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Bluetti AC200P Powerstation Review

Looking for a reliable and powerful solar generator? Here's my opinion & review on this popular Bluetti Powerstation.


James Mulligan: Engineer & DYI Enthusiast

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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If you’re looking for a powerful power station that is solar powered, has a reliable battery, and has many outlets for running essential devices, then this Bluetti model is definitely worth considering.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Bluetti AC200P power station. How does it stack up with its competitors? Find out my thoughts below.

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About The Company

MaxOak NEWEnergy Inc was established in 2013 and is based in Canada, but their business operations are covered in the UK, Poland, Germany, and UAE as well.

The brand’s mission is to provide green solutions for power that are portable, environmentally friendly, and solar powered, as an alternative to standard gas generators.

Their primary brands are iHEALS and Bluetti. Both are available for purchase worldwide, through third party sellers like eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and more.

MaxOak portable power stations are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

They’ve gained popularity around the globe for their unique design, superior performance, and exceptional customer service.

Bluetti AC200P Powerstation

The Highlights

●  Powerful output capacity of 4800 peak watts and 2000 rated watts
●  2000Wh battery power
●  3 charging methods
●  Run or charge 17 devices at the same time
●  Safe and durable LiFePO4 battery with prolonged battery life
●  Smart touch LCD that indicates voltage, power, current, charging, and temperature status
●  Temperature regulation with the temperature activated Intelligent fan
●  Power efficiency with Bluetti Eco mode with up to 50% power saving
●  Backed with a two year warranty
●  Includes 6 AC outlets, 1 12V 25A RV port, 2 15W wireless pads, 1 60W USB C port, 4 USB A ports, 1 cigarette lighter port, and 2 12V 3A ports


The Bluetti AC200P features a bulky and large design, which comes as no surprise when you consider its powerful output and battery capacity.

This powerhouse weighs 60.6 lbs with exterior dimensions of 16.5 x 11 x 15.2”. The unit is portable with handlebars on the sides, but it is also very heavy.

Its convenient smart touch display gives you all the information you need such as battery status, voltage, current, etc., plus it allows you to adjust some settings.


The Bluetti AC200P power station packs a powerful punch with its 2000Wh battery and a substantial 2000W inverter.

With 17 output options, you can safely and easily charge essential appliances, including high-power appliances like fridges, coffee machines, and more.

The LifePO4 battery offers safety, dependability, and a long lifespan, even under high temperatures. The battery can be recharged in three ways, via car, solar, or AC power.

Solar charging is the recommended option as far as economy and efficiency are concerned, but you’ll need to buy a 400W wall charger separately.


The unit features 17 output ports for running appliances and charging mobile devices safely.

Not only that, but this also includes 2 wireless charging pads that have a combined power output of 15W.

Pros & Cons


●  Incredibly powerful battery capacity of 2000Wh
●  Safe and dependable LifePO4 battery
●  3 charging methods
●  17 ports and outlets
●  LCD touch display for unit status and control


●  Bulky weight of 60.6 lbs
●  Maximum USB-C capacity of 60W
●  Maximum USB-A capacity of 15W
●  LCD display doesn’t offer enough brightness for the outdoors
●  No carry handle on the top for easier carrying

Common Questions

Is this generator noisy?

No, the Bluetti is engineered to replace standard gas generators with no noise, annual maintenance, or toxic carbon monoxide emissions.

How long will the generator power my device?

With the Bluetti Eco mode, 50% of wasted power loss is prevented and the unit will power down automatically once the output load is less than 50W for 4 hours.

This feature is excellent for power efficiency and prolonged discharging time.

How can you get the most power out of this device?

The power station can power most devices at a maximum of 2000W.

Keep in mind that devices with compressors or motors inside have a high start-up current and draw about 3 to 5 times more running power.

Operating the unit in Bluetti Eco mode also helps with avoiding energy wastage by about 50%.

What is the surge power of this device? 

