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InboxPays Reviews: Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails?

By Fiona Patterson: Home Office Enthusiast

Research Time: 9 hours

InboxPays is a website that allows you to earn money from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is complete some online surveys. Sounds perfect, but is it worth your time? We decided to investigate and see if you can actually make money with it.

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About InboxPays

InboxPays is one of the many online market survey companies that offer work from home. There are so many of them at the moment, and somehow all of them offer easy money.

First thing you need to know is not all of them are legit. This is why you really need to be wary of scams and pay close attention to the details. The initial look of the page speaks volumes about that business, and the info listed will usually reveal a lot. If you know what to look for.

Once you open the InboxPays homepage, you get the feeling you’re on a fun fair. So many flashy offers, and a blonde babe holding a wad of cash. They even have a “spin the wheel” option. And that’s not all.

Other offers include:

  • Opening and reading emails for money
  • Complete marketing surveys
  • If you get other people to join you get 10% of his earnings
  • Clipping coupons

With so many flashy options, one can get overwhelmed by hopes and dreams of earning easy money fast. But does it really work? Can you expect to really earn a lot, or is this just another online scam?

Our team at Doesitwork spent days researching this website. We learned everything there is to know regarding other peoples’ experiences. Is InboxPays legit or as fake as it looks? Read on to find out.

The claim

There’s many websites like InboxPays that promise “instant cash.” They usually offer “easy and fun” ways to make money. This website is no different at all. They promise you’ll be able to click through emails, play games, make cash and redeem the funds fast.

They even have a “motivational” window on their website, where they post recent earnings of people. Listed on the homepage are people’s names, where they live and how much they made on their last project.

Our team was really concerned about this website. Something about it smelled fishy at first glance, so we dug deeper. In this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about InboxPays.

How does InboxPays work?

Once you open their website, you get bombarded by offers and opportunities. All those chances spill out before you, along with names of people “making money right now.” This list of names are supposed to motivate you to register.

You become a member by giving them your email. After verifying your address you need to spend an additional 30 minutes answering various personal questions. They say this will help them give you personalized jobs.

So let’s look at the different ways you could potentially earn money on the website:

  • Opening emails –which actually means accepting trial offers from companies. You get 3 trial offers per day, or 90 per month. If you decide to go for this option, remember to cancel the trial offer in time, or you might be the one paying in the end.
  • Spin the wheel – Twice a day, and additionally after you finish a project.
  • Get other people to join – and earn 10% of their earnings;
  • Clip Coupons – and get some discounts for shampoos and such. Not any different from the seasonal discount you get at any store. Nothing special in this option.

Alternatives to InboxPays

If you’ve been exploring online sites offering money for completing surveys, you’ll know that theres quite a few out there. And our team has spent some time reviewing quite a few. If you’re interested, here is a list some of them:

The cost

You register for free, plus you get access to $5, but only once you’ve earned $50. So how easy it is to reach the minimum amount necessary for withdrawal?

We spent many hours looking at the “welcome” screen of this website. It showed names of people making money that day. To be honest we couldn’t find anyone that made more than $5 at a time (the bonus you get once you register.)

Actually most of the people listed were making $0.45 – $0.60 per project. That’s about the maximum you can make a day by clicking offers in your inbox. So it would take around 100 days to get to $50!

Another interesting fact is that the list of people making money doesn’t seem to refresh quite often. It’s basically the same names over and over again. So for a person looking at the website for the first time, it would seem that the website is very active. Nope, not really.

The $5 dollar hook

So how do they lure you in? By offering $5 dollars if you register on their website. After that you’ll have to make a minimum of $50 if you want to withdraw those funds. So you don’t really get the $5 instantly. Far from that, since that is not the only restriction you’ll have to live with.

Here’s some more that seemed pretty important:

  • You can only withdraw funds that can be divided by $50, so if you have $99 on your account you’ll only be able to get $50. The rest $44 is accumulated towards a new payment request.
  • In order to get your money InboxPays asks that you “must have a MINIMUM of $25 approved from offers and/or Spin Wheel credits.”
  • You can only withdraw a maximum of $25 in Cash Mail credits
  • After you submit a payment request you have to wait at least 30 days to receive payment
  • They only work with people from the USA which is unusual for this kind of a website. Usually they work with Canada, the UK and Australia as well.

The amount of red flags this website raises is alarming. Why would you not be able to get the entire amount you’ve earned? It only seems fair to be able to receive everything you’ve earned.

Do not forget your ongoing trial offers

Sometimes instead of earning, people end up having to pay from their own pockets. How does this happen?

The thing people seem to complain the most about is the trial offers they have to accept. After they’ve accepted a huge amount of trial offers, people forget to cancel further subscription. They end up paying the companies that “hired” them in the first place. Sounds pretty unfair to us.

Common questions about InboxPays

  • How do I sign-up? You register with your email address, spend around half an hour answering all kinds of questions. After that you’re ready to start spinning the wheel.
  • Is it safe to give them my email address? InboxPays promises not to use your info, without your consent. Sounds safe, huh? Well it’s not. Every time you start a trial offer you share your details with another company. No privacy there, man. Plus, your inbox will be overwhelmed with billions of different offers after only a week.
  • What is the minimum payout? Unlike other similar websites offering $10 or $25 minimum payout, this one demands $50. This is not favorable among people and they often complain it’s difficult to reach that threshold.
  • How will I be paid? You will be paid thru your PayPal account. First you have to wait a week for the client to approve your efforts. Then you have to wait at least 30 days for InboxPays. Doesn’t sound like “instant cash” anymore, does it?
  • How many emails do I have to read every day? Each member can accept 3 email offers daily, no more than that. You’re not committed to working every day. On the other hand if you need more activity, you can choose to participate in surveys as well. And, you will need to share your info every time you accept a survey.
  • What are the legit work-at-home jobs that really pay? We absolutely recommend giving Freelancing a try. Whether you possess a writing skill, excel in marketing, or graphic design you’re sure to find many realistic opportunities. Here’s just some of the skills on demand in the freelancing world now: SEO writing specialist, Animation artists, Virtual assistants from all over the world, Data mining, Video editing, etc.

Each of these skills requires a lot of practice if you’re willing to make it in the freelancing world. You might get some harsh competition a first, but at the end of the day, you could end up building a career.

Consumer Reviews

This website doesn’t appear to have many happy campers. The Better Business Bureau has received several complaints since 2015.

People have been refused when trying to withdraw their money. Their accounts have been deleted, leaving them with no payment proof. People have been refused payments for the trial offers and so on. To make things worse, the owners of the website who operate from Houston, TX haven’t replied to anyone concerned. This speaks loudly about their customer support, or the lack of.

What we like

There was nothing that we liked concerning this website. We only think it’s sad people still buy into this nonsense.

What we don’t like

This is a completely dishonest website. It offers easy ways to scam you out of time and money. Using cheap marketing tricks to attract consumers is such a low move, but it works.

The referral method is a genius idea – if you’re the marketing company. Otherwise you risk having some upset friends and acquaintances that might also refer other people. The circle of newcomers never ends for InboxPays.

Does InboxPays Work?

Without further delay, we have to say – NO this website does not work at all. You might receive some payment, or not. You definitely won’t get it instantly.

To wrap it all up, the offers made by this website are just a marketing research tool that promises plenty and delivers nothing short of a headache. Do not get expect to earn anything more than scraps, if any.

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