iGrow Laser Reviews: Does It Work?

By David Moreton: Hair Loss Treatment Specialist

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There's a whole lot of laser technology on the market promising to reduce hair thinning and promote regrowth. This week, we decided to test and inspect reviews for the iGrow Laser Helmet. Does it work? Find out below!

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About iGrow Laser Helmet

The iGrow Laser Helmet has been specifically designed to help rejuvenate hair that is thinning, or hair that has recently started balding. FDA 510k cleared, this product has been manufactured to encourage hair growth gradually.

Suitable for both men and women, the iGrow Laser Helmet is safe to use at home, using low level light therapy to enhance specific cell activity, thereby influencing hair growth.

Created to help stimulate hair follicles, this product uses light energy that reaches the cells inside the follicles, stimulating them, and thereby encouraging growth. Made with 21 laser diodes, in addition to 30 LED diodes, this product uses light therapy to give users thicker, fuller hair, once again.

The FDA 510k clearance helps to reassure potential users that the iGrow Laser Helmet is safe to use as instructed, while its unique look makes it stand out from many other laser helmet products on the market at the time of writing.

How does iGrow Laser Helmet work?

The iGrow Laser Helmet works by emitting low level lights as a form of therapy. These lights are often known as ‘Cold lasers’, simply because they do not produce very much heat. However, the level of heat used is sufficient to trigger cellular activity without burning the scalp, or the follicles themselves.

The light that is emitted from the LED’s and lasers emits a gentle wavelength, this wavelength is thought to be between 650 and 670mn, which is thought to be ideal at stimulating follicles.

When hair follicles are no longer as active as they used to be, hair can become thin and patchy. This can result in hair loss and hair thinning which may be quite obvious. This product has been designed to combat hair loss and hair thinning by working to stimulate the hair follicles, giving users the chance to grow thicker, fuller hair that could potentially make them look a little younger.

Ideal for recent hair thinning

The iGrow Laser Helmet has been manufactured to be used on hair that has recently started to thin. This is because the hair follicles will still be active, as opposed to the inactive hair follicles that can be found on a bald scalp. If hair has recently been lost due to baldness, customers may benefit from using this product.

However, results cannot be guaranteed if customers have been bald for quite some time. The sooner the Laser Helmet is used (At the first signs of thinning or balding), the better the results are likely to be.

Complete with five programs as standard, customers simply need to place the Helmet on their head, and select their desired program, allowing the iGrow to get to work. Thought to be effective within 12 to 16 weeks of use, this hands-free product aims to give users healthier looking hair that’s fuller and thicker within 6 months.

Optimal usage

Ideal for use by those who suffer from genetic hair loss and thinning, the iGrow Laser Helmet only needs to be used three to four times each week, and for 20 to 25 minutes each time. Even when hair has started to grow back, customers should continue to uses this product so that constant hair growth is assured.

Made to be used by both men and women over the age of 18, it’s advisable that those under 18 should speak to their doctor about their hair loss and/or hair thinning.

Alternatives to iGrow

Hair growth helmets are becoming increasingly popular amongst consumer, with a few options on the market. The most notable iGrow competitor would be the Theradome Hair Growth Helmet.

On top of that, laser combs, which use basically technology for hair loss are also something to consider. Our Hairmax review, will take you through the differences with laser combs, should you be interested in exploring.

Moving away from laser technology, a more natural approach might be DHT blockers. Will it work for you? Our DHT blocker review goes through everything you need to know product and evaluates consumer testimonials.

There are also topical sprays on the market which claim to regrow hair and reduce thinning. One popular brand is Scalp Med, which is made up of a combination of Minoxidil, Nutrisol, and Vitadil. Does Scalp Med work? Find out what our experts think.

If you’re looking for quick results, topical solutions like hair concealers might be of interest. Brands on the market like Caboki & Toppik use various proteins such as Keratin to give the appearance of thicker and fuller hair.

Common questions about iGrow Laser Helmet

  • Is iGrow Safe?

The iGrow Laser Helmet is completely safe to use as it meets safety guidelines that have been created by the United States, and other overseas authorities. Using Class 3R lasers which are thought to be safe if users avoid looking at them directly, this product is also manufactured to ensure the hair and scalp are not damaged or burned.