The surge power of this device is 4800 watts.

What Customers Say

This unit received mostly 5 star reviews with customers commenting on its solid build, powerful performance, features, and overall value for money.

Other Bluetti Generators

Bluetti EB240 Portable Solar Generator

The Bluetti EB240 solar portable power station comes with 2400Wh battery power and 1000W maximum output power. Its lithium polymer battery is reliable and safe with prolonged cell life.

The unit features multiple outlets and USB ports for powering various household items up to 1000W and charging sensitive mobile devices.

The battery can be charged via 3 charging modes and its status can be monitored with the battery management system that serves as protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overcharging.

Also included are a certificate of qualification, AC wall charger, user instructions, solar charging cable, and 2 year warranty card.

MaxOak AC50S Portable Power Station

The MaxOak AC50S has a compact design with a foldable handle for easy transportation and storage. It also has a battery capacity of 500Wh and maximum power output of 300W. 

You can power or charge up to 11 small appliances and mobile devices at the same time, and the battery recharges via four recharging modes.

Also included are one AC adapter, MC4 cable, car cable, USB-C cable, user instructions, and 2 year customer support.

MaxOak 400W Portable Solar Generator

The MaxOak 400W solar generator is portable and weighs only 13.2 lbs for easy transportation.

The unit features multiple outlets and USB ports for safely running essential devices during a power outage. Its 400Wh battery can be charged in 3 ways and the LCD indicates battery status.

Also included are one AC charger, vehicle charger, car charging cable, jump starter cable, solar charging cable, user instructions, and a warranty card.

MaxOak 200W Portable Power Station

The MaxOak 200W compact power station is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts that are looking for a solar power station with no noise, maintenance, or gas emissions.

The unit features various pure sine wave outlets and USB ports for safely running devices.

It weighs only 7.6 lbs and comes with a 200Wh battery that can be charged with AC, the sun, or a car lighter port.

The automotive-class battery provides more reliable performance and has a prolonged cycle life of 1000+ discharges.

Best Bluetti Alternatives

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

The Jackery 1000 solar generator is the ideal quiet, green, and convenient power solution for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a massive power output of 2000 peak watts and 1000 rated watts.

The unit has a powerful 1002Wh battery and various outlets and USB ports to run your devices.

The battery charges super fast with the MPPT controller, but you can also charge it via an AC or car outlet.

Also included are 2 x SolarSaga 100W solar panels, an AC adapter, a car charging cable, a Solar parallel adapter, a user guide, and a 2 year warranty.

EF Ecoflow Portable Power Station

The EF Ecoflow power station features 720Wh of battery power and has 3 pure sine wave receptacles for safely powering devices.

The unit weighs only 16.8 lbs and recharges up to 80% within 60 minutes. You can also double the power to 1440Wh by adding an extra River Pro battery.

Also included are AC, car, and solar charging cables, a user guide, and a 2 year guarantee card.

Milin 622W Portable Power Station

The Millin portable power station has a large battery capacity of 622Wh and a peak wattage of 600W. It features pure sine wave outlets and USB ports to run 9 devices at the same time. 

The power station has a small footprint of 14.99 lbs for easy storing and transporting. The unit features an LCD display with battery status and a BMS system for battery protection.

The battery can be recharged via 3 methods and you have access to 2 years of customer support.

Anker Portable Power Station

The Anker portable power station comes with an incredible battery capacity of 777Wh for reliable backup power during an emergency.

The unit features various AC, DC, and USB outlets, which support most essential equipment. The battery recharges in just under 5 hours thanks to its MPPT technology.

The maximum power output is 120W. Also included are an AC adapter, car port to DC cable, USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C cable, and 18 month warranty.

The Verdict

Based on the customer reviews, product features, and numerous advantages, the Bluetti AC200P is an incredibly efficient, powerful, and highly sought after power station that’s worth the expense.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, silent, powerful, and solar powered generator, this unit ticks all the boxes.

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