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Scott Yancey seminar review: is it a scam?

If you’re looking to invest smart in real estate, Scott Yancey’s seminar will help you make the right choice. Or so they claim. The Doesitwork team had to investigate further to find out if it’s true.

About Scott Yancey seminar

You might have noticed our team is very detail oriented, especially when it comes to puffed up promises and free events. So before we began researching this real estate workshop, we decided to answer a simple question.

Who is Scott Yancey?

Scott impressed our team with his early start in the real estate business. We know it seems unimaginable, but he was only 14 when he made his first business investment. It brought him a 14% return. From that point on, Scott seems to be moving his career forward with each step he takes.

The Flipping Houses Effect

His roughest times came in 2008 when the market collapsed, but somehow he managed to flip his luck around. Along with some houses. Him and his wife Amie Yancey are the stars of a TV show called “Flipping Vegas.” If you haven’t heard of it, it features them doing huge home makeovers in a crazy amount of time. After that, they sell it for a huge amount of money and make a nice profit.

This kind of effort is also known as Flipping houses. You buy a rundown property for cheap, restore it to its full glory, and sell it for profit. The show was a great success. It inspired the couple to start a business seminar where they share their expertise with the world.

The couple promises to teach you great tips for investing, but do not expect to get real value out of the TV show. Just like any other show, it is flashy, dramatic, and it sends the wrong message about the Yancey’s. If you’ve watched the show you might get the idea they only care about expensive cars and designers clothes. But people that have met them in person think otherwise.

TV Show Characters vs The Real Yancey’s

Do not base your opinion on the characters from the TV show. They seem flashy, superficial and drama is added for effect. Some people find Scott to be a bit of a jerk and consider both of them snobs. People that’ve met them in real life see this couple as absolutely delightful and down to earth.

If you truly wish to meet the real Yancey’s, sign up for their seminar. If you’re truly lucky you might even get to meet them, as they rarely visit the seminars themselves. Carried on the success wave of their show, they developed a workshop where other people teach you everything you need to know about their experience with investing in real estate.

Scott also wrote a book called “Go Time” which we talk about in a bit. It seems that things are going great for this couple. Almost like they know the secret to success.

Can you trust them or not? Some people find the couple and the seminars inspiring, while others dislike them a great deal. Our team went on a weeklong research mission to find out if Scott Yancey is a fraud or a true master of business.

The claim

Scott Yancey’s seminar promises to deliver all the tools necessary so you can invest in real estate like a pro. You get advice from the experts that are supposed to help you truly reach your goals.

Instead of walking in the dark, you get direction and focus to finish what you set out to do. If you decide to attend their seminar you’ll receive 3 very important services:

  • Coaching – Proven experts in the real estate field share with you their tips for success
  • Mentorship – You are given direction and focus to reach your goals
  • Accountability – Some people find it hard to accomplish anything without someone breathing down their neck

The promises that keep repeating itself when it comes to this seminar revolve around changing your life forever. Scott claims that anyone can do it, and so do his fans that wrote amazing testimonials on their official page. On the other hand, the internet is buzzing with negative reviews.

So we decided to do a bit of a research of our own. After reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed opinion on your own and decide once and for all if Scott’s seminars are worth it.

How does the seminar work?

The first thing you notice when signing up for the free part of the seminar is that everyone attending receives a gift. We always get suspicious when it comes to freebies and this wasn’t an exception. It seems that Scott’s angle is to lure more people to join the seminar by offering them something for free. It really seems to work. The lure, not the seminar.

Scott seems to be the master of coming up with new seminar names and purposes. Aside from the regular Boots on the Ground, The Buying Summit, and Inner Circle seminars, you can also sign up for On-Demand Training, which includes different Boot Camps (Quick Cash, Seller Financing, etc.) that are rumored to reach $30K in cost!

The main thing you need to know is that Scott will most probably not be attending the seminar. The workshops carry his name, but they are run by a company based in Utah that has accepted his approach. So get ready to pay some serious money to attend and end up not even seeing the man himself, or his wife. How serious the money is you ask? We’ll get there soon enough.

