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Deal Dash Review: Scam Or Legit Penny Auction Site?

By Fiona Patterson: Home Office Enthusiast

Research Time: 14 hours

People love the idea of grabbing a hot product that has a 95% discount on the DealDash website. But how easy is it to grab one of these deals? We decided to investigate their claims and see whether it is legit. Here's what we found.

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About DealDash

DealDash is a penny auction site that offers up to 95% discounts on products including cell phones, TVs and similar items. So how do you get to those discounts?

You start by creating an account and buying a bid pack. Then you choose between various products that are being auctioned and place a bid on the item that interest you the most. You’ll either get that item really cheap, or you use up a lot of bids for nothing.

The main difference between DealDash and other similar sites is that you can have your bids back – if you buy the product at its regular price. Most of the other penny auction websites let you bid for products, but only one person actually gets the discount, all the rest lose their bids.

16 year old Finnish entrepreneur creates DealDash

Losing their bids over and over on penny auction sites made a lot of customers angry, and gave the creator of DealDash a great idea. It was to create a penny auction website that will give people a chance to regain their bids. By buying the product without a discount, you get all your bids back. William Wolfram was a 16 year old Finnish entrepreneur when he founded DealDash back in 2009.

Is it worth it?

Well, if you already feel like going shopping and wish to try auctioning for very friendly discounts, this might be the thing for you. Do not expect to make money this way. There’s a chance you might save some, and you’ll most definitely spend a lot.

Registering to this website is free, but be careful it can create an uncontrollable shopping frenzy in your home. So what are people saying? Is this website just a bag of tricks, or is it a smart strategy to save you loads of cash? Our team at Doesitwork spent the last week researching everything you need to know about this website. Here’s the good and the bad:

The Claim

DealDash claims to be the number one online auction provider people trust the most. Basically they are offering a fun way to spend some time and money, with the possibility getting a good discount on some products.

In order to participate in an auction you will need to buy some bids. They’re usually $0.60 each, but if you catch a daily promotion, you’ll find them for $0.25 – $0.12 each. After you’ve purchased your bids, it’s time to select an auction item and try to win it. You should be able to get up to 99% discount on technology sports and other items.

Some people compare this to gambling, others say it’s just some harmless fun. We decided to research in depth and provide you with the best up to date info regarding this website and its customer satisfaction.

How does DealDash work?

Penny auction sites are online auction places that offer incredible discounts on items. People pay to participate by purchasing bids that are later used for the auctions. The name “penny auction” origins from the fact that each bidder raises the initial price by 1 penny, after placing the bid.

The reason people turn to this and not eBay is the incredible amount of discounts they are promised. Most of them end up spending tons of money chasing bids and auctions, feeling scammed in the end.

How do they actually work?

Here’s how penny auctions actually work in a few simple steps:

First: You’ll need to buy a bid package to take part in the auctions. This website offers them at $0.60 per bid, you could buy 60 or 1000 of them, it’s up to you.

Second: Take a look at the various auctions, they usually start at $0 and go up a penny – every time someone places a bid. There is a timer for the auction, and it goes up 10-60 seconds after each bid. This makes the outcome of the auction very unpredictable.

Third: In order to win, you’ll have to be the last bidder standing, paying the highest price which should be considerably lower than the actual retail price. Some people report cyber bullies on sites like this. They are willing to over bid the price, just to prove a point. Stay away from those!

Fourth: If you win, you get a congratulations window with some cheesy fireworks and a gift card. If you do not win, you need to go and spend some more money, hoping to save more. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

How do they make money?

Let’s say a new laptop costs $500 and you manage to get it for $15. In order to reach that price there needs to be 1500 bidders for that product. This means a lot of money going for DealDash. One person gets a great deal, the others need to move on.

It is sweet how this website offers your bids back IF you buy the product at full price. So they don’t just make tons of money off the bids, they also provide heavy marketing for those products.

How does Deal Dash work?

In order to register with this website you need to be over 18 and agree you’ll only open one account at a time. It is free to join, and after you get a bid package, you’re free to bid. After you’ve placed a bid for an item you need to wait 10 seconds, if no one else places a bid, you win. If people start placing bids, they prolong the clock 10 seconds more.

The last person standing wins the discount, the rest have to try another time. At least with DealDash you can get your bids back by purchasing the product. Like we said, this is a great website if you’re willing to have some fun while shopping, but expect to lose some dough on it.

