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Does PetArmor work? Read the reviews

About PetArmor

PetArmor works to ensure your pets are protected from ticks and fleas that could cause your dog a lot of harm. With fipronil working as the active ingredient, the formula works to kill eggs and larvae for up to three months.

This flea solution also works to kill any ticks that could spread Lyme disease to your dog. Pets that are free from fleas and ticks are happier and healthier than those who aren’t. With the ability to make your dog tick and flea-free, this flea prevention product can ensure your pooch is less likely to scratch and feel the discomfort associated with ticks and fleas.

Easy to apply, and lasting for quite some time, when applied monthly PetArmor will work to give pet owners the peace of mind they need, knowing their four-legged friend is more comfortable, and considerably less distressed.

How does PetArmor work?

This pet solution works by killing fleas and ticks that could cause a lot of misery. With the ability to work within a very short space of time, the flea solution should be re-applied every thirty days to ensure your dog has the best level of protection.

How to apply PetArmour

To apply this medication simply:

  1. Remove the tubes that contain the solution from the package
  2. Pull just one of the tubes away from the rest, and place the rest back into the package
  3. Using a pair of scissors, cut the top of the tube (The narrower end) carefully, making sure that it is pointing away from you
  4. Now place the tube over the bottom of your dog’s neck/top of its shoulder blades, and part the hair using the fingers of your opposite hand
  5. Squeeze the tube quite firmly so that the liquid pours onto the neck. Make sure you have squeezed all of the solution out of the tube
  6. Give your dog positive reinforcement, as this will encourage them to feel better about the procedure each time
  7. The fluid will be completely waterproof after a period of twenty-four hours
  8. Repeat the procedure in another thirty days

Protection Guarantee

Potential consumers may be pleased to know that this anti-flea and tick solution comes with a protection guarantee. The manufacturers of PetArmor state that they are happy to refund the cost of the product, regardless of why you’re not satisfied with it. Consumers will need to show proof of purchase when asking for a refund. This protection guarantee shows how confident the manufacturer is that the solution works as well as it claims to. Contact information can be found on the manufacturers website, and on the product packaging.

Different products for different sized dogs

The makers of this product know that dogs come in different shapes and sizes, which is why they sell it in four different sizes. The available sizes are:

  • Up to 22 pounds – this includes Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Daschunds, many terriers, Pugs, Lhasa Apso’s, and more
  • 23 to 44 pounds – this includes Bulldogs, Huskies, some Dalmatians, some Bassett hounds, and more
  • 45 to 88 pounds – this includes Afghan Hounds, Belgian Sheepdog, Boxers, English Setters, Labrador Retrievers, and more
  • 89 to 132 pounds – this includes Bloodhounds, Great Danes, Australian Bandog, Moscow Watchdog, and more

Please make sure you know roughly how much your dog weighs, before you administer the flea and tick solution.

Common questions about PetArmor 

What is Fipronil (PetArmor main active ingredient?) – Fipronil is an insecticide that works to kill fleas and ticks by damaging its nervous system in a specific way that causes death. This insecticide is not harmful to your dog.

Does PetArmor work as good as Frontline? – This liquid is thought to work just as well as Frontline, because it uses the same solution, although some consumers suggest otherwise.

What is the difference between PetArmor and PetArmor plus? – PetArmor Plus is thought to be a little stronger than PetArour, and may work better on dogs that have a lot of fleas, or are likely to be around other dogs that have fleas.

Does it kill fleas, eggs and larvae? – Yes, this solution has been manufactured to kill fleas, eggs, and larvae. It also works to ensure that your four-legged friend stay flee-free for thirty days.

Does it kill ear mites? – If your dog has ear mites, you may want to consider purchasing the Ear Mite and Tick Treatment. This is a product that can be added to the ears twice a day, until all of the ear mites and ticks are gone. This solution should not be used on dogs that are less than three months old.

Is it waterproof? – Yes. The liquid will be completely waterproof after a period of twenty-four hours.

Is it safe for pregnant dogs? – Yes, it can be used for pregnant dogs. Users should also note that when the puppies are born and the mother is lactating, the solution is still safe to use, but the puppies should be kept away from the area that it has been applied to when it’s still wet.

