Does Activia Work For IBS, Diarrhea, Constipation Or Bloating?

By Tracey Moffat: Certified Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

Research Time: 14 hours

We've all seen the ads for Activia, but can this yogurt actually help our intestinal woes? Our team decided to research the product further and see if it can really help with stomach issues. See what we found out below.

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About Activia

Founded in 1929, Danone began to develop a range of products that would eventually be known throughout the world. Fast forward to 1987, and Danone created ‘Bio’, a yogurt which was later named ‘Activia’. Made to help reduce discomfort in the digestive system, this yogurt contains bacteria that is thought to relieve discomfort, gas, and bloating, among other symptoms.

How fast does it work?

It’s thought that Activia will get to work as soon as it reaches your digestive system, which takes approximately 20 minutes. Available in a wide range of flavors, it contains a specific mixture of probiotics that work to improve the digestive health of those who consume it.

A range of flavors

With different flavors available in different countries, and with customers through-out the globe, this product is perhaps one of the better known probiotic yogurts. Working to improve digestive health, and suitable for just about anyone, it is thought to relieve a lot of discomfort.

How does Activia work?

Activia works by gentle reducing minor digestive discomfort. Symptoms such as gas, bloating, and rumbling can often be quite uncomfortable. The good news is that it’s thought to help relieve those minor symptoms, allowing the consumer to feel better once more.

Ease IBS symptoms

Do you know how to fix irritable bowel syndrome? Are you aware that eating just one small yogurt each day can make you feel much more comfortable? This is what Danone would like their customers to think. It seems that for the most part, those who consume this product feel better for it. Working to ease IBS symptoms, and thought to be very effective if it’s consumed twice a day for fourteen days, this yogurt contains probiotics that are thought to ease discomfort, while also being good for the digestive system.

What Probiotics does it contain?

Activia is thought to contain a mixture of four different probiotics:

  • Lactococcus Lactis

  • Bifidus Actiregularis

  • Streptococcus Thermophilus

  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

This mixture of probiotics is thought to be exclusive to Activia, ensuring that it works differently from other probiotic yogurts that are available on the market.

Activia and weight loss

While some consumers are happy to eat this product daily in order to help ease their digestive discomfort, some also assume that the food can help them to lose weight also. This product has not been created in order to help people lose weight, rather it has been made to aid the digestive system and reduce those uncomfortable symptoms associated with IBS, along with other conditions. This is not to say that it will not help people to lose weight, but it will only work in this way if the yogurt they eat is consumed in place of food that contains more sugar and fat.

How it eases those nasty symptoms

This product works to ease those nasty symptoms associated with IBS, because it is thought to increase the amount of good bacteria in the digestive system. The good bacteria will work to combat the micro-organisms that are thought to produce has, bloating, and other symptoms that cause digestive discomfort. Consuming one of more pots of yogurt a day is thought to be effective in helping to make consumers feel more comfortable, simply because their symptoms aren’t as bad as they may have previously been.

Common questions about Activia

  • Is it for constipation or diarrhea? – While this product has not been created specifically to combat constipation, it is thought to help. This is because the yogurt contains fiber, which will help to bulk up stools, making them so much easier to pass. As far as diarrhea is concerned, again, stools will be bulked up, meaning consumers are less likely to suffer from diarrhea.

  • Does Activia make you poop? – If you suffer from constipation, it could help you to pass stools as it’s high in fiber.

  • Is it gluten-free? – Only a few yogurts within the Activia range are thought to be gluten-free, meaning consumers should always check the labels before eating.

  • Is it healthy? – Yes. This product contains probiotics which help to increase the amount of good bacteria in the gut. It’s also thought that the calcium in Activia could improve bone health. Full of fiber, the yogurt can help with the passing of stools, and with weight loss.

  • Is it a probiotic? – Yes, this product contains four different probiotics to help with digestive discomfort.

