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Does Bosley Work? Our Findings Revealed

By David Moreton: Hair Loss Treatment Specialist

Research Time: 9 hours

The hair transplant procedure has come a long way in the last 10 years. Man and women worldwide are increasingly turning to solutions like Bosley, the hair restoration chain. Does it work? Our team spent hours to find out.

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About Bosley

If you’re experiencing the horror of losing your hair, you’ve probably heard of hair transplant procedures. If you haven’t looked yet into how the procedure is done, expect some scary stuff. In short, surgeons slice your head around 2000 times and insert tiny strands of hair that grow roots.

Bosley Medical Group is most likely one of the names that popped up on when searching for transplant solutions. They boast being known worldwide and having a great team of surgeons that will happily use a scalpel on your head.

We know that sounds scary. This is why we decided to research Bosley for you and find out everything you need to know before taking such a huge step.

About Bosley Hair Restoration

The founder of this company is L. Lee Bosley, M.D. who claims to be the “world leader” in hair restoration and transplantation. He’s been in business for over 37 years, and has had 200,000 people under the scalpel. We’re talking about men and women from 70 nations around the world, wanting to have fuller hair.

About the shampoo and conditioner

If you’re truly horrified by hair transplant procedures and wish to try a less obtrusive way, Bosley offers you a 6 months supply of shampoo for $449. You get a 5% Minoxidil solution, an ingredient approved by the FDA that helps with hair loss. They specifically state it’s for men.

For females, there’s Women’s Rogaine 4 months’ supply on Amazon for $39.99. It also contains 5% Minoxidil, and is supposed to be used for pattern baldness.

Do transplant procedures work? We read hundreds of reviews about Bosley, their hair transplantation process, as well as countless testimonials. Today we share them with you. Learn EVERYTHING you ever needed to know about Bosley. This article will tell you whether this procedure works and what to expect.

The Claim

The founders of Bosley explain they can’t give any success guarantees because every patient is different. Sounds valid. People have different skin, pain sensitivity, recovery abilities. So all these are variables when it comes to the final result.

They also state they will replace any fallen graft with a new one, but only under limited conditions. So make sure you don’t miss any of the post-operative consultations because that would make you ineligible for replacement. You also have to wait 12 months for your new grafts, regardless.

Doctors or Businessmen?

The more our team researched the HT topic, the clearer it became: The hair transplantation procedure is a test of patience and a very profitable business indeed. So how profitable you ask?

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery research shows an increase of HT procedures by 76% in the last 10 years. Translated into numbers, this means $2.5 billion annually siphoned out of our pockets and into the hair restoration market.

This makes the surgeons more businessman than doctors, which is a worrying issue. You certainly don’t want someone seeing you as a dollar, or $20,000 of them. Especially if they’re about to make incisions in your scalp.

How does Bosley hair transplant work?

Before you even decide to set foot in a clinic, make sure you are well informed of all the steps that follow hair transplant. Lucky for you we did all the in depth research, so here it is:

Step #1

Scheduling an appointment and having a consultation with a doctor at the Bosley Clinic is the first step to getting a HT. You will face some hard selling on their part.

People tend to be extremely sensitive when it comes to hair loss. Most of them report lack of confidence and a feeling like “losing a part of yourself.” The doctors are very aware of this fact. They know you need the procedure bad, they’re actually counting on it.

The consultation is free of charge, but it is a great opportunity to sell you on the “new you.”

Step #2

After the initial consultation, the day of the procedure comes along. It is definitely an operation, and not an easy one mind you. The surgeon goes ahead and cuts around 2000 slits in your scalp. After that he inserts “grafts” or strands of hair into those slits.

If you’re wondering where the extra hair came from – you need to know you’ll be the donor. They will take slices from your “bushy” areas and add them to the “scattered soldiers” area. The procedure shouldn’t last more than 4 hours and you can go back to work the next day.

Step #3

This is the hardest part. Just waiting for 9-18 months to see first results. Most of the grafts will fall off in the first week, but they’ll be actually creating roots inside your head. Prepare to deal with many scabs and possibly lots of pain. You’ll get painkillers as part of Bosley’s “get well” package, you won’t even have to ask. They come with additional health risks, so use them moderately and only if you really need to.

Step #4

If you’re lucky and your scalp took well to the procedure, you should now have extra hair positioned at the right angle that looks close to how it was before. Will you go for a second session? This depends purely on your personal experience with HT and the money you’re willing to invest.

The past vs the present

Hair transplant procedures have developed a lot in the last 10 years. From this standpoint it sounds scary to learn all the differences between the past and the present. For the sake of you getting all up to date info, here’s a list of Past Practices vs Present Practices:

  • Surgeons used to insert patches of hair into the scalp. This created unnatural looks and left significant scars. Today we’re talking about 1 to 4 hair follicles per slit.
  • The angle of the HT used to be all messed up. After many dissatisfied customers, surgeons figured out they need to carefully follow the natural hair angle.

What other solutions are available at the Bosley medical group?

There’s surgical and non-surgical treatment options. The surgical ones are usually faster and more effective, but they carry their own risks. Here’s all the options available:

  • Hair Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Eyebrow Restoration
  • TriGen+ With PRP
  • The Bosley LaserComb
  • Theradome™ Laser Helmet
  • Bosley HairMax Laser Band
  • Bosley Professional Strength
  • Prescription Propecia


Hair transplant surgeons try to get as many people as possible to undergo the procedure. If you’re not sure about it, they have psychological ways to push you into going ahead. It should cost around $4,000 to $16,000, but the real cost is revealed after the first procedure.

How much does Bosley treatment cost?