What is in Scott’s book called “Go Time?”

  • A clear guide to help those who have a goal to invest in real estate (the basics of real estate, property flipping, buy and hold strategies)
  • Written as if he is talking with you at a coffee shop,
  • You get a bit of a background behind his success story
  • Step by step instructions and tools applicable to other markets across the country
  • Directions, templates, and examples

This is the thing most people rave about. This book seems to provide all the info you’ll need and it only costs $0.99. Definitely worth it!


There are many different costs and packages surrounding Scott’s services. Here’s a breakdown of the most important info:

  • Initially you’re invited to a free event that consists of 1 hour of some useful information and 3 hours of hard selling.
  • After that you are motivated to spend $2,000 – $4,000 for a 3 day seminar that reveals the “truly useful info.”
  • But that’s not all. After the second seminar, you get the chance to buy a mentoring program for $20-40,000.

There are plenty of motivational and informative stuff out there on the Internet and Youtube, for FREE. No need to waste $40K to unlock your true potential.

Common questions about Scott Yancey’s seminar

  • What does “flipping houses” really mean? Flipping a house means exactly that, to turn things around for a house. Some houses have issues that need repairing or fixing. So you would buy it cheap, fix all the issues yourself. Get it looking nice, and then sell it for a higher price.
  • Is Scott Yancey still flipping houses? Nope, the show stopped airing in 2014. He focuses occasionally on visiting his seminars, runs an education business that brings in 250,000 students per year, and runs his Goliath Company that manages many properties in the area of Las Vegas. Him and his wife Amy have sold 600 new homes since moving to Las Vegas in 2004.
  • What is his net worth? He is worth $20 million. This fact makes him the expert of making money in the eyes of the ordinary people. The truth is, even when the show was still on, it was criticized as being fake by other real estate investors.

What we like

  • You get some useful info at the seminar
  • The promise gets fulfilled, you do get a free buffet and camera after the free seminar
  • People find his event motivational and life changing
  • You are offered a new perspective on things

What we don’t like

  • The free seminar turns into a $30,000 offer if you wish to go all the way
  • Lots of hard selling at the free event. You get pushed into making a decision to buy – Today
  • Only a few make it and have something to show for it after the workshops and boot camps
  • Scott is not actually present for most of the events
  • People get “motivated” to reach into their retirement funds

Consumer reviews

Most people that leave the Scott Yancey seminar happy, feeling they’ve gotten some valuable information and much needed motivation to reach their business goals. Aside from his expertise shared through a video presentation, there’s a team of other real estate and tax experts involved that take you through the different approaches to investing.

The Boot Camps are praised among some people as well. People rave about being able to finally lift themselves off the ground and take actionable steps towards smart investing. Others feels sad they’ve wasted $2000, and yet another group of people bite the bullet and throw another $30,000 into learning more.

While there is some real value to these seminars, most people claim that it is just hype and motivation. People that attended these events disliked the hard selling they got, and felt they could’ve found all that info for free. They report paying $40K for a boot camp that didn’t help. When they tried complaining they get another offer for $20.000! That does sound like a scam.

Does Scott Yancey seminar work?

This seminar sounds life changing and feels like a once in a lifetime experience – at first. But once digging a bit deeper you start discovering many complaints, bad reviews and disappointed customers.

Most of the time Scott doesn’t even show up to the events. The amazing lunch turns out to be a brown paper bag sandwich and the camera is something you’d buy your toddler to use. The boot camps are overpriced and aside from some great motivational speeches, you also get some hard selling stuffed down your throat.

We appreciate that Scott used to be a famous TV star. We know how much people cherish him and want to be like him. We even agree his book ‘Go Time’ was a very decent buy.

A bunch of wealthy experts using Scott’s name are trying to pull money out of middle class souls that are desperately trying to get rich. You will get value out of the events, it’s just you’ll have to pay so much more than the actual value received.

Just like flipping houses, they take old ideas, give them a sparkly and shiny make over, and sell them for a huge amount of money. The sad truth is, people are buying into it all the time. They reach into their saving and retirement funds, chasing dreams. The verdict – The seminars are a scam.

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