Bookbub reviews: is it really legit and safe for you?

If you consider yourself a true bookworm, then you’ve probably heard of BookBub. This website offers huge bargains for book lovers. Is it right for you? Our team researched for a few days, here’s what we found.

About BookBub

This website offers a unique service to its members. It notifies them daily about book discounts and promotions. If you create a profile, you get informed if a book is offered for a promotional price. The choice of books offered is personalized to match your preferences. If you really like an author, BookBub will let you know each time his or her books go on sale.

You do not purchase books from the website directly. What you get is limited time discount offers on various books. Millions of people are using this service at the moment, 5 million to be exact, and the numbers are growing. There seems to be a large amount of people that still appreciate a good read. For us bookworms, this warms our heart.

The road to success

The founders of the website started back in 2012 and they seem to be increasingly growing. The website has been mentioned many times in the media. The New York Times, The Forbes, BBC and 53 other news outlets have raved about it over the years, calling it “The groupon for e-books” among other things.

By 2014, it already had 3 million readers and $3.8 million dollars in funding. By 2016, the numbers show 5 million readers and $7 million dollars in funding. The initial question that troubled our team was: “How do they make so much if their service is free?”

Something just didn’t seem right with BookBub, and you know how suspicious we become when we hear so much praise. Is BookBub legit? We dug really deep in the last few days to find out everything you need to know before deciding to sign up.

The claim

If you enjoy spending your days reading, you might find BookBub very useful. After becoming a member you’ll receive an email every day notifying you about 3 different book discounts, limited time offers, and free books.

This website offers deals on best-sellers, top-tier publishers and independent authors. By signing up you get a promotional email every day, featuring your favorite kinds of genres. Does it really work? After reading this article you’ll know all the important details. Our team made sure of it.

How does BookBub work?

All you have to do is sign up for a free account and get ready to receive promotional emails offering deep discounts and free audio books. Here are the exact steps to becoming a BookBub member:

How to become a member of BookBub

  • Visit their official website;
  • Leave your email information;
  • Choose which genres and sub-genres you love;
  • Choose your preferred book format (Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, etc.);
  • Go to your home page, you’ll see a list of titles recommended for you;
  • Find what you love, sit down relax and get immersed in the story world.

How does BookBub make millions?

The BookBub Company has 40 employees working at the Cambridge Innovation Center, and is planning to hire 30 more in the next year. There’s numerous news articles praising this website and talking about how much money they’ve made. A free internet book service has made $7 million dollars in the past year alone. How is that possible? We’ll reveal the details.

BookBub doesn’t only target readers, but also publishers looking to sell their books. They say you’ll get recommendations to bestsellers and highly praised authors, BUT some of their deals with publishers end up as “High quality bestsellers.” So the service is free, but be positive that BookBub makes a lot of money actually. The author pays for their campaign, and we’re talking about 10-30 new authors EVERY DAY.

We decided to investigate further, and it turns out BookBub receives 100-300 book submissions every day and only selects 10-20% for their campaign. Still, this means jobs for 10 to 30 new authors a day. They absolutely encourage best-sellers to apply, but the ultimate decision factor is your starting price- which shouldn’t be above $2.99. You’ll also need an error free script and a flashy book cover.

So in reality they do sell books. Not directly to you, but through the authors that they hire. According to the Guardian, the UK book market is booming at the moment. It has expanded by a whopping 170% in the last 5 years! Ghostwriting books has become increasingly popular among freelancers. Especially Romance novels which are demanded the most, followed by Mystery and Sci-fi genres.

How to become a writer for BookBub

  • Create a writer account and submit your book – be careful it will be judged by its cover;
  • Your book gets reviewed by their editorial team;
  • If they choose your book you get to set up your discount;
  • After the discount has been approved they send your book to readers;

Do not expect to be chosen right away since they receive 100-300 books daily. But we have to recognize their effort, they’ve published an article with tips on how to improve your chances. It seems that at the moment, BookBub has more work than they can handle.


Signing up for this website is completely free. There’s no hidden charges or unwanted emails offering other kinds of promotions. You can rest easy knowing the only interest BookBub has is trying to find you books. No need to keep fooling anyone, they DO sell the books, just not in the traditional way.

The things is you can’t be really mad at them since their website offers a great service. They make deals with publishers and slip a few newbies through the cracks. This is a great way to earn money, and you keep getting fresh titles. They’re not always bestsellers, but they do have a system that seems to work like a charm.

On the other hand they charge writers $200 – $1300 to list a book.

Guarantee Policy

BookBub only notifies you if a book meets the following criteria:

  • It is either free or features a major discount, sometimes reaching 90%
  • Bestsellers, bestselling author, top-tier publisher, or have received positive reviews
  • Limited time offers that you’ll need to snatch quickly
  • Individual approach – you get the genres and authors you prefer
  • No spamming, so if you were wondering if BookBub is safe – It most certainly is!

Common questions about BookBub

  • Is it free? Yes it’s absolutely free, all you have to do is sign up and choose some great deals.
  • Is it legal? Yes it is absolutely legal. They offer a service that many people find useful.
  • Is it a safe website? This website is absolutely safe. No hidden costs, no spam in your mailbox.
  • Is it available in UK and Canada? Yes it is available in the UK, Canada, India, and Australia.
  • What are the devices I can use to download the eBooks? You’ll be able to enjoy your heavily discounted books on Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Android devices
  • Can I download audiobooks? You won’t be able to download audio books through this website. If you are interested in audio books, visit the Audio Book Boom website, very similar to the one we’re reviewing.

What we like

  • Completely free service, unusual but true
  • Great discounts for the books you love
  • Personalized notifications on limited time offers
  • Motivates people to read more
  • Gives writers a chance to get published

What we don’t like

  • Not available worldwide
  • Many new writers, not all of them are best-sellers
  • They do not have audio books

Consumer reviews

It is hard to find another service online as clean as this website. While they do not always offer the best sellers they do reach the hearts and minds of a HUGE audience. We have to say that 99% of the customer experience on this website is positive.

People love the discounts they receive, and the general feeling is that the reading culture gets expanded this way. Also the personalized experience that this website has created really sets them high above the competitors on the market.

BookBub vs The Competition

  • BookBub – Focused on offering bargains, expect prices at 99¢ per book. They are worshiped by their customers and have the largest number of members.
  • Book Gorilla – More focused on quality books, the prices usually revolve around $1.99 but not as great as BookBub, we discovered many negative reviews.
  • The Fussy Librarian – Do not expect discounts here, they focus on high quality books with the maximum price being $5.99. They also do not have an editorial team, they accept any book without charging the writer. The only critics are the people reading the books and writing their opinion on them. They have the smallest number of members but they’re growing.

Does BookBub work?

Our Doesitwork team was delighted to discover that BookBub works incredibly well. It is a good thing that it motivates people to read more. In this digital age, the beauty of books is somewhat lost. That is why websites like this are crucial. Inspiring people to read is a noble thing.

BookBub is definitely NOT a scam. It does promise a bit more than it delivers, but people seem to love it. If you were wondering if BookBub is worth it, it definitely is. It is a genuine free service, and you do not risk getting spammed which is such a relief. Great job BookBub, you’ve nailed it!

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