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Nuhair DHT Blocker Reviews: Does It Work?

By David Moreton: Hair Loss Treatment Specialist

Research Time: 14 hours

Nuhair is a natural product on the market which makes bold claims of stopping thinning and promoting hair growth. Does it work? Our team decided to investigate the product further and see what customers are saying about Nuhair. Find out what we discovered.

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About NuHair DHT blocker

NuHair DHT blocker is a natural hair-loss product that has been specifically made using a herbal blend. Created to combat hair loss and thinning, the treatment could also help to fight grays while also encouraging health growth.

Many other treatments use laser therapy or medication to improve hair growth, but this product is made from a blend of herbs that are thought to be beneficial to the scalp.

Containing Saw palmetto extract, pumpkin extract, phytosterol complex, and quercetin (Among other ingredients), this is perhaps one of the more natural restoring remedies on the market.

Created to reverse hair loss and thinning, this remedy works with the body’s DHT levels, and increases the size of the follicles, thus resulting in hair growth.

Ideal for use by those who do not wish to take pharmaceutical medication or use sprays or foams on their scalp, NuHair DHT blocker may well be a supplement that’s ideal for those who wish to use/consume a more natural product.

How does NuHair DHT blocker work?

DHT blockers work by inhibiting DHT, which is thought to be the cause of hair loss. DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone, and it’s responsible for blocking hair growth in women and men. NuHair DHT works to ensure that DHT is blocked, thus allowing continued or new growth.

Thought to be suitable for everyone, this product contains a mixture of natural ingredients that are commonly used in Chinese medicine. This makes this treatment is ideal for anyone who likes to use natural remedies to improve their health and well-being.

Customers may also wish to know that this product contains zinc, which can help to prevent hair loss, while also working to promote hair health too.

How genetics plays a part

Depending on genetics, some men and women may start to lose their hair in their twenties. Others may lose it in later in life, but it’s thought that this formula could help to restore follicles if they’re still active.

Working to deliver nutrients to the user’s scalp, this product can help to boost growth in a more natural way. Drug-free, and thought to be very safe, customer’s follicles will grow larger, ensuring that hair loss and thinning is reversed. Hair may not be as thick as it once was, but it is likely to look completely natural.

How often will you need to take it?

Suitable for those aged 18 or over, users should take one tablet twice a day, every day. It’s estimated that users will see results after a period of three or four months, but this could vary from person to person. Taken as instructed however, it’s thought that most users will see a result within approximately three months.

Thought to be the best selling natural product in America at the time of writing, NuHair DHT blocker is ideal for those who have sustained thinning due to their body producing more DHT. Users are advised to speak to their doctor should they have any concerns about their appearance or the using this supplement.

Common questions about NuHair DHT blocker

  • Is it effective?

NuHair DHT blocker is thought to be effective because it works to prevent too much dihydrotestosterone slowing down and stopping hair growth. Customers are advised to continue to use these pills each day, as instructed, if they want to see continued hair growth. Results will only continue to if customers continued to take the recommended dosage.

Please note: This treatment cannot be compared to other regrowth supplements, as it does not contain Minoxidil, an active ingredient in many other hair products. It is however, thought to be effective when used as instructed.

  • Is it FDA approved?

Nuhair does not currently have FDA approval or an FDA clearance. This does not mean that it doesn’t work, it simply means that it has not yet been recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Products that have been FDA approved are thought to have more benefits than side-effects, those which have an FDA clearance are thought to be very similar to another product on the market.

  • Is this product safe to use?

Nuhair contains many natural ingredients that are safe to consume individually. However, as stated on the packaging label, this natural supplement may cause liver damage. Therefore, this supplement should only be used as instructed. Those who currently have issues with their liver, should avoid taking this product. Always speak to your doctor if you are concerned about liver damage.

If the lack of FDA approval concerns you, please note that many natural supplements are not FDA approved. This is because these supplements and remedies are not considered to be food or drugs, which means manufacturers do not need to seek approval before they put their products on sale.

Other products that work

DHT blockers are just one of the many ways consumers are treating hair loss these days. Our research team has compiled a list of other treatments that are popular now:

  • Topical sprays: Topical treatments come with ingredients such as Minoxidil and other natural herbs. These sprays are ideal for people who prefer not to ingest anything. Our team reviewed a popular topical spray recently: does Scalp Med work.
  • Hair concealers: These products are not for re growing, but offer an immediate solution by bulking up existing hair and covering bald patches. We’ve studied two popular products on the market, check out our Caboki review and Toppik article to see if this could work for you.


  • When purchased from Amazon, Nuhair costs $24.99 for 60 supplements, and $16.98 for 42 tablets. A subscription service is available, for a slightly lower monthly cost.
  • When purchased from other sites, this product typically sells for approximately $24 for 60 supplements

This natural DHT blocker does not appear to be available directly from the manufacturer, as yet. Those wishing to purchase this supplement will need to do so via a trusted third-party seller.

What we like

  • Low price – This product is sold at quite a reasonable price, meaning those who cannot always afford some of the more expensive products may be able to afford this one. A monthly subscription from Amazon appears to be the cheapest option at the time of writing.

  • Natural product – Made from a range of natural ingredients, this particular supplement is ideal for those who do not like taking medications, or any other pills that can often contain chemicals.

  • No side effects – There are currently no side-effects associated with this dietary supplement, although those with liver problems should refrain from using this product.

What we don’t like

  • No good for inactive follicles – Because of the way this supplement works, it will not bring life back to inactive follicles. Those who have been bald for a while are thought to have inactive hair follicles, which will no longer work. This potentially means that those who have only recently started to go bald, or experience thinning will benefit.

  • May not work for those with normal levels of DHT – Those who experience hair loss despite having normal levels of DHT will find no benefit to using this product. Please speak to your doctor if you are concerned about this issue.

Consumer reviews

When looking at customer reviews on Amazon, there seemed to be a real mixture of positive and negative comments. Some of the comments state that Nuhair has been used “…for about 3 months with no noticeable change.” Other comments mention that a month after taking this supplement, “…massive hair loss..” which has “..only just slowed down..”. Other comments also suggest that “…there’s no real difference three months in…”.

Some of the more positive reviews state that Nuhair “..has helped in lessening the [hair] loss…”. Another review mentions that “…it is reasonably priced and works” although they do state that it takes “…a month or so. You should notice thinning areas filling in.”

Another positive review elsewhere notes that “.. it did take about 4 months before I was able to see a difference…” the same review also mentioned “…After stopping using it for 6 months, I noticed my hair was thinning again. So I am back on the product…” The customer further reports that their hair is growing back once more.

There is a real mix of reviews, with the majority of customers who have left reviews on Amazon, and other websites being pleased with their purchases.

Does NuHair DHT blocker work?

This purely natural hair-growth supplement has been created to boost hair growth for those who have recently experienced baldness and thinning. Made to breathe new life into hair follicles, it seems that NuHair DHT blocker works for some customers, but fails to work for others.

This is thought to be because everyone reacts differently to supplements, and medications. However, those who do report hair growth suggest it can take three to four months for it to occur. If users are willing to wait three to four months, and they’re happy to take the supplement twice a day, every day, they may just find that their hair begins to grow back, after a brief loss of hair.

Low in price, and with no known side effects, one of the more natural hair-growth remedies on the market might be worth a consideration if hair loss or hair thinning is an issue.

Please let us know you think of NuHair DHT blocker, has it worked for you?

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