Ped Egg Reviews: Does It Work?

By Tracey Evans: Beauty & Skin Therapist

Research Time: 14 hours

The makers of Ped Egg promise a gentle and safe way for removal of feet calluses. Are pumice stones and foot lotions really a thing of the past? DoesPed Egg really work? Read this article and find out!

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About Ped Egg

If you suffer from calluses on your feet like most of us, you might have heard of Ped Egg. It is an egg-shaped foot file that removes dead skin from your tired feet.

It is not battery operated, you’ll need to manually move it back and forth over the affected area. It looks pretty and fits in the palm of your hand. The best part is that is comes with a special compartment that traps all shavings, so you don’t have to deal with the mess.

This product was massively advertised on TV, especially due to its effect on rough and dry feet. Most of the people that saw those commercials were eager to buy this product. Who wouldn’t want to solve their callus problem with little effort? The other option would be to go for a foot pedicure, and that can be quite painful and expensive.

Walking around with your feet dry and cracked can be painful. Finding the right tool to alleviate rough heels has proved difficult for most people. Most of them just give up and stop looking for help. This is why our team at Doesitwork needed to find out if this device is worth your time and money. Read this article and find out whether this product works.

The claim

The makers of Ped Egg promise a smooth and gentle scrub that will remove your foot calluses and shred away dry skin in the easiest way possible. You’re not supposed to feel any pain or discomfort, and the best promise of all – you won’t have to deal with the nasty shavings.

Some people call it the egg for feet, others refer to it as their foot scraper. Whatever you decide to call it, taking care of dry feet can be a sensitive issue for most people. A lot of people have tried the pumice stone in the past, and it has left them unsatisfied.

Some have tried a foot razor and suffered with pain. With Ped Egg, you should be able to say goodbye to pain since it’s supposed to be really gentle on your feet. Did Ped Egg turn out to be as amazing as the marketing hype? Find out what our team discovered after a week of research.

How does Ped Egg work?

If you’re one of the many poor souls that’ve tried to scrub their feet in the past, you might’ve had really painful results. The foot filing products used to be merciless on your skin. With Ped Egg you’re definitely saved from the pain. Although it looks like a cheese grater, fear not – it really doesn’t hurt.

There’s still people that are cautious when it comes to As Seen On TV products. And we can’t blame them, they used to be quite hit and miss in the past. Luckily things have changed, and these days you’ll notice higher quality products advertised.

This little baby definitely catches dry skin gently and turns it into dust particles. The micro file was designed not to allow you to go deep and hurt yourself. That is a huge bonus in our opinion.

What is it made of?

  • A metal filing component that can be replaced after years of wear and tear
  • Plastic snap-on container that holds all the dead skin. If you want to keep the shavings inside, you’ll need to file with the container facing down.
  • A base component that holds the emery pad attachment. A handle can be added if you find it difficult to reach your feet. Most people just prefer filing their feet sitting down.

How to use the Ped Egg?

In order to use the Egg Ped efficiently, you’ll need to move it back and forth along the affected area of your foot. The makers of this product recommend that you check often, and make sure you’re not removing the sensitive skin under your calluses.

How to get the best results?

  • Lay a big towel on the floor or place your feet over a garbage bag – this way you’ll prevent any mess from happening.
  • Scrub your feet while they’re dry – you could do it while they’re wet but you’ll get uneven results. This device was made and meant to be used on dry feet. Start from the thickest part of the skin and slide it back and forth with slow lengthwise movements.
  • Use the emery pad to buff out any rough edges. People love this part as it completely softens the rest of the dry edges.
  • Apply a generous amount of lotion after you’re finished – Most people swear this is the key to having baby soft feet.
  • Put some socks on, let the lotion soak in, and feel the softness of your fresh baby feet.


The Egg will cost you only $10 if you go through Amazon. If you decide to buy it straight from the makers of the product, you might have to wrestle with some upselling on their part. They will push you to buy more stuff, and it won’t be easy to turn them down.

With that being said, be wary of the knock-offs on the market, a lot of people have fallen for them. They have dull blades and cause a lot of confusion with the original product. Of course the knock offs come dull from day one. People that bought the original Ped Egg, use it for 3-4 years without replacing the blades.

Places to get your Egg from: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Amazon, Rite Aid.

Refund & Guarantee Policy

If you’re not happy with your product you can return it, but you’ll have to write a detailed report on why you don’t want it. Otherwise they might decline the return.

Common questions about Ped Egg

  • Is Ped Egg bad for feet? It is actually good for your feet. It will exfoliate them, removing the dead skin and dry areas, to reveal smoother, softer skin. It is supposed to be an experience similar to going to the spa. Just instead of having to get out and drive, you can relax in the comfort of your home.
  • Does it work on wet feet after shower? If you’re going for optimal results, use it as prescribed – on dry feet. Using it after shower, you risk hurting yourself. You won’t have control over how much you’re filing on wet skin, and you could cause some damage to it.
  • Does it work for calluses? Yes it does. It works absolutely better than a pumice stone. You should see the results after one minute of filing. It won’t completely remove your calluses after the first time, but the improvement will definitely be visible.
  • Is it battery-operated? The original Ped Egg works manually. The makers of this product have made a battery operated version called “Ped Egg Power.” This device is bigger and works as a buffer tool, rotating 25oo revolutions in 60 seconds. It doesn’t have an inner container, so the shavings just fall on the floor.
  • How to sharpen the blades? While you could theoretically use a sharpening stone, or a steel rod to sharpen your foot filer, we do not recommend it. You could damage the blades or hurt yourself. The best way to deal with the blades is to replace them with a new set. The device comes with one blade replacement. If you need additional blades they’re sold as a set of three and cost around $11 on Amazon.
  • What are the main competitors and alternatives? If you wish to try some other alternatives, you could go for the battery operated Amopé Pedi that features a roller head that spins 360 degrees. This pleasure will cost you $27. Another consumer favorite is the Electric Callus Remover by Mollify that holds 4 times more power than the competition and it costs $20.

What we like

  • Budget friendly price
  • Easy to use: simply move it back and forth
  • As gentle as promised: no more bleeding feet
  • Effective removal of dead skin

What we don’t like

  • Leaves a mess behind: the compartment for gathering the shavings doesn’t always work

Consumer reviews

When it comes to Ped Egg, we have to say that most of the people have overwhelmingly positive experiences. They love how it works, and it definitely gets the job done.

On the negative side, people hate the fact that it’s a lot more messy than promised. Some people do not find it effective, but most of them haven’t been following the instructions. The biggest issue comes from people that used it while their feet were soaking wet.

Another thing to consider is the huge amount of knock offs on the market. They come with dull blades and are extremely dangerous. If you’re going through Amazon, make sure you’re buying from a trusted source.

Does Ped Egg work?

One of the main things that this device fails to deliver is taking care of the shavings. People have reported their product splitting in two and spraying the contents all over the floor. Even if it doesn’t split, there will be mess for sure.

Aside from that, this little pedicure device does the job it was made for. Most of the people that have used it swear by it, saying their feet have never looked better. For the price it comes with and the great job it does, we have to say – it is definitely worth it.

What about you? Have you had a great experience as well? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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