  • Is it any better than regular yogurt? – In terms of containing live bacteria, and helping to reduce digestive discomfort, many consumers prefer this product to regular yogurt. This does not mean that some yogurts do not contain probiotics, many do, but Activia is thought to contain a very specific mixture that’s been known to relieve minor digestive discomfort.

  • Is it better than Greek yogurt? – Greek yogurt often contains probiotics, which are known to help reduce the incidences of digestive discomfort. However, some types can contain a lot of sugar, making them less healthy than consumers would like to think. Some consumers may prefer Activia to Greek yogurt, but others may prefer the latter, it’s all down to personal preference.


Activia can be purchased in a wide variety of stores, and online.

  • Walmart currently sell an eight pack of the vanilla flavor yogurt for $4.97, whereas the twelve pack which contains four different flavors is sold for $5.97. Other prices and quantities are available.
  • Sold on Amazon in larger quantities, this yogurt can be purchased for a cost of $43.25 for 24 four ounces cups. A 24 case of Activia Light, vanilla flavor can be purchased for $45.65, and other prices and quantities are available.

Please note this product is sold via third party sellers, and prices will therefore vary.

What we like

  • Great if you have IBS – Can it cure IBS? No, but it can help to alleviate some of the symptoms, which could make a real difference.

  • Comes in many different flavors – Available in a wide range of flavors, there’s thought to be something for everyone, meaning more people are likely to enjoy consuming this yogurt.

  • Health benefits – Thought to reduce bloating, gas, and other uncomfortable symptoms, this yogurt is also thought to improve the lower digestive transit.

  • Longer-term health benefits – Reportedly eaten twice a day for fourteen days, Activia is thought to build up the body’s level of good bacteria, thus resulting in fewer symptoms in the long-term.

What we don’t like

  • Side effects – Some consumers have reported that they have suffered some particularly unpleasant side effects, when having consumed this product. Some of the the side effects reported include cramps, trapped wind, and the inability to pass stools.

  • Long-term purchases – Although this product is not very expensive, purchasing it over the long-term could work out to be. If consumers become reliant to relieve their IBS-related symptoms, they may wish to consume it every day. This could prove to be quite expensive over the course of a year.

Consumer reviews

On Viewpoints, most compliments seem to reference its efficiency at keeping the digestive system healthy. Some reviews mention:

“…I began to notice a complete difference…my digestive tract takes food down much better…”

“…I didn’t have the discomfort…What is it supposed to do? Nothing makes me feel good inside [but] I’m so glad I tried this yogurt…it makes you feel better…”

“…Good for stomach problems…I would recommend trying it if you are looking to improve your digestion…”

“…it does help me with my own stomach problems…”

“…I have noticed it helps me lose weight…I also not have higher levels of calcium…”

Those who wish to purchase the yogurt may wish to keep these reviews in mind.

Bad reviews found elsewhere almost exclusively revolve around the side effects occasionally associated with consuming Activia. Some reviews also mention:

“…my concern is the sugar content, it’s too high…”

“…[it] actually increased my bloating and discomfort…”

“…I didn’t feel a change in my digestion…”

“…it caused my stomach to be really upset…It did not help my digestion as much as I was hoping…”

Again, those who wish to purchase the yogurt for the purpose of relieving symptoms associated with IBS may wish to keep these reviews in mind.

Does Activia work?

Containing a unique mixture of probiotics, and with a variety of different flavors available, the yogurt is thought to ease stomach problems.

It helps with gas, bloating, and other unpleasant symptoms, allowing the consumer to feel a little better. While some consumers have reported having some uncomfortable side effects, the majority seem to be pleased with Activia, and the results that it has.

Thought to have other health benefits, such as a reduction in constipation, and diarrhea, the product is also thought to be ideal if consumers wish to lose weight by substituting a less healthier snack with Activia.

With the ability to improve the body’s amount of good bacteria, and with quite a good reputation, this world-renowned yogurt seems to have some weight behind it.

Please let us know what you think about Activia, has it worked for you?

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