Hairmax Laser Comb Reviews: Does It Work For Receding Hairline?

By David Moreton: Hair Loss Treatment Specialist

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Being one of the more popular products on the market, we decided to see if the Hairmax Laser Comb lives up to the hype. Will it work for you? Find out what we discovered and what others are saying.

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About Hairmax Laser Comb

Founded in 2000, Hairmax works to produce products that help to promote hair growth. Hairmax promises to achieve this through their range of products which include dietary supplements, shampoos, and laser devices.

The Hairmax Laser Comb is a relatively new hair loss prevention treatment that was originally developed in Australia. This brush-like device is more hands-on than many other hair-thickening products, allowing users to take control of their treatment, while the Laser Comb works to revitalize follicles.

There are currently only two FDA approved laser combs on the market, and Hairmax is of course one of them. The FDA approval gives users the reassurance they need to buy and use the product.

Created to nourish and stimulate, this product has also been manufactured to help hair grow. The 7 medical grade lasers work to penetrate deep into the follicles, encouraging growth, without damaging the scalp. This product also works to breathe new life into damaged hair, making it look thicker and fuller, whilst also working to help prevent thinning.

How does Hairmax Laser Comb work?

The Hairmax Comb works by sending gentle laser lights to the scalp, which at a low level, can be beneficial to both the scalp and hair. This feature works to boost hair growth by helping to revitalize follicles that have become dormant. Dormant follicles can be a problem as they may increase the rate of loss, and/or thinning.

This product has been designed to work with follicles that are still functioning, and those that have not been permanently damaged. Hairmax Laser Comb has been designed to re-awaken follicles that are still active, meaning that people with thinning hair are more likely to see results.

The sooner this product is used, the more likely it is to work.

When do results start to show?

Made to last approximately fifteen thousand hours, the device has been manufactured to a high standard, to ensure they deliver the strength needed to produce the desired results. Users should be aware that they may see results within 6 to 16 weeks, depending on how they respond to the treatment.

Taking 2-3 hours to fully charge, the Hairmax contains lasers that will not harm customers eyes, but it is advisable to avoid eye contact with the lasers, as it may cause irritation. Made to be used by both men and women, and with no nasty side-effects, it is thought to encourage an average growth of 140 new hairs per square inch- but results may vary between users. Anyone under the age of 18 years, should speak to their doctor before using this product.

Hair loss and thinning can result in lowered self-esteem, but the good news is that this comb can offer help. The light, when pointed at the scalp activates specific molecules in the follicles which help to stimulate growth. This could potentially result in hair becoming thicker, and more voluminous than it has been before.

What are the side effects?

Made to be used every day, new users may experience itching, and tingling as the follicles start to receive a heavier blood flow. These side-effects are perfectly normal, and they should disappear after a few weeks.

Alternatives to Hairmax

While laser combs are a popular method for dealing with this common issue, it’s worth mentioning that there are few hair growth helmets on the market. Although applied differently, these helmets have very similar technology to laser combs.

We’ve researched a few products that could be worthy alternatives:

What else works?

The hair loss industry continues to evolve and improve with new innovative ways. Laser combs are just one of many options available for dealing with this problem. If you’re interested in exploring other options, our team has evaluated a number reputable solutions:

  • DHT Blockers: The hormone DHT is thought to play an important role in contributing to hair loss. And there are a few brands on the market such as Nuhair DHT blocker. So, do DHT blockers work for hair loss? Find out what our experts have to say.
  • Topical sprays: There are a few topical products on the market such as Scalp Med that contain ingredients such as Minoxidil and other natural herbs.
  • Hair concealers: Ideal for people wanting immediate results, powder products like Caboki work by thickening up existing hair.
  • Keratin products: Similar to hair concealers, these solutions use the protein Keratin to thicken and also fill in bald patches. If you’re interested in quick results, have a read of our Toppik review to see if this could work for you.

Common questions about Hairmax Laser Comb

  • Is Hairmax Laser Comb effective?

Some product reviews found on Amazon state that Hairmax Comb is effective, but a few suggest that it will only work if customers use it three times a week, pointing out that it was six weeks before they saw a difference.