Is it safe for kittens? – Yes. PetArmor for Cats is completely safe to use on kittens that are at least two months old. The forumla can also be used on the mother when she is lactating, but the kittens should be kept away from the area that it has been applied to when it’s still wet.

Can PetArmor for dogs be used on cats (is it safe?) – No. This is because the formula that has been manufactured for use on dogs can contain a much stronger formula, that could harm your cat (This applies to all brands of flea and tick solution).

Does it have an expiration date? – No, as long as the tubes are sealed and stored at room temperature the tubes areok to use.

Where to buy PetArmor? – This product can be purchased from Amazon, Meijer, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.


  • Amazon – Buyers can purchase this product for prices that vary between $8.04 for a three pack suitable for large dogs, and $130.00 for a years supply suitable for medium sized dogs. Prices will vary if you buy the package from a third-party seller.
  • Mijer – PetArmor is sold here for approximately $31.99 for a three months’ supply that’s suitable for large dogs
  • Target – This retailer sells this solution at a variety of prices. As an example of prices, purchasers can buy three months’ supply for $12.99 for medium sized dogs, and $42.99 for a six months’ remedy for small dogs.
  • Walgreens – PetArmor Plus can be purchase here for $29.99 for a three months’ supply.
  • Walmart – This retailer sells this solution at a variety of prices. As an example of prices, purchasers can buy three months’ supply for $15.72 for extra large dogs, and $35.15 for a six months’ supply for small to large dogs.

What we like

  • It’s relatively cheap compared to other products – Consumers could save themselves a lot of money when they use this formula instead of a leading brand.
  • Each application lasts thirty days – This means that once it’s been applied, the formula will keep your four-legged friend flea-free for a whole month.
  • The solution works to kill fleas, mites, eggs, and larvae – This will leave your dog feeling better, and more comfortable. When eggs have hatched, the newly born fleas will be killed by the solution within a very short space of time.

What we don’t like

  • It’s not waterproof for the first 24 hours – This means you will have to keep your dog away from water for the first twenty-four hours, which can often prove to be quite difficult.
  • Prices vary depending on where you buy it from – Different retailers sell this product for different prices, meaning you may have to do a lot of shopping around in order to get a good deal.
  • The cost mounts up over the course of a year – If you use this remedy as directed, you could find yourself paying out at least $120 every year. Some may say having a dog that’s free from fleas is worth it, but the price could be a little too high for others.

Consumer reviews

More than 90 Walmart customers have provided feedback about PetArmor, and have also rated it as an average of 3.3 stars. But what are people saying?

“…When I saw this product I tried it immediately…Works great!…”

“…Seems to work just as well as Frontline and much more affordable …”

Other positive reviews from Amazon mention:

“…Seems to do the trick for less money! VERY PLEASED with my purchase …”

“…Fleas have left the building!…no sign of a flea …”

Those who are considering purchasing the flea solution may want to keep these positive reviews in mind.

Bad reviews almost exclusively revolve around the products inability to work as well as it claims to, some customer comments found on Amazon mention:

“…We applied the product to all of our animals, and within three days, the were loaded with fleas again…”

“…pay a little more for a better product…”

Other negative reviews from Walmart customers mention:

“…I used this product on my dogs and was disappointed…two days later [they were] infested …”

“…This product did not work…I want my money back …”

While this may not be what you experience when using PetArmor on your cats or dogs, you may want to keep these reviews in mind nevertheless.

Does PetArmor work?

PetArmor is a solution that can help to rid your cat or dog of fleas, mites, larvae and eggs. Working within a very short space of time, the active ingredient is completely waterproof within twenty-four hours, and will keep fleas etc. at bay for thirty days.

Suitable for use on dogs of all sizes, and with a different formula that’s been specifically manufactured for use with cats, the solution is thought to be quite a bit cheaper than other similar products. While some consumers mention that it does not seem to work at all, many of them have reacted positively, stating that their cat or dog is now flea and mite-free.

Potential consumers should therefore be aware that this formula may or may not work for their pets.

Please let us know what you think about PetArmor, has it worked for you?

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