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Caboki reviews: Does This Hair Loss Concealer Work?



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About Caboki

Caboki is a hair restoring product that is suitable for both men and women. It works to get rid of bald spots, and cover up thinning hair instantly. Getting to work in a matter of moments, this concealer helps hair to look natural, thanks to the building fiber found in this product.

Plant-based, and with no synthetic ingredients, Caboki is perhaps one of the more natural restoring products on the market. Easy to use, this treatment does not encourage hair growth, instead it works to instantly give hair a thicker and fuller appearance.

With its ability to work very quickly, those who have suffered a loss of self-confidence are likely to feel better in moments. Available in nine different colors, Caboki can help users have hair that looks and feels thicker and fuller, without the use of supplements or weaves.

How does Caboki work?

Caboki works by sticking itself to hair, giving it a thoroughly natural look. Because of the way fibre needs to work, users should ideally have at least half an inch of hair present, before it is applied.

How to apply Caboki

In order to get the most out of this Caboki, users will need to add some of the powder to the balding and/or thinning areas of their head. It should then start to appear fuller almost instantly, giving customers a more youthful look, and a boost in confidence.

100% natural

This unique and 100% natural fibre is made from a type of cotton that is thought to look very similar to hair. This means that when used, customers can benefit from a more natural looking finish, without having to wait months like other treatments.

Ideal for those with thinning hair

This natural remedy is ideal for those who are thinning, as well as those who may have a few bald patches. Those who have been bald for quite some time, or who have large bald spots, could find that this product does not work for them. Using a naturally occurring and completely safe electrostatic charge, the cotton-like fibers stick themselves to hair that is already there.

Is the electrostatic charge safe?

The electrostatic charge that Caboki uses is similar to the charge that encourages a balloon to stick to your hair. If you’ve ever placed a balloon on or near your head, you will have no doubt seen the effect it makes. This product works in about the same way, ensuring it sticks to hair that’s already there, giving it a nice finish.

Ideal for use at any time, Caboki will stay in place even when the wind is blowing. It has also been made to work when the sun is shining, and/or you’re perspiring. This means that it won’t start to run, or melt, even if sweat is pouring down your face. Please note that if it starts to rain, umbrellas rather than hats should be used, as the water will start to wash the treatment away.

Common questions about Caboki

  • Is Caboki real?

Yes, this is a real and helps to give users hair that looks fuller and natural, while also working to hide the signs of thinning and balding.

  • Is it effective?

The use of Caboki is thought to be an effective way for customers to make their hair look thicker. After applying just some of the powder, bald patches will seem to disappear, as this fibre gets to work.

  • Is it long lasting (Permanent)?

While one application of this treatment can last for hours, it is not permanent. Users will need to wash it out at the end of the day, but they can apply it again and again, or as desired.

  • Is it bad for your hair (harmful)?

Because of the way Caboki has been made, it is not thought to be harmful to the hair, or the scalp. Some people may be able to feel the treatment in place the first few times they use it, but as it’s purely natural, there should be no nasty side effects.

  • Is it a powder?

Yes, it comes in powder form, and it should be sprinkled on the scalp, so it can get to work.

  • Is it available in stores?

It is not currently available in stores, but it can be purchased directly from Caboki’s website, and Amazon.

  • Is it the same as Toppik?

No, it is not the same as Toppik, as it made from natural plant fibers, although it does work in a similar way.

  • What is Caboki made out of?

It is derived from the cotton-like plant Gossyoium Herbaceum. This ingredient has been added as it helps to give off a natural look, once it has been applied to the scalp.

  • Is it waterproof?

Unfortunately it is not waterproof, which means it is likely to wash away should it get wet. Users may however will be pleased to know that Caboki will stay in place should they start to perspire.

What else works?

While concealers are an immediate and effective way to deal with thinning and bald spots, there are other methods that claim to deal with the root cause. If you’re interested in other treatments, our research team has compiled some reports on a number of solutions on the market:

  • Topical sprays: Topical products like Scalp Med use ingredients like Minoxidil,  Nutrisol, Vitadil and other natural herbs. It’s thought that these sprays can stimulate hair follicles, without the possible side effects orally taken treatments.


  • Caboki is available from Amazon for $39.95 for a 90 day supply, or for $10.95 for a 8-14 day supply. It can be purchased from the manufacturers from Amazon, and through third-party sellers. Prices vary per size and color of product.
  • Caboki can also be purchased from the manufacturers website for approximately $39.99 for a 75-100 day supply, and $89.99 for a 150-200 day supply. Prices vary per size and color of product. 

What we like 

  1. Completely natural – Using ingredients derived from a plant, Caboki is one of the more natural solutions on the market.
  2. 7 day returns policy – If customers change their mind, or are unhappy with their purchase, it can be returned within 7 days. However, the package and product should be unopened, and unused.
  3. Easy to apply – There’s no messing around; simply sprinkle the powder on, and it will get to work.

What we don’t like 

  1. Not waterproof Unfortunately, it is not waterproof, which means users may have to reapply if you get wet.
  2. Different prices for different colors – There seems to be no set price for Caboki. Prices vary depending on the color, and the size.
  3. Won’t work for complete baldness Users who are completely bald will find that it does not work for them. 
  4. High price – The high cost could potentially prevent some people buying it.

Consumer reviews

Some of the reviews that can be found on Amazon state that

“…you could clearly see it on the scalp and it looked awful…”.

“… if you sweat it comes out on your face and clothes…”.

 “…it looks ridiculous under fluorescent lighting…”.

While some of the reviews are negative, there are some more positive comments from customers. 

“…gave me confidence that I never expected to have again.

 “…Tried it yesterday…the results are amazing!…my wife says it looks totally natural…”

There is a real mixture of good and bad reviews, with the majority of Amazon reviews falling into the ‘5 star’ category. Reviews found elsewhere state that “…I was surprised at how well it works..” “…It matches my hair perfectly and is easy to use…”.

More reviews found online mention “…I started using Caboki about a month ago…the results were great from the first application…”.

While there’s a mixture of results on Amazon, many reviews found elsewhere seem to be quite positive. This could suggest that for the most part, it seems to work just as the manufacturers claim.

Does Caboki work?

When it comes to the crunch, it appears that Caboki does work well for most people. Those who have a lot of thinning or baldness, may well find that it has no benefit for them. This treatment has been made to work on scalps that still have some hair present.

While Caboki may not be the market leader, it is thought to be the only completely natural solution that customers can buy. With the ability to withstand those very hot days, coupled with windy days, the effects although temporary can last all day.

Consumer reviews suggest that this treatment works for most people, but as with any brand, there are some unhappy customers.

Those who wish to try Caboki out for the first time may wish to opt for a small package that will cost less. With a good returns policy, and a reasonably good reputation. Applied within a matter of minutes, Caboki seems to be the go-to product for those who wish to use something natural on their scalp.

Please let me know what you think about Caboki, has it worked for you?