It should cost you $5.50-$9.50 per graft depending on your needs. This ramps up the cost around $4,000-$16,000. Most people say the price won’t go below $10,000 no matter what. The real cost is calculated after you decide to do a second procedure.

The doctors will push you hard to get a second procedure, and a third one, making a seemingly affordable plan turn into a larger investment. They’ll feed your vanity, or low self-esteem. Whatever gets the money out of your wallet and into their account…

Also you’ll have to pay additional $500 per night if you need to sleep over in their “treatment centre.” Another weird condition that rolls over more cash.

Financing plans

It seems that Bosley has a great relationship with credit agencies. If you’re low on cash, they’ll connect you personally with the money givers. Or as they call it, they’ll offer you a “financing plan.”

This option is available only if you live in the USA and only if you play by their interest rules. In order to learn more about their conditions and financing plans you need to email them at

People from Canada should contact Medicard and apply directly. Several payments are also available as an option. Whatever it takes to ease the process of you giving money to them.

Spit out the cash and hope for the best

Some people report paying over $70,000 for their hair treatment. If only they were satisfied in the end. Like we said, the results vary and are very unpredictable. So spit out the cash and hope for the best, is basically how we feel about the whole thing.

It is not a matter of legit or scam, we obviously see this works for some people. Will it work for you though? No one really knows, and that’s what makes the Bosley idea unfavorable in our opinion.

Common questions about Bosley

  • Does it hurt? As with any surgical procedure, expect discomfort and pain. They will give you a local anesthetic, which should cover the procedure. Afterwards, it’s all up to how well you recover. How much you can cope with pain.

The doctors at Bosley suggest you might experience “tenderness, redness, and mild pain” and “may need to take” painkillers and antibiotics. This sometimes means being swollen beyond recognition and having an infection. So yes, get ready for pain, and go easy on the pain meds.

  • Is there any guarantee? Nope, no guarantees whatsoever. They defend the point that every skin is different, but that means little to you – the patient. You get a limited guarantee of fallen grafts replacement, but make sure you follow the rules to be eligible.
  • Is Bosley better than HairClub? Bosley actually bought the company HairClub a few years ago. Also a Japanese wig company bought Bosley and medical hair restoration 10 years ago. It sounds like well-played business that has less to do with health and more to do with HUGE profits. All those before and after photos do not paint the right picture.
  • Is it better than Rogaine? They use different approaches. Rogaine is a non-surgical Minoxidil solution that needs to be used daily. It only works on strengthening existing hair, unlike Bosley that “inserts” hair in the deforested area. Rogaine won’t solve receding hairline.
  • Does Bosley shampoo contain Minoxidil? It contains 5% Minoxidil solution. Not to be used for women that are pregnant or planning a baby.

Consumer Reviews

When it comes to HT procedures the results vary from one individual to the next. The feelings are mixed. Some people are satisfied beyond words, others feel ripped off and betrayed. What’s more interesting are some of the lawsuits that the founder had to settle over the years. Sounds like a shady business that hopes to become honest when it grows up.

Some of the positive reviews mention people loving their new hair, feeling young and confident again.

The negative reviews are most of the times painful to read. People report not being able to go back to work the next day. Having swollen face and eyes shut. The saddest stories come from people that paid 3 times, for 3 procedures and didn’t get the desired results.

There’s actually a website that deals with Bosley Medical Violations over the years. The founder of Bosley also had to pay some large lawsuit settlements over the years.

Some additional solutions to giving your hair a boost

  • DHT Blockers: Supplements like Nuhair reduce the amount of DHT men produce, which is believed to be linked with hair loss. Do DHT blockers work? Find out what our experts think.
  • Hair concealers: While not growing new hair, products like Caboki and Toppik use fibers and proteins to add bulk to existing hair. So if you’re just thinning a bit, this could be a great tempoary solution for you.
  • Topical sprays: These products like Scalp Med can be made up of a number of ingredients like minoxidil, nutrisol, or vitadol. These sprays are quite useful for people who have experienced side effects from using ingested supplements or medication.

What we like

  • Hair Transplant gives people a chance to feel attractive and confident again
  • The technique has progressed and now HT clinics see a lot more happy patients. Or should we say customers?
  • It is a more permanent solution

What we don’t like

  • Not everyone will see results. You might have thinner hair that won’t “grab on”, this is especially true for the ladies.
  • According to research 85% of HT patients worldwide are male. They have stronger hair and better “donor area.”
  • Doesn’t work for thinning hair
  • A “humane” profession turned into a business game
  • Takes up to 18 months to see results
  • You might end up in a lot of pain, with nothing to show for but tens of thousand dollars less in your account
  • Limited guarantee on grafts that fall off
  • NO guarantee on individual success and NO money back policy
  • Many scary and sad testimonials of unhappy patients

Does Bosley work?

Your situation will definitely improve, but do not expect to win any best hair contests anytime soon.

That’s the biggest disappointment people have to face after their hair transplant, and it’s based on assumptions. Most people assume they’ll have better locks than before, but that is not possible. Not yet at least.

Bottom line

It probably won’t bring you back to your glory days, but the transplant can be a definite improvement. Our team totally understands the desire for a fuller scalp. The thing that really got us was: It takes up to 18 months to see results, which can be painstaking. You need more than one procedure – according to Bosley, and there’s pain and scarring involved.

It sounds harsh when you get hit by reality, but the more info you have getting into HT, the better you’ll feel afterwards. This is one of those things in life, where getting surprised is a very bad thing. You’ll want to at least feel like you have some control over the situation before you let a fancy Beverly Hills doctor make 2000 incisions on your head.

Have you had a hair transplant? Maybe you’re considering one? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section down below.

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