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Scalp Med Reviews: Does It Work?



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About Scalp Med

Scalp Med is a treatment that has been manufactured to ensure user’s hair starts to grow back once again. Containing a mixture of amino acids, nutrients, minerals, and a few herbs, Scalp Med claims to help improve follicles, thus allowing them to produce hair once more.

Thought to have no sexual-related side effects, and FDA approved, it is easy to apply, and promises results within four to six months.

Applied to the scalp and ideal for using with thinning or bald patches, Scalp Med is thought to give 95% of users the hair regrowth they are looking for over a period of six months.

Containing Minoxidil, and using a range of moisturizers to help prevent the scalp from becoming itchy, it is suitable for both men and women. With a money back guarantee, and the ability to work well for most of its users, Scalp Med could be one of the better regrowth products on the market.

How does Scalp Med work?

It works by encouraging hair to re-grow. Containing Minoxidil which is known to help growth, while also working to prevent hair loss, users may find that they get the results they need.

Nutrisol and Vitadil

You may be interested to note that Scalp Med does not come in a single container, it comes in two different containers- with ingredients that work in different ways.

Nutrisol is a specialized formula which contains a mixture of minerals, amino acids, nutrients and herbs, that all work to breathe new life into the follicles. Another container houses the Vitadil, and it’s this that contains the Minoxidil, which works to boost regrowth.

Is it easy to apply?

Users should find that Scalp Med is relatively easy to apply, daily use will involve:

  • Shaking the bottle of Nutrisol well

  • Placing the nozzle on the thinning or balding areas of the scalp

  • Pressing the pump two to three times, making sure the balding or thinning area is covered.

  • Massaging the Nutrisol into the scalp gently.

  • Pressing the pump another two-three times, and massage once more.

  • Taking the container of Vitadil, and pressing the pump two times, ensuring that it’s being applied to the same area of the scalp to which the Nutrisol was applied.

  • Massaging the scalp, ensuring the Nutrisol is evenly distributed, and applying two more pumps, massaging again, and applying once more, massaging a third time.

  • Washing your hands.

After applying this product, users should wait at least 45 minutes before they wash their hair. It can be left on the scalp over night, or washed out as desired.

Gradual hair regrowth

Customer of Scalp Med should expect to see gradual regrowth over a period of four to six months.

Within the first month, users may notice some shedding, but they should not be alarmed as this is perfectly normal. The hair is being shed by the scalp in order to make way for new growth.

Within a period of three to four months, thinning hair should start to look thicker, making users feel a little more confident.

Within five to six months, there should be a visible regrowth, with the new hair becoming thicker and fuller than it may have been before. It’s also thought that some users have fewer grays than they have previously had, resulting in a younger looking head and a boost in self confidence.

Common questions about Scalp Med

Is Scalp Med better than Rogaine? – Depending on the type of Rogaine you buy, this product may contain more Minoxidil, which is thought to be the active ingredient in regrowth products. While both options work in almost the same way, customers may prefer one product over the other, depending on the results they produce.

Is it FDA Approved? – Yes, it has received an FDA approval, meaning that the benefits of using this product outweigh any risks associated with it. Not every brand on the market has this approval, proving that only those that really work get the ‘Thumbs-up’ from the FDA.

Is it greasy? – Some users have commented that it leaves their hair feeling greasy, whereas others have suggested that it’s fine. If users find that this product leaves a greasy residue, they may wish to take another look at the instructions, so they can use it as suggested. Please note that hair needs to be dry before this product is applied.

Is it sold in stores? – At the time of writing, Scalp Med can only be purchased direct from the manufacturer, or from Amazon. Selling this product online means that more people can access it, and reap the benefits that come with using it.

Is it a scam? – Some customers report being very unhappy with it, however, it is not thought to be a scam. Scalp Med has a reputation of being effective for 95% of those who use it, meaning 5% of users may not see any results. FDA approved, and with proven results, those who are unhappy with it may wish to use the 60 day money back guarantee if it applies, or consider using another option.


  • Scalp Med can be purchased from the manufacturer at a cost of $279.80 for a four month kit, or $359.70 for a six month kit for the ladies growth solution.
  • The men’s growth solution is available at a cost of $29.95 – $159.98 for a 2 month kit, $279.80 for a four month kit, or $359.70 for a six month kit
  • Amazon sells it for $271.04 for a 4 months ladies kit, and $266.80 for a 4 months men’s kit. Prices are correct at the time of writing.

Benefits of Scalp Med

  1. Contains Minoxidil – This active ingredient is used to restore thinning and balding hair. Known to work well, customers may start to feel a lot more confident when it begins to look thicker and fuller than it may have previously.

  2. Works for 95% of people – This impressive statistic shows that Scalp Med does work, and for the most part, it can be relied upon to do the job it claims to do.

  3. Suitable for both men and women – Working to ensure both men and women can benefit from a fuller head of hair, it comes in two different containers one specifically for men, and one for women. This ensures users get the tailored care they need.

Disadvantages of Scalp Med

  1. The price – This product is quite expensive, meaning it may be out of reach of some customers. In order to save money, some may be tempted to use less of the product each time they apply it, unfortunately this will not encourage it to work as well as it should.

  2. Needs to be continuously used – It needs to be continuously used, even when hair is thick and full.

  3. Some reports of stickiness – Some users have reported that after using the Scalp Med their hair is sticky to the touch. This could cause some discomfort for some who are very conscious about it.

Consumer reviews

Some of the consumer reviews that can be found on Amazon are quite negative, users mention that

“…It doesn’t smell great…don’t really believe this does anything…”

“…So far hasn’t worked…”

“…I don’t like the way it makes my head feel…”

“..Stay away from [It]…”.

More positive reviews that can be found on Amazon state

“…This stuff really works…”

“…Very good products…”

“…Awesome product..”.

“…after the first use my hair stopped falling out…”

“…I’ve been using it for about two weeks and actually see some growth…”

Potential customers should be aware that 38% of the reviews for this product found on Amazon are positive.

Some negative reviews found elsewhere mention “…Unfortunately my hair has been damaged…” and that “…[My] hair has a spongy texture…”.

Other more positive reviews state “…I did see some improvement…”, “…I did have positive results…” “…I have 35% more hair…” and “..There’s a slight reduction in hair loss…”

While there is certainly a mixture of negative and positive reviews online, for the most part they are positive, showing that this product works for most people.

Does Scalp Med work?

It is thought to be just one of a handful of FDA approved hair products on the market at the time of writing. With its ability to get to work on the follicles within a very short space of time Scalp Med is thought to work for 95% of users.

Although Scalp Med does need to be applied daily, it can produce some good results, which see users growing thicker, fuller hair within a period of four to six months.

Suitable for both men and women, this treatment contains Minoxidil, which is an active ingredient in many similar products, working to breathe new life into the scalp.

When it comes to the crunch, most users seem to be happy with the effects that the treatment has, allowing them to feel better about their appearance once more.

Please let us know what you think about Scalp Med has it worked for you?