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Simply Fit Board reviews: The Exercise Board From Shark Tank!



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About Simply Fit Balance Board

Simply Fit is a twist exercise board that is made of plastic and weighs 3lbs! The person using it has to balance their body on top of a board that can be twisted left and right. This is supposed to engage the body and the mind. Your body is trying to coordinate its movements to stay on top of the board, while your mind is heightened because this exercise requires focus.

The board became very popular after it was advertised on “Shark Tank”, an ABC tv show. Since it was aired in 2015 this exercise product has gained so much attention from both senior citizens and the younger generations. It is supposed to be an “easy and fun” way to tone your body at home.

The benefits of the twist board

Many benefits have been associated with the “balance boards” such as improved elasticity of the joints, improved function of the brain, and heightened reflexes. On the other hand most of us get uncomfortable with the idea of balancing ourselves. Especially if we’re looking to lose weight, balancing those extra pounds can sound difficult and even dangerous.

Another concern our Doesitwork team had was the risk of falling off the board and sustaining an injury. This might not be too bad of an injury if you’re young, but older bones are fragile. This is why our team needed to approach this research with a lot of caution. We spent one week gathering all the necessary info, so you can decide if this product will work for you.

The Claim

The Simply Fit Board offers a fun way to exercise, tone your body, and lose weight from the comfort of your home. It is made from a special light weight plastic that is easy to move around your home or office.

Did Simply Fit really live up to its expectations? Did it offer the consumers something new and exciting? Is it a legit product or a scam? Read on to discover what we found out when reviewing it.

How does Simply Fit work?

The special plastic allows a back and forth or side to side movement. The makers of this product have included a non-slip surface for the feet, and handles to grab onto.

All you really need to do is stand on it and start twisting. It sounds easier said than done, and for most people this is the case. Most of us were not made to be able to balance ourselves right off the bat.

If this is your first time using a balancing board do not get discouraged straight away. It takes some time to get used to it. On the other hand, elderly people accept the risk of injury when using this product. Due to the lowered elasticity of their joints, it would be easy to fall off, so have that in mind.

Creative and fun

The board features a slim and simplistic design. Its curvy shape and bright colors really make it stand out from the crowd. Also the names of the colors such as “Atomic orange” made us believe that some great creative effort took place.

And creativity is something you’ll find plenty of with Simply Fit. With your order of the board you also get a free DVD with ideas for exercises. Or you can opt to watch the Simply Fit YouTube videos. There they have video tutorials on how to use the board as well as different creative exercises for adults and children.

Balancing Boards & Children

In general, different types of balancing boards are used around the world in physical education classes. They seem to have a beneficial effect for children. If used correctly they improve balance greatly in children and help with the body-to-mind coordination. In order to remain in balance, the brain needs to work extra hard on its own, plus it needs to coordinate the rest of the body.

This exercise helps the children improve their reflexes and focus, at the same time. It is also very beneficial in helping them achieve better posture by strengthening their back and core strength. A side effect would be improved mood and sleep quality.

Other products on the market

People love the convenience of working out from home and there’s a number of great products on the market. Our team of researchers have tested a number of fitness products. Here’s a breakdown of some the products out there:

  • Virtual Fitness: If you’re looking for something innovative and interactive, these two items might be up your alley. Our Daily Burn Review goes through the whole concept of an online gym and community. The Peloton Cycle is a fitness product focused on virtual spin classes.
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The cost of Simply Fit goes from $39 for the board, plus $8 shipping through their official website and/or Bed Bath and Beyond. Or you can get it for $49 dollars at Walmart.

Other packages you can purchase

  • A workout mat and an additional workout DVD $19.99
  • Low Impact workout DVD $9.99
  • The 21 Day Challenge Workout DVD $9.99
  • Core & Buns workout DVD $9.99

The DVD’s all come with free shipping, but we had to ask. Who uses DVD’s anymore?

Refund policy

They have a 60-day money back guarantee and the weight limit on their refund policy is 400 lbs. If you experience any damage or breaks of the board, and you’re below that weight limit, the number to call is 866-342-9381. It will connect you with the Arbitration Agreement Board that should approve the shipment of a new board, after you send them the old one back.

Common questions about Simply Fit

  • Are fitness balance boards good exercise? They absolutely are. You can think of them as exercise balls, only much harder. In order to stay balanced on top of the board you will need to use your entire body. This is especially beneficial for tennis players. Also, it challenges your brain to react faster to sudden changes. Any sportsmen looking to improve on their reflexes would find the board helpful.
  • Is Simply Fit Board safe: not hard on knees or bad for the back? One of the benefits that Simply Fit is that it will actually strengthen your joints. Especially the ankles. It doesn’t cause any pain to the nerves in your back.
  • Does it burn calories? People that have tried this kind of exercise say it burns more calories than elliptical training or the treadmill. 30 minutes of balancing should burn around 250 calories, compared to 210 calories on either the treadmill or the elliptical option.
  • Is it available in stores? It is available in Walmart. What you get is a workout DVD, a simply fit board, and a user guide. Aside from twisting, the DVD shows different exercises you could do.
  • What are the main competitors and the different types of balance boards? After carefully researching different types, we have to say we especially appreciated the “Goofboard Classic” Surfing Balance Board and the “Revolution Core” Advanced Balance Board. They’re both made for advanced users, athletes that wish to strengthen their leg muscles and prepare themselves for open waters, skateboarding, or snowboarding.

We have to mention the famous Bosu brand that brought the Training ball to most of the gyms across the nation. It is meant for extra tough athletes looking to add extra intensity to their core workout.

On the other hand, newbies can enjoy the simplicity of the “Exertools Economy” Wobble Board. You will need to balance on a 13.5 inch diameter square, which is perfect for beginners. You can balance on it while trying to perform exercises, for an intensity boost.

What we like

  • Budget friendly price
  • Easy to use, light, and mobile
  • Less stress on the joints
  • People seem to have loads of fun while using it
  • Comes in cool colors

What we don’t like

  • Not perfect for everyone, some people find it awkward to use
  • People report the equipment “travelling” around the room

Consumer reviews

  • More than half of the people that have tried the board say they love it. For them it is a new and fun approach that replaces boring exercises. People use it to entertain themselves while doing basic chores, like waiting for something to load on their PC.

Another thing people seem to appreciate is the mobility of the board. It seems to be super easy to move (Only weighs 3 lbs) anywhere around the house. Very convenient for storage as well.

  • Most negative reviews deal with the machine breaking after 4-6 weeks. People have also reported flawed shipments. They say it seemed like the molders hadn’t finished their job.

Most people don’t find the exercise they get challenging enough. Another common problem is the awkward feeling of having to balance on it. This is why some people recommend using dumbbells. That way you can increase the exercise effort and balance yourself better.

Also elderly people have reported not trusting the board too much. The biggest risk of injury would be associated with falling they feel. Usually people over 50 recommend it for younger people or athletes.

Does Simply Fit Board work?

While some people find the twist motion uncomfortable, this balance board has been accepted by the majority of people. It definitely offers a fun way to exercise, and most people love it! That being said, it’s not always easy using it as promised. Expect to spend at least a week getting used to it. Some people never do.

All in all we have to say this product definitely works. Lots of people have had motivating experiences. What about you? If you’ve already used Simply Fit, do share your experience with us in the comments section below.