Slendertone Belt Reviews: Will You Get A Six-Pack?

By Sharyn Donovan: Fitness & Endurance Expert

Research Time: 17 hours

Do you feel like you need to tighten those belly muscles? Many people have tried the Slendertone belt swearing it works. Others remain very sceptical. Our team researched for a week, here’s what we found.

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About Slendertone

Slendertone is a belt that sends electrical impulses to your belly muscles, causing them to contract. The idea is that you can be toning all of the muscles, while doing something else at home.

The ‘electro-stimulation’ technique started in hospitals for recovering patients. And its success in hospitals was the main motivator to make products such as the Slendertone in the 90’s.

The main question is: do slimming belts work?

The creator of this particular belt, a company called Bio-Medical Research Ltd will tell you YES for sure. They created electrical stimulation pads that you can wear comfortably anywhere you please. The idea is to bring the gym to your home so you won’t have to step a foot outside, and you’ll still work to tone your waist.

This means wearing something that sends 50 Hz of electrical pulse frequency through your stomach. Our team decided to do an in-depth search, and find out if Slendertone really works. What people that used it are talking about? After a week of research we can finally share our findings with you below.

The claim

Slendertone hooks you in by promising the 6-pack of your dreams. All you have to do is put the belt on and feel the magic of electricity working and toning your muscles. They also brag about having a more powerful belt than its competitors. 50 Hz compared to 20 Hz for the “inferior” models on the market.

Doing absolutely nothing to tone your body sounds amazing, but does it really work? Our team at Doesitwork have gotten used to fluffed up promises circling the market. So every time we hear something like “works like magic,” our scam detector is triggered. We researched everything there is to know about Slendertone. Find out what we discovered when reviewing it.

How does Slendertone work?

The first thing you will feel when using this product is an unusual tickling sensation that twitches stomach muscles. After getting used to this, it feels like a deep massage. What really happens is, Slendertone sends electric impulses to the muscles in your stomach making them contract.

The little pins you’re feeling are the small electrodes inside the belt that come into contact with your skin. After many contractions, you should start showing some definition. The electric feeling is usually described as unpleasant.

How to use your Slendertone

Products similar to this one started popping around the market in the early 90’s, giving people an “easy” way to work out their belly, while doing household chores or watching TV. The makers of the product recommend to have it on while doing an ab workout, light circuit, or some exercise plan.

The thing is, most people buy this so they do not have to do ANY exercise. We’re not so sure about doing chores either. The electric impulses make it difficult to focus on another task, so most people just choose to sit and wait for their training to be over with.

The makers of Slendertone recommend wearing it 5 days a week for 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the personalized program you choose.

The makers of Slendertone recommend doing additional exercises if you wish to see faster results. But you won’t see many people actually doing them once they get it. It’s because the sole purpose of this exact electric belt is to slim you with no effort.

And it does, to a point. The biggest lie Slendertone feeds its customers is having abs like a Greek god or goddess. This will not happen.

What to expect with Slendertone?

  • You’ll show interest in healthy lifestyle
  • You might start eating healthy
  • You’ll need to get used to the tingling feeling
  • You’ll start feeling some toning over time
  • You could decide to ignore it regardless

Who will benefit from Slendertone?

This product will especially interest housewives that do not have the time to get to the gym, recovering patients that have a limited field of movement, and gadget lovers that are always looking for the next interesting thing to do.

Other home workout alternatives

If you like the convenience of working out in your own home, you’ll be pleased to know that there are numerous options available. Choosing the right option will depend on your goals, available time, and the space in your home. Be sure to read product reviews and see what other customers are saying.

Our fitness research team have reviewed a number of worthy products you might be interested in. In terms of home ab workouts, our review of Wonder Core is great piece to start reading. Although not specifically for abs, the Sit N Cycle bike may also be a worthy option for getting in shape.

For those looking for a bit more guidance and structure, The Daily Burn have created their own online gym and community. If you’re interested in this innovative approach, read what our team thought about the Daily Burn gym and the Peloton Cycle machine.