Other customers have stated that this product does not work at all, claiming that they should have stuck to using other products instead. On another note, a few buyers have mentioned that using this product has not resulted thicker, fuller hair, but prevented it falling out.

There seems to be a real mix of reviews, perhaps indicating that Hairmax works for some, but fails to work for others.

  • Is it safe?

The Hairmax is perfectly safe as it only uses low level therapy. The scalp and existing hair therefore cannot be harmed by the laser. This means the laser comb is perfectly safe to use as instructed. While some users are worried it may burn their hair and scalp, they should be reassured that due to its low level laser, no harm will be done.

  • Is it FDA approved?

Yes, the Hairmax is one of only two FDA approved laser combs, meaning it is safe to use, as it has been tested by the official body who have the power to give products the “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down”. This particular product received FDA clearance in 2007, as a laser photo-therapy device.

  • Do laser combs work?

A study that took place in 2009 showed that laser combs can help with hair growth, but the results can be limited. The very same study also showed that it can from to six to sixteen weeks before users see any real results.


The Harimax Comb can be purchased for $199 from the manufacturers website, and $175 from Amazon (Prices are correct at the time of writing). Offering a 2 year warranty if customers purchase the product from the manufacturers website, buyers could also benefit from their 5 month money back guarantee period.

If customers wish to return the product, they are asked to call customer support, beforehand.

Once the 5 month money back guarantee period is over, customers can no longer return the item.

Please note the warranty and returns policy may be affected if the product is purchased from a third party seller.

What we like

  • If customers find that this product works well for them, it could give them thicker, fuller hair, that fails to fall out as much as may have in the past.
  • Those who were conscious of having a receding hair line, bald patches, or thinning, may now have improved self-esteem.
  • Those with more hair tend to be younger looking than those who have thinning or balding hair. If Hairmax Laser Comb is effective, users may have a more youthful look, which again could boost their self-esteem.
  • Another benefit of using this product is that it promotes blood flow to the users scalp. Additional blood flow encourages healthy hair to grow.
  • If the product becomes faulty within the 2 year warranty period, it may be replaced or repaired at minimal cost to the consumer.

What we don’t like

  • One of the disadvantages of this product is the price; some potential customers may be unable to afford the product, or simply not wish to spend $199 in the hope that it works.
  • Another disadvantage of Hairmax Laser Comb is that it doesn’t work for everyone; only 30% of customers on Amazon claim that it works well for them.
  • This product needs to be used up to three times a week, with 10-15 minutes of use each time, making it a time-consuming product. This could potentially be quite a large disadvantage to those who lead very busy lives.
  • Customers who are already bald, may find this product does not work for them. For those who are already bald, the topical cream Minoxidil will be more effective. Therefore, those who have only recently started to go bald may benefit.

Consumer reviews

Some of the reviews taken from Amazon mention that this product does not meet the users requirements. Other reviews, which have been noted as being verified purchases on Amazon also state that the Comb failed to work, despite using it for “..over a year”. A common complaint is that the product is quite over-priced, much to the annoyance of those who have received no benefit from its use.

Some more positive reviews on the site state that hair is “..thickening up and growing faster”, while other reviews state that the Laser Comb has “..stopped further hair loss”.

Consumer reviews found on other websites also give a mixed bag. Some customers mention they “..noticed no difference”, and would not recommend it to a friend. Other users state that Hairmax Laser Comb is easy to use, and is quite effective. While there seem to be a good number of positive reviews, there is also a large number of negative reviews too.

Does Hairmax  Laser Comb work?

When used for hair loss that has recently occurred, customer reviews have suggested that the Hairmax does work. However, not every customer has reported good results, with some stating that it hasn’t been effective for them, despite using the laser comb as directed.

Despite this product being FDA approved, there is no real guarantee that it will work for everyone. As with any product you purchase, whether it works or not seems to be left entirely to chance. This is potentially quite a large risk to take when we take the price into consideration.

Please let us know what you think about Hairmax Laser Comb, has it worked for you?

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