Is Bigspot a scam or a legit survey site?

About BigSpot

BigSpot is an online marketing company that offer easy ways to earn money from home.

All you have to do is sign up on their website for free. After you sign up, they connect you to the big companies. They will pay you for expressing your opinion. You basically fill out surveys and get paid by those other companies. All this from the comfort of your home.

This website is owned and operated by Offerwise. This VarsityPlaza limited liability company has been serving market research companies since 2006.

Building a Brand

BigSpot became especially well-known in 2010. They sponsored Brian Scott, a contestant for Road America Bucyrus 200. That and the tornado of ads they’ve released on TV. VarsityPlaza also goes by the names and Offerwise.

BigSpot invested heavily in TV ads in 2010. This was another point of fame for them. People tend to believe what they see on TV and this was no exception.

Our team at Doesitwork got attracted by the idea of working at home. It is a great feeling to be your own boss. Also this idea seemed great for people looking to make $100-$200 on the side.

Is it legit? Does it really work? Read the article our research team prepared for you and find out!

The Claim

BigSpot promises you will get paid simply for sharing your opinion. This means filling out surveys for big companies from the comfort of your home.

Is this website legit or is it just another scam? Do you actually get paid? Our team researched it for hours and now we share our findings with you. Read this article and stay informed.

How does BigSpot work?

After you fill out the info on their main page, they take you to a list of companies looking for workers. Almost every company will have you do one pre-screening survey. Some might ask for a few.

How much do survey takers get paid?

You do not get paid for the pre-screening surveys. You might get paid for your main survey – or not. Depending on the company’s need. This is completely unacceptable. A company that is not what it claims, promises money that you might not get. After you’ve worked hard. Very unprofessional.

If you do end up filling the surveys and getting some money, it is usually scraps. It is not good money at all. People report working 5 days a week, 3-4 hours a day for measly $100-$200 dollars.

Most of the times you don’t get actual paper. Payment comes in the form of gift cards and vouchers. With BigSpot you’re not even sure if you’ll get paid at all.

If a company doesn’t like your survey (or 20 of them) for any reason, they will just deny paying you. That right there is SO wrong.

The confidentiality promise

BigSpot promises they will never share your e-mail with other companies. BUT – They will give YOU a chance to share your e-mail countless times. To put it in their own words:

We may provide you opportunities to participate in surveys on our Website. If you participate, or apply to participate, we may request certain personally identifiable information from you.”

This means that each time you participate in a survey you HAVE TO give your e-mail to that company. No matter if you get paid by them or not. So you could be sending your e-mail to hundreds of companies and receiving 2 or 3 actual jobs. What you end up having is empty pockets and incredibly full spam folder.

Spam free?

You could opt not to share your e-mail, but you won’t get a chance to work. Here’s how they word it in BigSpot: “Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary and you therefore have a choice whether or not to disclose this information.”

So what’s the point in creating a supposedly spam free account, if you can’t use it without getting spammed hourly? Unfortunately some people report going crazy, receiving hundreds of e-mails per day.

The cost

Creating a user account with BigSpot is free. All you have to do is waste hours of your life chasing surveys. In the end you might not get paid.

On the other hand they get paid each time they recommend people to big companies. This way the company creates a pool of potential consumers they advertise to.

Common questions about BigSpot

  • Does really pay you? They absolutely do not pay you anything. They give you a list of other companies that might pay you. Usually it’s really hard work for making very little. You’re better off using that time to develop new talents.
  • Is Bigspot a scam? Yes it absolutely is. First of all they mis-represent themselves, and they break the promise of not sharing your e-mail. Well to be honest they go around it by conditioning you to share it with all the other companies.
  • How much money can you really make taking surveys on the site? Do not expect to go over $200 a month, if you’re lucky. It is cute (and scary) that the company asks for your social security number in regards to tax if you go over $600.
  • Is paid surveys at home a scheme and how to tell if it’s real or a scam? Like with anything else, use 1 ounce of reasoning. If it sounds amazing it’s probably fake. Always make your research (or come to us for advice). Better Business Bureau is a good starting point to see if a company is a scam. They inform on customers complaints. Also check the following: Earnings disclaimer of the company, privacy policy, and contact information. This should be your starting point for any website offering easy money.
  • Can you really make money doing surveys online? Of course you can, you just need to be a part of a specific demographic. This is exactly why companies like BigSpot ask you to fill in gender, age and nationality. They will never tell you what kind of people they’re looking for though. This is due to BigSpot making money from ALL the crowd they can grab.
  • What are the best survey sites to make money? 90% of the websites that offer easy money are just scams. But if you are lucky to find the rest 10%, then you can definitely make some money. Although they rarely pay you actual money. They do give e-gifts and vouchers for online shopping sites. Check out some great sites like Survey Club, Survey Junkie, or InboxPays.

What we like

  • We appreciate the idea of earning money on-line. You’re basically filling out surveys and getting paid for your opinion. Not with this website though. Do you really wish to work from home? There are other ways to achieve that. Instead of wasting hours on risky surveys, you could become a freelancer. Here’s a list of 52 Freelancing websites that have a need for all kinds of talents.

What we don’t like

  • BigSpot is misleading. They reel you in by promising you a to-good-to-be-true opportunity. Then they throw you and your personal data to the lions. We’re not saying it’s bad to work filling out surveys, or doing some mystery shopping in general. Just be cautious, don’t end up like Wendy Mytar from Springfield. A good example how amazing offers combined with greed can blind a person.
  • Working for scraps can never be motivating. Especially if you have no idea if you’ll get them at all.
  • Tons of spam in your inbox. Seriously, if you really have to try this website, set up a new e-mail account. Otherwise, get ready to deal with some serious amount of Spam.

Some positive reviews mention:

There seems to be a number of people that have a positive experience with this website. Make sure you understand they’re probably a part of the demographics that was needed at the moment. Could that be you? No one knows.

“…I love this website it’s amazing….”

“…if u have kids and u need extra money it will definitely help out…”

“…It’s OK but need more details…”

Some negative reviews mention:

Most of the negative reviews deal with people working hard for hours and getting scraps. Or nothing at all.

“…This is somewhat of a scam. I’ve done around 30 surveys only got paid for one…”

“…They are tricking you w survey for money…they don’t pay…”

“…Don’t waste your time with this garbage….”

Like we mentioned before, most of the people don’t realize they need to be interesting for the company, for this to work.

“…If you’re not what they’re looking for, you’re out of luck…”

“…every survey I selected they claimed I wasn’t “qualified” for…”

Does BigSpot work?

Our team really liked the idea of earning some extra cash. Not with BigSpot. Save yourself some time, efforts and money and skip this website. After hours of research, our team at Doesitwork decided it is definitely a scam.

We’re not sure how this kind of service has survived on the market for so long. Probably some people get paid sometimes and draw in new people. The ones that learn on their mistakes feel too silly to talk about it.

The wheels keep turning, and each day thousands of people give up on their privacy chasing a dream.

What’s the catch?

Who benefits in the end you ask? The big companies. Also websites that claim to give you money for filling out surveys. Do not get caught in that drama, it is not worth it.

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