a 2000W peak. Its 4 stroke engine runs at only 51 dBA per quarter load, making it perfect for tailgating, camping, and hunting.

The unit also features an automatic fuel shutdown, which stops the fuel flow so the generator can use up what’s left in the carburetor.

This eliminates both blockages and fuel build-ups inside the carburetor, ultimately prolonging the life of the unit and minimizing maintenance.

You can charge sensitive devices like cell phones, tablets, or laptops safely as the unit is designed for mirroring pure sinewave output. The model can be paralleled with a parallel kit sold separately.

What customers are saying

This cheap inverter generator received fantastic reviews with most customers commenting on its quiet operation, compact design, lightweight size, efficiency, and overall value for money.

Still, some customers had issues with the unit not sustaining the rated wattage.

Other Recommended Inverters

Generac GP2500i Inverter

The Generac inverter generator automatically tweaks its engine speed to lower sound output and save fuel.

It has a built-in 3 mode knob that makes the startup a lot easier, and an LED display to alert you when the unit is overloaded, low on fuel, or ready for use.

You’ll be able to charge your mobile devices easily thanks to the unit’s convenient USB port. The generator can also be paralleled with a parallel kit, sold separately.

Another standout feature is the low oil shutdown function that protects the engine against damage. All outputs are also covered for protection against outside elements.

Briggs & Stratton P3000 Inverter Generator

This P3000 PowerSmart inverter generator from Briggs & Stratton will provide the electrical power you need while camping, fishing, or hunting.

This unit is perfect for RV enthusiasts, people doing DIY projects, or tailgating activities. It is lightweight, quiet, and offers enough power when you need it.

The intuitive LCD display gives you important performance details, and transporting to and from campsites is easy with its 6” wheels and telescoping carry handle.

Yamaha Gas Powered Portable Inverter

The Yamaha gas operated inverter is the perfect combination of efficiency, power, and portability.

Its engine delivers a 1600W operating output with a 2000W peak output, and it can run continuously for a maximum of 10.5 hours on a full tank.

The unit produces a sound output of only 51.5 dBA with its spark arrestor and muffler features.

Its smart throttle will tweak the engine speed according to demand, enabling you to save on fuel and reduce noise levels. The generator also has PWM control and CARB compliance.

Pulsar Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator

The Pulsar portable inverter generator comes in a super compact size and weighs a mere 47 lbs for easy storage, transporting, and handling.

The unit provides constant sinewave output technology, which makes running appliances and charging sensitive electronic devices safer.

This model’s engine runs at 1800W and peaks at 2300W. It can run continuously for a maximum of  4.8 hours at a half load, and is ideal for camping, tailgating, or powering 120V appliances.

A-iPower Portable Inverter Generator

The A-iPower inverter generator runs at 1600W and peaks at 2000W, providing safe and clean power to run/charge sensitive electronics and other appliances.

The unit runs quietly at only 58 dBA on full load and weighs a mere 46 lbs for easy portability and storage.

The A-iPower “low power” technology also ensures longer runtime, which makes this nifty generator the perfect choice for tailgating, travel, and camping trips.

Inverters Vs Normal Generators

Safety benefits

Some inverter generators come with an integrated sensor that picks up high levels of CO and automatically shuts off the unit when these levels become dangerous in a constricted space.

Some also feature engines that produce less CO emissions.

Power needs

Fuel powered portable generators are a lot more powerful and can reach up to 10 000W, whereas inverter generators cannot generate more than 6000W.

Inverter generators are better suited for camping or RV trips, where you only need to power up some small appliances and charge your electronic devices.

Noise levels

Fuel powered generators generate significantly more noise compared to inverter generators. This is because inverter generators tweak the amount of power used according to demand.

This helps with noise reduction and energy efficiency. Inverter generators are also designed with noise eliminating technology and mufflers to further reduce noise levels.


Because inverter generators do not generate the same amount of power as fuel operated generators, they come with a smaller engine which makes them smaller and portable.


Due to the more compact design, energy efficiency, stable power, and reduced noise levels, inverter generators are pricier than conventional generators.

This higher price tag, however, is accompanied by a range of advantages that are not found on other types of generators.

Types Of Generators

Recreational generators

Recreational generators weigh anything from 50 to 60 lbs and are engineered to be carried with only one hand.

Most recreational options have a maximum power output of 2000W, and they’re typically a good option for camping or tailgating.

Large generators

Larger inverter generators weigh approximately 250 lbs. They are too large to take to tailgate parties, but can sufficiently power a house. They produce 5000W or higher (at 220V).

These inverter generators can connect to the electrical panel in your home using a safety device called a change over switch. This switch is highly recommended for safety purposes.

Average sized generators

Average sized generators weigh around 80 lbs and sometimes have wheels. They generate anything from 2500W to 4500W but can’t be connected to the electrical panel in your home.

Appliances and other electronics must be plugged into the generator directly, which can pose safety hazards if you do not adhere to certain safety guidelines.

Due to the size of the units, they are generally a good option for recreational vehicles.

They generate enough power for appliances like microwaves or toasters and are lightweight enough to offload and use at a safe distance from the RV.

Features To Consider

Watt level

Before investing in a reliable generator, you should first assess your power consumption needs and overall wattage requirements.

The watt level dictates the amount of wattage you can use to power up your appliances or charge electronic devices simultaneously.

Amount of noise

Inverter generators are typically quiet and generate fewer emissions. They often come with mufflers and noise level reduction technology.

Load sharing

An inverter generator is designed to digitally throttle the engine upwards or downwards according to the demand.

The resulting energy efficiency means you do not need to fill up the gas tank as frequently.


Since inverter generators have smaller engines, they come in a compact and lightweight size.

This makes them a portable and favorable choice for tailgaters, campers, and DIY enthusiasts.

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