Peloton Cycle Reviews: The Best Spinning Bike With Video Screen?

By Sharyn Donovan: Fitness & Endurance Expert

Research Time: 12 hours

With the Peloton bike you can participate in live spin classes from the comfort of your home. Did this bike live up to its initial Kickstarter hype? Find out in the following article.

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About Peloton Cycle

Our team spent the better part of the week researching the Peloton bike. There’s a definite hype surrounding this product. It is a spin bike that allows you to join live spin classes from the comfort of your home. It comes with the cream of the latest technology but also a pretty hefty price.

The company behind Peloton Cycle raised a whopping 300K on Kickstarter. They seem to have done the job right. Using the funds to equip their New York studio with the latest robotic HD tracking camera, they’ve turned live spin classes into a work of art.

They film spin classes in the studio and share them with the users of Peloton. They also have live classes in the studio, another option to choose from once you pay for the bike.

Is Peloton Cycle worth it? Does it work? Read on to discover what our team found out.

The Claim

The makers of Peloton Cycle promise to connect you with some of the best spin class trainers. Since the company and trainers are located in New York City, you are invited to visit their studio in person. They will give you the option to try out the bike on the spot, so make sure you show up ready to sweat.

The product is marketed as a “high-value investment in your personal health.” It is definitely a high investment, but the value you get out of it will depend exclusively on the consumer. If you get it and use it often, you will reap the health benefits. Otherwise, the majority of people still think that the Peloton bike is way over their budget.

Another question to ask would be: If you did have the money to invest, would you get good value out of it? Our team reviewed many different experiences, both good and bad, and consulted expert opinions to find out whether this product will work for you.

How does it work?

The classes happen live on your 21″ screen while a trainer is yelling motivational messages at you. This won’t be appreciated by some people, but you can always switch trainers. A very handy option as it is done virtually. At least you won’t have to feel guilty about hurting anyone’s feelings.

How to use the Peloton exercise bike

  • Adjust your seat height and position, then sit on your bike
  • Notice the metrics available – You’ll have Calories, Resistance, Distance, Output, and Cadence.
  • Browse on-demand classes on your touch screen
  • Select live classes (If you don’t have much time set them to record for later)
  • Cycle away for 45 minutes per class
  • The 21.5 inch smart screen is of course sweat resistant

Costs & refund policy

Our team was really excited about the Peloton bike, until we saw the price. It costs a whopping $1,995. It does sound like a big chunk of change for most people, but that’s not all. Once you pay the large chunk, you can keep the bike for yourself but you won’t have access to the classes.

If you wish to have access to all those live spin classes throughout the year, you’ll need to cash out another $39 each month. This is considered a subscription fee that grants you full access to all the programs for you and your family. You can have unlimited accounts for each member of the household.

Some of the reviews we read defended the price point by saying you own the bike for life. They also ask you to consider how many hours you will spend on that bike in the next 15 years. That sounded like a great question to us. How many hours WILL you spend?

Before cashing out all that money, take a second to truly feel how determined you really are. If you’re hoping to spend thousands of dollars and guilt trip yourself into working out, it probably won’t work.

Peloton Accessories

The makers of Peloton did a smart move and included items like “Cycling Shoes” in their accessory palette. They connect with the bike with special clips and cost $125. You could also get a heart rate monitor, a sports mat, weights, headphones, or shoe cleats. Or you could choose between the following 2 packages:

Basic Peloton Package – You get a pair of shoes, headphones and 2 small dumbbells at $149.

The Works Package – You get the basic stuff, plus a heart rate monitor and a mat at $229.

In other words, if you wanted the FULL Peloton service, you’d have to cash out $2,224 for the bike and a Works package, plus $250 for shipping, plus $468 for a year of subscription. Bringing us to a grand total of $2,942. They do give free shipping on their official website at the moment, with the promo code FREEBIKESHIP17.

The most dreaded thing regarding high-priced exercise bikes? They become ridiculously over-priced clothes hangers.

Refund & Guarantee Policy

You get a limited warranty and it’s for indoor use only. They will guarantee a year for the touchscreen, bike components, pedals, and 5 years for the frame. As long as you don’t buy it from another owner, your warranty will be valid.

For any inquiries, or customer support, you can contact the sales team at or by phone on 866-679-9129.

Other home fitness products

The price of the Peloton might be hard to stomach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. The home fitness market continues to grow and produce new innovative products, designed for convenience and to save you time. If the virtual aspect appeals to you, check out our review of Daily Burn, an online gym and fitness community.

For those looking to improve their core, our team tested the usefulness of both the Slendertone Belt and Wonder Core products.

Common questions about Peloton

  • Can I simply download the app without buying the bike? You can get the app on your iPad or iPhone, and it’s free to download. They do have in-app purchases that include a monthly membership for $12.99 and 1 week pass for $5.99. So in reality you can simply download the app and use it with anything you want. It does motivate you to dream of the Peloton bike. Great marketing in every way.
  • How many calories can i burn with each ride? The classes are tailored to last around 45 minutes, and you should be able to burn between 400 and 700 calories per class.
  • Can I watch TV or Netflix on the screen? Unfortunately not. The makers of Peloton have promised to bring this feature to its users, but a date hasn’t been set yet. This is a feature that is the most annoying to users. They feel that for the money they pay, they should have access to it, and we can’t blame them.
  • Is there any military discount offered? They do not have any military discounts. There’s a lot of interest for this discount to happen in the military community. People have reached out to Peloton with this request but to no avail.
  • Are there any cheaper alternatives? There are of course cheaper versions of Peloton on the market. Check out the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike. It offers similar options at a budget price – $268. The Sit N Cycle bike might also be an option for you, priced at $260.

What we like

  • High quality bike
  • It gives you the option to bring the gym to your home
  • Many trainers and classes to choose from
  • The trainers keep you motivated and accountable
  • Improved pedals
  • Smart screen

What we don’t like

  • Ongoing costs for monthly subscription
  • Expensive toy that is over budget for most people
  • The HD screen works only with spin classes. No DVD – No monitor options available

Consumer reviews

  • People that have tried this bike either love it or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. It delivers absolutely everything it promises. It is a high quality bike, and the live classes add value to the whole package.
  • On the other hand, people hate the recurring costs and the hidden charges in the initial price.

Does Peloton Cycle work?

Interactive spin bikes have been all the hype in the past few years. People seem to find indoor cycling very convenient. Most of us believe that aside from time, working out at home saves you money as well. The latter is definitely not the case with the Peloton Cycle. Although marketed for $1,995, it actually comes up to $3,000 with shipping and subscriptions.

To answer the two important questions we set out to find in the beginning of our article:

  1. Is Peloton an expensive bike? Yes it most certainly is, with a price around $3K for the first year, we would qualify it as a high-priced item.
  2. Is Peloton Cycle worth it? Do not use this as a stationary bike. The live class experience is the real value you’re getting. In this respect we have to say, YES it is worth it! This bike got us really excited. We liked the smart screen, the smart accessories, and the live spin classes that have the power to keep you accountable. Also the improved pedals are a life saver for some people.

All in all, we have to say that Peloton Cycle is a legit product, and you will definitely lose weight if you follow the programs. While still a dream for some, others are living it as we speak.

What about you? Is Peloton your favorite exercise bike or do you have a different perspective? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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