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Does Gas X Work? Our Findings Revealed

By Tracey Moffat: Certified Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

Research Time: 12 hours

Flatulence can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. But with many products on the market, you thankfully don't need to suffer. We decided to test the claims of Gas X and see if it really works.

Does Gas X work for you?
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About Gas X

Gas X is a formula that has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of flatulence and abdominal bloating that some people experience on a daily basis.

Made using simethicone, this product has been recommended by doctors to help alleviate the often embarrassing symptoms associated with flatulence and bloating.

Thought to be perfectly safe to use, and ideal when you want to enjoy a meal, this product should start to work in relatively no time at all.

With the ability to break up the gas that is produced when we eat, those who have suffered from flatulence and bloating should start to benefit every time they take the supplement.

While gas is something that everyone has to deal with every day, those of us who are greatly effected by it will begin to feel less conscious, and therefore feel better about eating out with friends and family.

How does Gas X work?

This popular and doctor-approved supplement works to break up the little bubbles of gas that start to form when we eat. As soon as the bubbles have been broken up, they will become less of an issue. This means that consumers will no longer need to worry about their bloating or flatulence, no matter what they’re eating.

How much time does it take to work?

It’s thought that it should start to work within the first few minutes of taking the supplement. While everyone may react to this product differently, many people start to notice the difference very soon afterwards.

Why is gas produced?

Our intestinal tract contains billions of bacteria that works to break down the foods that we eat. This bacteria is completely harmless, yet it works to break the foods down so that we can benefit from the nutrients it contains.

Many foods that we eat contain a lot of raw material that can give the bacteria a lot to work with. When the harmless bacteria gets to work, it produces gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, and nitrogen.

If we eat foods that contain a lot of raw materials, more gas will naturally be produced. Foods that are likely to result in this includ: beans, vegetables, and whole grains.

What are the other causes of gas?

The consumption of beans, vegetables, and whole grains are not the only causes, you may also find that eating specific foods that you’re intolerant to can cause gas to form too. Couple food that you’re intolerant to with other foods that are quite hard to digest, and you’ve got an issue on your hands.

The good news is that this supplement can work well, no matter why the gas has started to form in the first place. This should leave you feeling less bloated and less conscious every meal time too.

What it does

Rather than working to prevent the formation of gas as some products such as Beano does, the supplement works to get rid of gas once gas bubbles have formed. This means that bloating and flatulence will not be as much of an issue as it once was, but it also allows the natural digestive process to keep working exactly as it should.

Common questions about Gas X

  • Is Gas X better than Beano? – This is subjective, and purely down to personal opinion. Some users may find that they prefer to prevent gas from forming in the first place, and may therefore wish to use Beano. Others may be happy with the way it works, and will therefore continue using it to make them feel more comfortable.

  • Is it safe to take while pregnant? – Please speak to your doctor before you take any supplements or medication while pregnant.

  • Can you use while breastfeeding? – While there is no data to suggest that Gas X should not be used while breastfeeding, the active ingredient (Simethicone) is not taken orally. This means that it won’t be transferred to breast milk.

  • Is it safe for dogs? – Dog owners should only use this product as a last resort, as it has not been specifically made for use by pets. Please speak to your veterinarian about any concerns you have with your dog(s).

  • Is it a laxative? – No, this product works to reduce the amount of build up in the intestines, it does not have laxative effects.

  • Is it an ant-acid? – No. This product only works to relieve gas, it will not relieve heart burn.

  • Is it a probiotic? – No, it works to relieve bloating and flatulence.

  • Can it cause addiction? – Customer comments seem to suggest that some people become addicted to this product, whereas other users do not.

  • Can it cause constipation? – No, this supplement is not thought to cause constipation, rather it serves to relieve the symptoms associated with the consumption of foods that create gas.


  • It can be purchased directly from Amazon at a cost of $6.37 for 18 peppermint flavor chewable tablets. A carton of 20 soft gels are sold for just $6.38.
  • The Ultra strength soft gels can be purchased for $8.46 for a carton of 18 soft gels, and the cherry chewable tablets are sold for $9.06 for a 48 pack. 50 extra strength can be purchased for $13.98.

This product can be purchased through a third party seller via Amazon, but users should be warned that prices will vary.

What we like 

  • Can reduce flatulence and bloating – This anti gas medicine is thought to be effective at helping to reduce flatulence and bloating, that could leave people feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.
  • Recommended by doctors – This shows how effective this supplement is, meaning more people are likely to benefit from using Gas X than some similar products.

  • The price – This supplement is reasonably priced, ensuring that more and more people are able to combat with their gas-related issues.

  • It doesn’t disrupt digestion – Many users of this supplement find that it does not disrupt digestion. This means that they can carry on eating the foods they love, whilst relying on the product to combat bloating and associated flatulence.

What we don’t like

  • Side effects – There have been some reports of dizziness and itching upon taking this supplement. If you experience any nasty side effects when using this, please stop taking it, and speak to your doctor as soon as you can.

  • Continued purchases – While the product works to reduce the effects of eating specific foods, it will need to continually be purchased. This is because users will no longer feel a benefit if they stop using the supplement. Constant use of the supplement may therefore prove to be quite expensive in the long-term.

What customers are saying

On Amazon, the treatment had an average rating of 4.4 stars at the time of our research, and based on more that 170 customer reviews. The most positive customer comments referred to the effectiveness of this supplement, stating that it works, and seems to be more effective than some other brands.

Some positive reviews also mentioned:

“…I love the peppermint taste and find the chewable tablets help my stomach pain IMMEDIATELY…”

“…My husband swears by these…he takes two of these a day as a preventative measure…the build-up of pressure never gets excessive…he is just able to go on with his life…”

“…seems to do the trick. No side effects…”

Potential customers may wish to keep these positive reviews in mind, should they choose to buy this product.

Bad reviews almost exclusively revolve around the lack of effect some consumers say it has. Other reviews mention:

“…tastes nice. That’s all it has going for it…”

“… does not stop my bloating at all…”

“…didn’t really notice any improvement…”

While this may not necessarily be your experience with the product, potential customers may want to keep these reviews in mind when purchasing it.

Our final say: Does Gas X work?

It is thought to be ideal for those who suffer from bloating, and flatulence when they eat certain foods. It’s also thought that this supplement could be ideal for those who suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) too.

With the ability to break down small bubbles when they start to form, the gas will need to escape, but at least there will be no large incidences of flatulence that could prove to be embarrassing. Recommended by doctors and reasonably priced, there are thought to be few side effects associated with its use.

What’s more is the doctor’s recommendation is thought to be a good indication that this product works as well as it claims to. Taken after meals, and at bed time if needs be, it comes in different flavors, and in strips, soft gels, or chewable supplements making them ideal for those who like something to swallow, chew, or melt on the tongue.

Please let us know what you think about Gas X, has it worked for you?

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