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Generac Generators Review

Should you buy a Generac Generator? Here's my personal view of the company & their most popular generators.


James Mulligan: Engineer & DYI Enthusiast

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Our Top Generators

Best Portable

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Generac GP6500E Portable Generator

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Best Inverter

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Generac GP2500i Orange Inverter

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Best Standby

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Generac Guardian Standby Generator

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Our Top Generators

If you’re researching for a reliable generator, no doubt the brand Generac needs to be considered.

They are a company with a long reputation for building different types of powerful and versatile generators.

But with so many brands today making excellent generators, how does Generac stack up against its competitors?

In this guide, I’ll take a look at their most popular generators and decide whether they’re the best choice.

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About The Company

Generac was founded by Robert Kern in 1959. They were the first to create cost-effective home standby generators.

They are currently the leading brand for home generators and supply a broad range of products, including residential, industrial, portable, and commercial generators.

They are also a prominent designer and manufacturer of fully automatic and manual transfer switches as well as other backup accessories.

They are renowned for their line of standby generators for home use, but also supply quiet and portable generators as well as high capacity commercial-grade generators.

Best Portable Generator

Generac GP6500E Portable Generator

Generac GP6500E Portable Generator

  • Electric start for straightforward use
  • Battery included
  • Substantial fuel tank capacity
  • Runtime of up to 10.5 hours at 50% t load

The Generac GP6500 generator is portable and features forward-thinking technology that gives you 40% more starting power.

Its large fuel tank and robust OHV engine provide a prolonged runtime and a product that lasts for years. It also has a low oil sensor that protects it from sustaining damage due to oil running out.

The generator is also easy to transport over most terrain, thanks to its foldable handle and heavy duty wheels.

Minimal maintenance is needed with an hour meter that helps you keep track of any essential maintenance needed at frequent intervals.

What customers are saying

This generator received mostly five star reviews with customers commenting on its efficiency, reliable performance, and convenient electric start.

Others had issues with delivery, saying their units had defective or broken components on arrival.

Best Home Standby Generator

Generac Guardian Series Standby Generator

Generac Guardian Series Standby Generator

  • Connects to your existing LP or natural gas line
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Free mobile link for system condition monitoring
  • Restricted 5 year warranty

The Generac Guardian backup system provides immediate access to power during an outage.

The unit comes with a free mobile link that allows you to assess its condition via your phone, PC, or tablet from a remote location.

The generator starts automatically and switches off when the power returns. Installation is made easy with its removable doors and the base pad not requiring a lot of ground preparation.

Standout features on this model include a 200A Nema smart switch and easy to use control panel with an LCD display.

What customers are saying

This generator received fantastic reviews with most customers commenting on its quality, reliability, mobile app, and overall value for money.

Still, some customers had issues with the unit after using it for a short while and were disappointed with Generac not honoring the warranty.

Best Inverter Generator

Generac GP2500i Inverter

Generac GP2500i Inverter

  • 2500W peak power and 2200W running power
  • USB port for safe charging of mobile devices
  • Can be paralleled with another GP2500i model (parallel kit not included)

The Generac GP2500i portable inverter generator has a lightweight design of only 56 lbs with a built-in knob and run/off/choke settings for easy start up.

The unit features an LED indicator that lets you know when it’s overloaded, low on oil, or ready to use, plus a low oil shutoff sensor that protects the engine.

All outlets are covered for protection against outside elements and with the economy mode, you save on fuel, plus noise levels are reduced.

What customers are saying

This unit received mostly good reviews with customers saying it is fuel efficient, lightweight, easy to start, and provides great value for money.

Others had issues with receiving units that did not work and had to return them.

Most Powerful Generator

Generac 15,000 Watts Portable Generator

Generac 15,000 Watts Portable Generator

  • Battery and plug-in charger jack included
  • Large 16 gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Offer runtime of 10 hours on 50% load
  • Built-in lifting eye for security and easy transporting

The Generac 15000W portable generator comes with a wheeled frame that makes it easy to move. It’s gas operated and has an electric start that offers dependable power when you need it most.

Its powerful 992cc OHVI engine is super powerful and features a robust steel tube cradle that protects the exterior of the unit.

Additionally, for comfortable and safe operation, the circuit breaker receptacles prevent overloads, while the low tone muffler keeps the noise levels down.

What customers are saying

This generator received plenty of 5 star reviews with most customers saying it is well built, powerful, reliable, and provides value for money.

Still, some customers had issues with delivery, receiving units that were damaged or had broken components.

Best Diesel Generator

Generac 6864 Diesel Powered Portable Generator

Generac 6864 Diesel Powered Portable Generator

  • Robust steel frame for durability
  • Large 12 gallon fuel tank
  • Idle control for noise reduction and fuel efficiency
  • Hour meter for maintenance tracking

This diesel operated generator features a fully welded steel frame, 435cc air cooled industrial engine, and True Power Technology that ensures the safe running of electronic devices.

The unit also has an hour meter for tracking maintenance requirements, easy electric start, and lifting eye to enable easy transportation and security at the worksite.

Its large fuel tank of 12 gallons offers a runtime of up to 32.4 hours on a 50% load, and its idle control is useful for fuel efficiency and noise reduction.

This unit received decent reviews with customers loving its extended runtime, efficiency, and easy electric start.

Other Recommended Generators 

Generac iQ3500 Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

The Generac iQ3500 portable inverter generator provides ultra quiet neighborhood friendly operation, reliable performance, and a power output of 3500 peak watts and 3000 running watts.

The unit has a robust steel enclosure and is portable, making it ideal for home or worksite use.

Another standout feature is its electronic smart LCD, which indicates digital wattage, remaining runtime, hour meter, fuel level status, and generator condition. 

The unit also includes USB ports for charging mobile devices, a user friendly dial, a battery, and an easy electric start functionality.

Generac Air-Cooled Standby Generator

This Generac transport cart is engineered to move and position air cooled generators easily, without needing extra equipment or labor.

This one features large wheels with a handle for easy transportation. The cart is attached to the generator via lifting holes providing leverage to lift the generator and move it to the next location.

This cart is compatible with all Generac air cooled generators and is backed by a 2 year warranty.

The Generac GP6500 portable generator comes with 8125 peak watts, 6500 running watts, and a large fuel tank to give you a runtime of up to 10.5 hours at fifty percent load.

The unit features power rush technology for more start-up power and low oil shutoff to protect the engine.

The robust OHV engine with splash lubrication is built to last and the foldable handle and heavy duty wheels make transporting a breeze.

Generac GP3500iO Open Frame Inverter Generator

The Generac GP3500iO open frame generator provides 3500 peak watts and 3000 running watts to power essential appliances and charge mobile devices safely.

Its unique Power Rush technology gives you access to more power on start up, and you also get cleaner power thanks to its True Power Technology.

This unit is lightweight for easy transportation and RV ready as well. You can also parallel the unit to get twice the power.

Generac GP1200i Portable Inverter Generator

This quiet fully enclosed inverter generator from Generac delivers 1200W peak power and 1000W running power.

It comes with unique True Power Technology for safely powering and charging your appliances and sensitive mobile devices. The unit is compact, lightweight, and fuel efficient in economy mode.

The LED indicators let you know when the unit is overloaded, needs oil, or is ready for use. All outlets are covered for protection against outside elements.

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