The app

One look at the DealDash app and we realized why people are attracted to the idea of cheap purchases. They offer you a smartphone for $19 and 50” TVs for $15. Just make sure you understand that only one person wins this kind of  deal. If you’re willing to risk some money hoping to get crazy discounts, go ahead. Just know that the chances to win are super slim, and you’ll need some luck on your side as well.

The trick is, you never know if an auction will last a few second more, or a few days. It is very unpredictable and it has cost people a lot. This is he closest to gambling you can get, without actually stepping foot in a casino.

Will you make money?

You won’t make money on an auction site like DealDash, but you can save a lot of money on products. If you’re interested in making some small money online, completing surveys might be an option. We recently reviewed a number of these sites including Survey Club, Survey Junkie, Bigspot, and InboxPays.


It is absolutely FREE to register on their website, but once you start buying bids it can become really costly. You can expect to pay 60¢ per bid. They offer a starting package that will cost you $36 for a pack of 60 bids. Sometimes there are special offers, where you can buy a larger pack and pay less, or get a discount per bid, and purchase them as low as 12¢.

The man problem with penny auctions is, they’re absolutely unpredictable, there’s no way to control them. All you do is place bids and hope that no one else will place one after you. It is very satisfying once you win, and most people get hooked even more.

Common questions about DealDash

  • How much do bids cost? The regular price per bid is 60¢, and you get a package of 60 for $36 to get you started. This is lower than most other penny auction sites where you’re expected to pay 75¢ per bid. Sometimes they’ll have special offers where you can purchase a bid for as low as 12¢
  • How to get free bids? If you have a lot of spare time, you could take the option to earn some free bids for your auctions. The founder of DealDash offers you the following ways to earn some free bids:

1. Visit their FB page, posting a photo gets you 200 bids for free

2. Twitter and Pinterest will give you the chance to make 50 more

3. Everytime you reach a new level on DealDash you get 40 promotional bids for free

  • What is a bid pack? In order to take part in the auction, you’ll need to purchase some bids. This is a part of their “pay to play” policy. The starting pack includes 60 bids, but you could get 200 or 1000. This is how you save money, you buy bigger packages and you get them at lower prices:
  • How to get promo codes? DealDash offers promo codes for new arrivals. But only once you purchase your first auction package. The promo code FREEBIDS for example lets you get 100 bids for free on your first purchase.
  • Is it true that I can get my money back? It’s true, but only for the first bidding. If you wanted to try how auctions work and didn’t like it, you can ask for your money back. Their warranty doesn’t cover any further bids.
  • Do they ship to Canada? They do not ship to canada or any other place. They work only with the USA (not Alaska and Hawaii).
  • Strategy (tips and tricks): how to win? Some people opt to use Bidding Buddy, it is an app that bids for you when you don’t have the time to do it. But there are some other pointers you could use to increase your chance of winnings:
  1. Do not bid often, by doing so you only inflate the price. Place one bid and wait to see if there are others.
  2. Get to know your competition by studying how they bid and what strategies they use. Some people even bid while taking notes for other bidders.
  3. Different times of the day may carry different results so trying to bid while everyone is asleep is a good tactic

Consumer Reviews

Most of the positive experiences with this website come from people that win. They always brag about the low prices they have scored and what tactics they used. This website is very open about their policy which minimizes the chances of unhappy customers. This works great for people that will read the terms and conditions of use.

The negative reviews deal with people feeling betrayed because they’ve bid $200 worth of money and got nothing. It can get really frustrating bidding over and over and not getting any results.

What we like

  • It’s a chance to score some great discounts
  • Auctioning on DealDash can be exciting and entertaining
  • It is free to register an account, unlike some other places that ask for a registration fee
  • You get free shipping on all products you win or decide to purchase for a full price.

What we don’t like

  • Penny auctions are completely unpredictable and not a reliable option to save money
  • Only one person wins, the rest have to go and place bids again
  • It sounds very similar to gambling, and it does reach the same frenzy effect

Does DealDash work?

Deal Dash is not a scam. They inform you of everything you need to know on their website – before you purchase anything. Even if you do get your first bid pack and feel penny auctions are not for you, they’ll give you your money back. This only works for your first package, and not afterwards.

What’s the catch?

It can be fun, entertaining and thrilling to place bids for auctions, just be careful, you might spend a lot more than you planned and end up with nothing to show for it. If this kind of activity gets your adrenaline pumping, go for it.

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