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Do Laser Combs & Helmets Work? HairMax, iRestore, Theradome, iGrow Review



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About laser comb and helmet devices

Laser combs and helmets have been created by a number of different manufacturers in order to help promote hair growth. It’s thought that the low level lasers used in these devices increase blood flow, and thereby encourage hair to grow.

There are many different brands (Hairmax, iGrow, Theradome, iRestore…), all with the same objective: to quickly help balding or thinning customers grow more hair, while covering up bald spots.

Many of these products have been on the market since the turn of the century, claiming to help users to grow thicker, fuller hair, that could make them look a little younger.

While many of the helmets and combs on the market look fairly similar, they are thought to offer different results. Used in the comfort of their own home, customers should find that they are relatively easy to use, ensuring their hair starts to grow back within a matter of weeks.

How do laser combs and helmet work?

These products are thought to work by sending low level lasers directly into the follicles. It’s thought that these lasers gently heat up the follicles, encouraging them to spring back to life, and thereby promoting new growth. It’s also thought that the lasers increase blood flow to the scalp, which in turn helps even more hair to grow.

Using a specific wavelength

Using a wavelength of approximately 650 nanometers, these products can help the scalp to produce more hairs as it’s this level of light that it needs. While some people may be tempted to simply take a stroll out on the sunshine in order to help their hair grow, only a very specific level of light will work.

Completely harmless

Customers should note that the lasers used within these products are thought to be completely harmless. While some lasers may be hot to the touch, those used within hair restoration products are not. This is simply because they use what are known as cold lasers that are used to interact with specific areas of the body.

While the lasers will not harm the skin, users should always avoid looking directly into the laser, as they may irritate the eyes.

Laser light therapy = more hair

The laser light therapy that’s used in these devices as standard is thought to encourage re growth. While some laser combs may work quicker than others, it’s thought that within a matter of weeks, new hair will start to grow. When new hair begins to grow, some shedding may occur. While this often concerns users, they can rest assured what they’ve lost is making way for the new hair that’s just started to grow.

Use as instructed

Laser combs should be used exactly as instructed, making customers more likely to reap the benefits, and see new signs of growth. Some manufacturers of these products ask that they are used every other day, whereas some claim that twice a week is sufficient.

Customers are therefore advised to keep using the product as instructed, even if it does not appear to be working. Rest assured however, that results should be seen within the first six to twelve weeks. Customers should then find that they have thicker, natural looking hair, where they may have previously been thinning or balding.

Common questions about laser combs and helmets

  • Are they safe after a hair transplant? – Users are advised to wait until all of the scabs have healed, before using any restoration products. Please seek advice from your doctor before using any product on your scalp.
  • Are they available in stores? – Most laser combs and helmets are not available in stores, but they can be purchased online. Direct from the manufacturer, or sold through Amazon or Ebay, they are widely available.
  • Is it noticeable? – When using a laser device, some shedding may occur, and this may be noticeable. However, once the new hair starts to come through, it will start to grow thicker and fuller.
  • Are they dangerous? – The low level lasers that are used in all laser combs are not considered dangerous. Lasers used at this level are not thought to cause skin cancer, in fact studies have shown that they may help to reduce inflammation and even help tissue to regenerate.
  • Are they bad for your scalp? – No, although there have been some reports of minor skin irritation while new hair starts to grow. If you are concerned about using products on your scalp, please speak to your doctor.
  • How long do results last? – The effects produced by these products are thought to last as long as they are used. Once hair starts to grow back, customers are asked to continue using the product in question, so the active hair follicles continue to produce new hair.


  • The Hairmax comb is sold on Amazon, and prices range between $295.00 and $445.00. This product is also available from the manufacturer, and prices range from $349.00 to $549.00.
  • The iRestore device is sold on Amazon, and priced at $695.00. Also available from the manufacturer, and prices range from $695.00 to $765.00.
  • The Theradome helmet is sold on Amazon, and priced at $895.00. Also available from the manufacturer, and prices range from $895.00 to $1,090.00
  • The iGrow helmet is sold on Amazon, and prices range between $455.99 and $695.00. It’s also available from the manufacturer, at a cost of $693.00.

What we like 

  1. Helps hair to grow once more – Those who are balding or thinning should see new growth, thanks to the way these products work.

  2. Thicker, fuller hair

  3. Use a few times a week – Rather than having to use the device twice a day, every day, busy customers may find not having to use it so much makes their lives a little easier.

  4. Can boost your confidence – Hair loss can reduce self-confidence, therefore these products should help users to feel better about themselves once more.

What we don’t like 

  1. Price – A lot of these products are quite expensive, making them a little out of reach for many people.

  2. May cause hair shedding – During the first few weeks of use, some laser combs may cause a little hair shedding. While this is perfectly normal, some users may find it distressing.

  3. Stops having an effect if it’s no longer used – If laser devices are not used as often as they should be, they will stop having an effect. This means that particularly busy customers may find their hair does not grow as much as they would like.

Consumer reviews

Some consumer reviews found on Amazon are quite negative, they mention:

“…[It] stopped working after 10 uses…”

I am into my 6th month and haven’t noticed any improvement yet…”

“…My scalp itched like crazy…”.

Other reviews go on to say:

“…I used it for 7 months…not a single improvement or hair growth…”.

Other more positive reviews found on Amazon mention:

“…She has been using it for over a year and she swears her hair is thickening up…”

“..I did not see any growth but it’s stopped shedding…[It’s] a big deal for me…”

“..(My hairdresser) said you have hair finally growing in the bald spot…I am very pleased with this product…”

Other consumer reviews about products that work to restore hair mention:

“…I am amazed at how thick my hair is…Amazing product…”

“…My stylist even saw the difference…”

I have noticed less falling out…I have recommended [It] to others…”.

There seems to be a real mixture of negative and positive reviews about these products. Potential customers should be aware that the majority of reviews on Amazon are positive, showing that perhaps for the most part, these products work as well as they claim to.

Do laser helmets and combs work?

When it comes to the crunch, it seems that laser helmets and combs can work, but it all depends on how often you use them, and what results you’re aiming for. While there are some negative reviews, this type of product seems to be quite popular, as there are some proven results.

One thing that potential customers should be aware of is that they will only work on follicles that are active. This means if you have been bald for quite some time, it’s unlikely that any combs or helmets will work for you.

Used at the first signs of balding or thinning, it seems that this range of devices really can make a difference. However, deciding which of the products to buy may be quite a task, as there are more and more coming on to the market all the time.

With careful usage, and a willingness to wait for results, customers may have a thicker and fuller head of hair, that looks completely natural.

Please let us know what you think about laser combs, have they worked for you?