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Grecian formula reviews: does it work?

About Grecian Formula

Grecian Formula is a hair coloring product that is thought to work on any hair color. Users with white hair, blonde or black hair, or any other color hair should find that it works perfectly well. With the ability to gradually restore your natural hair color back to what it once was, this product is thought to be one of the better coloring products on the market right now.

A melanin-like formula

Containing a melanin-like formula, the colorant works to gradually change your hairstyle’s color, making it look more natural. Those who have recently started growing grays will soon see their natural color appearing in approximately three weeks. Applied everyday, although users may not see the results they’re looking for within the first two to three days, they will see their hair color return very soon.

How does Grecian Formula work?

Grecian Formula works with each and every strand to ensure that those nasty grays begin to disappear. Helping people all around the world to have fewer grays, this colorant will change the color of the hair slowly but surely.

How long before it changes my hair?

The formula is thought to change the color of grays within the first few days. Many other products work to change the color of your hair almost instantly, but this can often look unnatural. Those who have a few grays appearing will suddenly look like they have none at all, thanks to the dyes that are used. This hairstyle colorant however is quite different, simply because it works to change the color of the grays. In fact, we could say that it reverses the aging process that’s responsible for them in the first place.

How does it really work?

As we age, strands start to produce less melanin than they used to. Melanin is responsible for the color of our hair. Those with naturally darker locks will have more melanin than those with naturally lighter locks. As we start to age, the levels of melanin decrease, and this results in a lighter color that eventually turns gray or white. Here’s where Grecian Formula can step in and help.

Working with your hair

While many similar products change every single strand a different color, this formula works with the strands to change the grays back to the way they were before. Using a melanin-like substance which acts as a protein, every strand starts to revert back to the way that it was. This means that each and every strand now gets more of the protein that it was missing.

How do you apply it?

Taking very little time to apply, this colorant is very easy to apply. Available in liquid or cream form, simply:

  1.  Clean and dry your hair
  2.  Shake the bottle (If applicable) first
  3. Squeeze or pour some of the formula into your hand
  4. Apply the cream or liquid to your hair rather than your scalp
  5. Make sure that you avoid placing the formula on any areas that you wish to stay gray
  6. Add more if needs be, and continue to do so until the hair feels a little damp
  7. Style your haircut as per usual, and then wash your hands
  8. Dry with a towel or a hairdryer should you wish to.
  9. Keep applying the formula every day, until the color looks more natural
  10. Once your color is what you wish it to be, use this product twice a week

Common questions about Grecian Formula

  • Can I use Grecian formula for beards and mustaches? – No. Many consumers want to know if it works on beards, but it is not suitable. It may however be used on your sideburns.
  • Can I use it on my eyebrows? – No. This product is not suitable for use on eyebrows.
  • Is it a dye? – No. This colorant contains a melanin-like substance, which actively changes the color of your grays.
  • Does it stain skin? – No. Skin will not become stained, even if you apply Grecian Formula to your head every other day. This means it can be used with complete confidence, each and every time.
  • Is it safe and does it contain lead? – Yes, but it is only used in very small amounts (0.4%), when lead is present in this amount, it is not thought to be harmful. If you wish to know whether the colorant is good or bad for you, please note that trials in the United States have shown that after a period of 14 days, lead in the bloodstream had not greatly increase. Users should also note that when the colorant is dry, it cannot be absorbed by the body.
  • How long does it take to work? – While some dyes and colorants get to work immediately, it will be a few days before you see any changes in your color. This is because it takes a few days for the melanin to get to work.
  • Does it expire? – While some products have a recommended shelf life, most of them will continue to work perfectly well if the bottle/container has not been opened.
  • Can women use it too? – Yes. While it has been marketed specifically for men, this colorant can be used by women.


Grecian Formula can be purchased in a wide variety of stores, and online.

  • Amazon currently sell this product for $8.49 for a 4 ounce package of the liquid formula that comes with conditioner. The 8 ounce package that also comes with conditioner can be purchased for $16.40. This product is available to be purchased through third-party sellers, but prices and quantities will vary.
  • Sold at Walmart, customers will pay $6.92 for a 4 ounce package of the liquid that comes with the conditioner, and $13.49 for the 8 ounce package that also comes with the conditioner. Prices and sizes vary.

What we like 

  • No side effects – There are no side effects associated with using this coloring formula, meaning that it can be used with confidence
  • Suitable for long and short hair It doesn’t matter how long or short your hairstyle is, those who wish to get rid of their grays are perfectly able to do so.
  • Gives hair that natural look – When using dyes or colorants, it’s easy to over-do things, and make your style look unnatural. This is where Grecian Formula is different, it steps in and adds extra melanin to every single strand, so that they are no longer gray, but they still look as natural as possible.

What we don’t like 

  • It doesn’t work instantly – Those who would like to change their color very quickly may not like this product. This is because it can take a few days for any real difference to show.
  • It cannot be used on facial hair – The color of eyebrows, beards, mustaches, and goatees cannot be changed by this colorant. Because of the way that it’s been made, it is only suitable for use on the scalp. If you wish to change the color of your eyebrows etc. you may wish to consider using another product.

Consumer reviews

On Amazon, most compliments seem to reference how natural hair looks when using this product; they also mention the new color makes them look a little younger, thanks to the results it gives.

Other positive comments mention:

“…Stuff works great!…the price was very cheap. Good stuff!…”

“…This never gets the white black but makes my hair look quite even overall…”

“…It really works without a lot of fuss and bother…”

“…This stuff does exactly what it claims to do…”

Those who are thinking of buying this product may want to think about the positive reviews while they consider purchasing it.

Bad reviews almost exclusively revolve around the smell. Other reviews tend to mention how long it takes before some users see any results. Other negative views mention:

“… I tried it for two weeks and I did not notice any color change…”

“…Smells horrible…not sure how this became popular with anyone…”

While this may not necessarily be what you will experience when using this product, these reviews should be kept in mind nonetheless.

What people say on forums about Grecian Formula

Some positive reviews mention:

“…It works, I only had a few odd spots of gray…”

“…Everyone comments on it [My hair]…for days…”

Some negative reviews mention:

“…lame results for all of the grief…”

“… it didn’t really make my hair darker…”

Does Grecian Formula work?

While some consumers are more than happy to talk about how effective Grecian Formula is, there are also some dissatisfied customers. However, for the most part it seems that this colorant does exactly what it claims to do. With the ability to change the grays back to the color they once were thanks to the melanin-like protein it contains, this could be one of the leading products on the market.

Used once a day until hairstyles look more natural, and then every other day, the formula is easy to apply, and it seems to give users the look they wanted.

Consumers should note that the effects will differ between users, so they should not expect their hair to be completely free of grays, even if someone else is. Used as instructed, and with continued use, even when your locks are the desired color, you may find that it gives you that younger look you’ve been searching for.

Please let us know what you think about Grecian Formula, has it worked for you?

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