The cost is pretty high for a simple slimming belt, but it will be worth it if you devote yourself to a healthier lifestyle. The real question is, will you be able to hold yourself accountable? So in that sense, maybe the more money you pay, the more responsibility you’ll feel. If only things worked that way.

What kinds of belts are available plus prices?

Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt – £179.99 – for personalized training

Slendertone Abs3 Toning Belt – £59.99 – tones ab muscles

Slendertone Abs5 Toning Belt – £89.99 – advanced core toning

Slendertone Abs7 Toning Belt – £149.99 – advanced core training

Common questions about Slendertone

  • Does Slendertone work on love handles? Yes it does. It works by toning all of your abdominal muscles at the same time. This is especially important for the deep transverse abdominal muscle. Those are the ones we usually forget when we work out.
  • Does it work on really fat stomach? Nope, it will not work on a really fat stomach. You’ll need to lose weight by dieting and then “tone” the stomach afterwards. So if you’re hoping this will slim your big belly – it will not.
  • Does it burn calories? Slendertone doesn’t really burn calories at all as you are not actually using your muscles. They are just being electrically stimulated. Wearing it while doing some sit ups or something similar may burn a few extra on top.
  • What is the warranty? Your workout belt comes with 2 year warranty, providing you’ve been using it for what it was intended. Do not let other people fix it if it’s broken because you’ll lose the warranty. Also pads, batteries, belts, USB cable, accessories, are excluded because they are subject to normal wear and tear.

If you have any concerns regarding your warranty, you can Contact the Slendertone Customer Care Team.

  • Where can I buy it? You can buy it through the Slendertone official website. There are also many Slendertone approved retailers including Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, Argos, Boots, Next, etc.

Consumer reviews

Most of the positive comments deal with people’s expectations BEFORE they use the product. These excited customers have just received their belt and are bragging about it. So if you read about positive experiences, they deal with people’s expectations and not actual results.

The ones that actually use it for a long time are not very happy with the results. There is an option to share your before and after photos on their official website, but most of the people only post their “before” photos and then disappear.

Some of the people that use this product notice toning of their muscles after months of use. But not a lot of them keep using it for that long. Most of the people give it a try for couple of weeks and then either re-gift it or try to re-sell it.

On the negative side, we’re not sure where to begin. Here’s a list of all the negative experiences connected to this product:

  • Feeling of pain and discomfort while using it
  • Not getting any results at all
  • You do not get any notifications or reminders to set up your routine
  • Only way to adjust your workout calendar is going to third party apps like Google calendar
  • High-price
  • Effective only for people with no stomach fat
  • Gel pads stop working fast

What we like

  • Motivates you to start a healthy lifestyle
  • Soothes your conscience – You can say you’ve been working out by simply slapping the belt on

What we don’t like

  • High price for a product that doesn’t do what it claims
  • Many disappointed customers
  • Unpleasant tingling feeling that hurts on higher levels of intensity
  • Misrepresenting a product is never good for business

Does Slendertone work?

The answer to this question is, it depends on what you intend to use this product for. If you have a big belly and lots of fat, it will most definitely NOT work. First you’ll need to get rid of your stomach fat, and then proceed to toning your muscles. If you already have toned muscles and want to keep up while you’re at home, go for it.

How to get the best results from your Slendertone

  • First time setting – Do not go over level 20, let your muscles get used to the feeling
  • Keep your sticky pads clean – Also before and after using it, apply hand sanitizer
  • Clean up your diet – Slendertone won’t deal with your body fat
  • Do other exercises while using it – this is proving to be the hardest to follow but give it a try

All in all we dislike the marketing Slendertone uses, we think it’s misleading. Using it will definitely not turn you from a couch potato into a 6-pack god. That being said, we like how excited it makes people about healthy living.

What about you? Do you like the idea of a slimming belt or you consider it to be a huge fail? We would love to hear your experience!

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