Customers who use Propecia & Rogaine can use the iGrow Laser Helmet safe in the knowledge that it will not produce any contraindications. If customers have any concerns, they should speak to their doctor before using the Laser Helmet.

  • Is it legit?

iGrow Laser Helmet and its claims to rejuvenate thinning hair have been studied in independent clinical studies to ascertain how well this product works. The studies have shown that women can expect on average a 37% increase in their hair growth when using this product as instructed, whereas men should expect on average a 35% increase in hair growth.

These results were produced when the Laser Helmet was used every other day for 16 weeks, using the Helmet for 25 minutes each time.

These studies show that while there may not be a large amount of hair growth within the period of 16 weeks, users can expect to have more than 30% more hair than they had at the start of the process.

  • Is it FDA approved?

This product has been FDA 510k cleared, rather than FDA approved. This means that the iGrow Laser Helmet is thought to be very similar to another device that is currently on the market. The clearance also means that this product is considered to be low risk, but it must be used according to its instructions. The FDA 510k clearance may act as assurance to users that the Laser Helmet is perfectly safe to use.


The iGrow Laser Helmet can be purchased from the manufacturers website for $693.00, and from Amazon for $695.00 (Prices correct at the time of writing).

Offering a money back guarantee if customers do not have thicker, healthier, and fuller hair after a period of 6 months. Customers are asked to call customer services before they return the Laser Helmet.

The money back guarantee may only be valid if the product has been purchased direct from the manufacturers website.

Customers may also find that the 1 year warranty is also affected if they buy this product from third-party sellers, and are therefore asked to read the conditions of the warranty very carefully.

What we like

  1. Promotes hair growth – This product can help to promote hair growth, leaving users with 35-37% more hair than they may have otherwise had. This means those with thinning or balding hair should start to see an improvement within a period of 16 weeks, if the product is used as instructed.
  2. Free headphones – The helmet comes with free headphones as standard that can be plugged into an MP3 player, or iPod, encouraging the users to relax while the low level lasers stimulate their hair follicles.
  3. Hands free – Unlike many other hair growth products like the Hairmax Laser Comb, the iGrow Laser is completely hands-free, allowing the user to watch television, work online, or simply sit and read while the Helmet gets to work.

What we don’t like

  1. Price – The iGrow Laser is quite expensive; some potential customers simply may not be able to afford this product.
  2. The money back guarantee – This may be affected depending on who the customer purchases the product from. Those who purchase the product from third party sellers may be left out of pocket, even if they haven’t seen any results.
  3. Results not guaranteed – Unfortunately not everyone is guaranteed to see results. This product has been manufactured to be used by those who have recently developed thinning or balding hair. Those who have been bald or whose hair has been thin for some time may find that the iGrow Laser does not work for them.

Customer reviews

Some of the reviews that were found on Amazon were quite negative with regards to the iGrow Laser Helmet. Some of the reviews state that even after a period of six months:

“…this product does nothing..”

“..zero hair growth.”

“…the lights and sound gave me a headache.”

Despite the manufacturer being clear that the six month money back warranty will only work if the product is purchased through them, some customers are complaining that this is unfair, and “..I’m stuck with the product.”

Some more positive reviews on Amazon state that after a few weeks of use, their hair “..felt slightly different. A little bit fuller, a little bit stronger.” Other reviews also mention that those who lose hair quite frequently are finding that it doesn’t fall out as much.

Reviews found elsewhere suggest that some results can be seen after a 2 year period. While there are quite a number of negative reviews, there also seem to be a good number of positive reviews too, suggesting that the buyer needs to decide whether they think it’s worth the risk.

Does iGrow Laser Helmet work?

When the iGrow Laser Helmet is used by those who have recently lost hair, it could be suggested that this product may be beneficial to them. However, many customers have complained that they have seen no results, despite using it as instructed.

Although the Laser Helmet has an FDA Clearance, there is no real guarantee that it will produce the results that it claims to. Those who have been bald or experienced thinning hair for some time should not purchase this product as the manufacturer states it will not work for them.

Potential customers will therefore need to determine whether they are willing to risk paying a large sum of money for a product that is not necessarily guaranteed to work.

Please let me know what you think about the iGrow Laser Helmet, has it worked for you?

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