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Do DHT Blockers Work For Hair Loss: Our Review



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About DHT blockers

Dihydrotestosterone blockers, also known as ‘DHT blockers’ work to block the bodies production of DHT. The production of this testosterone is slightly problematic, as it could result in hair loss.

The blockers that many people use work to block hair loss, resulting in new, or continued hair growth. There are many different brands of blockers available on the market, each claiming to work well for those who are experiencing hair loss.

Made from a range of herbs and available as a shampoo, supplement, or vitamin, many of these products claim to solve the hair loss issue. Potential customers should be aware that blockers are safe to use, and there are no ill effects associated with using them.

This potentially means that those who are conscious of their hair, may now be able to re grow a full head once more, whilst enjoying an improvement in their self esteem.

How do DHT blockers work?

It’s thought that they work to help prevent testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone. When the body produces dihydrotestosterone, hair begins to thin, and bald spots often form.

When blockers are used, the body no longer produces as much DHT, resulting in less hair loss. While there are many hair loss remedies on the market, blockers are thought to be some of the most effective options available.

How often should you use them?

Some DHT blockers should be taken twice a day, whereas others will only need to be taken once a day. Different products will come with different guidelines, so you will need to make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

If I take them less frequently, will they still work?

Some consumers begin to take them less frequently than instructed, in order to save money. Unfortunately, when you no longer take the supplements or tablets are often as instructed, the product will fail to work as well as it should.

This does not mean there is an issue with the supplement itself, it means that your body is not blocking the DHT as much as it could be. Simply put: if you wish to have a fuller head of hair, you will need to use the item exactly as instructed.

When you’re balding because of your genes

Many people will start to go bald because they are genetically prone to do so. The good news is that these products can help users to prevent baldness, and thinning. Suitable for use by both men and women, the hair follicles will once again begin to grow hair that is fuller, natural looking, and thicker than it may have been for quite some time. If you’re not sure why you are starting to go bald, please speak to your doctor.

Should I take supplements, or use a DHT shampoo?

While some people are perfectly happy to take supplements, others may find it easier to use a shampoo. There is no right or wrong brand or type of blocker to purchase and use, it’s entirely up to you as the consumer.

When you start using blockers for the very first time, you may wish to experiment with a range of supplements, tablets, and shampoo. You may find that one product works better than another, or you may simply find it easier to take a tablet or two each day.

Common questions about DHT blockers

Do DHT blockers lower testosterone? – No, hair loss is no indication as to how much testosterone you have. Those who have no hair, and those who have a full head of hair are likely to have the same levels of testosterone. Testosterone does lower with age, but again this is not affected by using these products. If you are concerned about your testosterone levels, please speak to your doctor.

Do DHT blockers have side effects? – Some studies have shown that the use of dihydrotestosterone blockers could lower your libido. However, other studies have shown that the blockers have no effect on testosterone whatsoever, and therefore cannot affect the libido. Some specific brands may have a few side effects, but these are usually infrequent, and very mild. Users may however find that their scalp starts to itch as their hair begins to grow back. This is perfectly normal, and it will only last for a few weeks.

Do they increase estrogen? – They are not thought to increase estrogen, as they do not contain female hormones. Soy, which is naturally high in estrogen may be found in some of the products, but users would have to consume a lot more than the recommended amount every day in order to be affected. Therefore it is safe to assume that estrogen levels are not affected at all.

Do they really regrow hair? – Yes, it is thought that they work to ensure DHT is blocked, meaning that hair is able to regrow once more. These supplements also work to ensure the new hair is fuller, natural looking, and thicker, resulting in fewer bald spots, and less thinning.


  • DHT blockers are available from Amazon, and prices range from $12.99 to $120.00. Please note that blockers are available in shampoo, tablets, and supplement form, and prices will vary per product, and per seller.
  • You can also purchase them direct from the seller, and prices can range from $19.95 for one bottle of supplements to $69.95 for three on websites such as keratinresearch.

What we like about DHT blockers

  • Perfectly natural – DHT blockers are perfectly natural, as they’re usually made from a range of herbs and soy that have been used by the Chinese for thousands of years.

  • Low price – They’re quite low in price, which means more people will be able to buy them, and benefit from their use. However, you will need to buy them every month if you wish to see continued results.

  • Few side effects – There are very few side effects associated with DHT blockers, this means that most people should be able to use them without much trouble.

What we don’t like about DHT blockers

  • May not work for everyone – While they have been marketed to help most people who suffer with hair loss, they may not be suitable for all. This is because like most hair restoration and regrowth products, they will only work with follicles that are still active.

    Those who have had hair loss for quite some time are likely to find that they see no results. Therefore any hair restoration treatment should be used at the first signs of baldness or thinning. If you have been bald or you hair has been thinning for a while, you may want to consider using other products.

Consumer reviews

On Amazon, most DHT blockers had a average of 4 stars at the time of writing, based on more than 1,700 reviews. Most positive comments related to the amount of regrowth consumers saw, and that hair loss had slowed down, or stopped completely. Some of the positive reviews say:

“…I have lots of new hair in the front… I am so pleased…”

“…It’s definitely working!…it makes a big difference to my hair…”

“… I started to notice new growth around the temple area of my hairline…”

“…shedding has been drastically reduced…”

Those who are thinking of purchasing these products may wish to remember the positive reviews.

On Amazon, bad reviews seem to revolve around the headaches some people have when taking supplements. Others have also mentioned sexual side effects that have made a huge difference to their lives.

Some of the negative reviews say:

“…Did not see any difference after using the whole bottle…”

“… after a month saw no difference…. Waiting three to six months seems pretty pricey…”

“…I’ve used this product for a year and found no improvement in hair growth…”

“…useless placebo product that preys on anxious men…I will not use it again”

While this may not necessarily be what you experience when using DHT blockers, it’s something important to keep in mind nonetheless.

Do DHT blockers work?

Whether you buy them in the form of supplements, shampoos, or tablets, it’s thought that DHT blockers do work. Because of the way they work to ensure that dihydrotestosterone is blocked, hair can continue to grow, or begin to regrow, just as it once did.

While some people suggest that there may be some side effects associated with using these products, many people are satisfied that there aren’t any.

Priced reasonably well, making them more available to all, the blockers are thought to be perfectly natural, helping men and women cover up their bald and thinning spots within a number of months. Safe to use, and available online and from some health food stores, the products could help users to boost their self esteem, and enjoy seeing their hair become thicker and fuller.

Please let us know what you think about DHT blockers, have they worked for you?