Smartbrow Reviews: The Best Eyebrow Filler?

By Tracey Evans: Beauty & Skin Therapist

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Smartbrow aims to make your eyebrows look thicker & fuller. But does it really work? We decided to test the product and listen to what other customers are saying. Find out the verdict below.

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About Smartbrow

Smartbrow is an eye brow filler that works to make brows look thicker and fuller. With the ability to last all day, this filler is thought to be easy to apply, and lightweight. Thought to have immediate effects, this product is available in four different colors, allowing more people to get the look they want.

Made with hair-like fibers that work to attach themselves to your brow, the device has been manufactured so that it doesn’t smudge easily. Users need to apply this product using the applicator, followed by the brush, to ensure eyebrows are as thick and full as they can be.

Ideal if you wish to apply this layering product before you shower, or swim, it’s thought to be very waterproof. With the ability to hold the eye brow exactly where you want it to be, without hurting it, if you want heavier and better defined brows, it may be worth considering this product.

How does Smartbrow work?

The eye brow filler, created by SmartFX uses hair-like fibers to attach itself to the brow. Users will find that the addition of the hair-like fibers enables them to make their eye brows look bigger, and thicker should they wish to. This means that those who have thinning eye brows, or who simply wish for them to be a little fuller, can now get the look they desire within a very short space of time.

Smartbrow vs Wunderbrow

When comparing Smartbrow with Wunderbrow, we can see they are two very similar products, working in almost the same way. There are differences between the two however, and they include:

  • The price – Smartbrow is quite a bit more expensive that Wunderbrow, making it unaffordable for some
  • How waterproof they are – While this eyebrow fibres  are waterproof, it seems Wundebrow is a touch more.
  • How long the filler stays on – None of us want to wear make-up for days at a time,without taking it off. It does however  but it seem that we’re perfectly happy to wear it all morning, through the afternoon, and occasionally into the evening. In this respect, both eye brow tools seem to be equally able to stay in place through-out the day.
  • The number of colors available – While this eye brow product is available in four different colors, Wunderbrow boasts a selection of five, making it more accessible to those who want a different look.

What colors are available?

  • Brunette
  • Blonde
  • Black/brown
  • Taupe

While other similar products offer a wider range of colors, the range that Smartbrow offer should be suitable for most people.

How do you apply the eyebrow filler?

Consumers who wish to purchase something that can be used quickly and easily may be interested to know how to apply it:

  1. Make sure your eye brows, are dry, oil-free, and clean.
  2. Use the liner, apply short and light strokes to your brow, moving from the inside out.
  3. Now take the finishing brush, and make larger strokes, while the brow is still a little wet. These strokes will help to highlight where the brow has been filled.
  4. Add more layers if you need to
  5. When you need to remove the make-up, simply rub it off, and then rinse the brows with water.

For a healthier look

Thanks to the way that it works, Smartbrow can help your eyebrows to look healthier, fuller, and thicker, which is ideal if you wish to make a good impression.

Common questions about Smartbrow

Where can I buy Smartbrow? – This eye brow make-up can be purchased from Amazon,and Dermstore,. Prices may vary. Dermstore sell all four colors, whereas Amazon seem to only stock a few. Makeup Alley do not appear to sell this product, but they do list some customer reviews, while pointing you in the direction of those who do sell it.

Does Sephora sell Smartbrow? – Smartbrow cannot be purchased from Sephora at this time. However, potential consumers may find that there are some similar products available, and may therefore wish to purchase those if they are sold at a lower price.

Is it sold at Walmart? – No, this product is not available at the moment, however they are likely to sell many similar products

Is it sold at Ulta? – No, the this is not available from Ulta at the moment, however this online store does sell a lot of similar products that are thought to work in almost the same way.

Is it cruelty-free? – Unfortunately there is no information available, but you may wish to contact the manufacturers of this product should you be concerned. Please note that a full list of the products ingredients is available from the manufacturers website. If you are unsure as to whether you would like to buy a product that has not been listed as cruelty free, please note there are many similar eye brow products available from manufacturers who are happy to sell cruelty-free products.


  • Amazon – Smartbrow can be purchased from Amazon for $49.66 for the brunette brow filler. This eye brow tool is also available at a cost of $40.96 for the blonder filler, along with a cleanser. Please note that when this item is purchased from third-party sellers prices will vary.
  • Dermstore – This brow layering product can also be purchased from Dermstore at a cost of $61.00. This is the current price for the brunette, blonde, black/brown or taupe eyebrow filler.

What we like about Smartbrow

It’s waterproof – This means that you can be rained on, you can sweat at the gym, or you can even go swimming, and the eyebrow filler will stay in place.

It lasts for hours at a time – Because of the way that it works, it can be applied first thing in the morning, and it’s likely to last all day. This means that users can wear it to work, at the gym after work, and in the evening should they wish.

It’s available in four different colors – The Smartbrow eye brow filler comes in four different colors, meaning there’s a shade that’s suitable for just about everyone.

What we don’t like about Smartbrow

It’s quite expensive – Unfortunately this eye brow filler is quite expensive, and depending on where you purchase it from, you may have to pay two to three times as much as you would pay for other similar products. The price means that it’s inaccessible to those who are on a tight budget, meaning they have to buy another brand.

Those with auburn hair may miss out – Even though there are four different shades of filler, those with auburn hair may miss out, unless they wish to use make-up that makes their eye brows a little darker. Otherwise, those with a shade of auburn may have to purchase a competitors product instead.

Consumer reviews

Smartbrow received a total of 170 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4 stars. There, most compliments seem related to the natural look, and how it makes eyebrows look more defined. Other reviews mention:

“…love love love it for quick creation of natural looking eyebrows…I think I’ve tried every other competitor…but I couldn’t find anything better…”

“…This product works better than I expected…This will be a permanent addition to my make-up routine!…”

“…Best brow makeup ever!…”

“…I’ve been using this for over a year, it gives me such nice eyebrows…”

Those who are thinking of purchasing the Smartbrow eye brow filler, may want to keep these positive reviews in mind as they purchase the product.

Bad reviews almost exclusively revolved around poor experience with the fillers ease of application. Other negative reviews mention:

“…this was hard to use as the paintbrush tip did not fit in between my eye brow hairs to reach the skin…I was expecting a different result, but this is the same as all the other eye brow color products…”

“…I have tried over and over and am not happy with this…”

“…It comes off in hot water whenever I take a shower…even trying to avoid getting my eyebrows wet…”

“…It does not stay on…I got the lightest one and it was a little too dark. I won’t be buying it again…”

Does Smartbrow work?

When it comes to the crunch, it appears that this eye brow filler does work. With its hair-like fibers that stick to your brow giving it a heavier and more defined look, it seems that most users are pleased. If you are happy to pay the extra money for an eye brow filler (As compared to some similar products), you could find yourself with a filler that will last for hours. Thought to be quite waterproof, some users state that it stays on no matter how wet they get, whereas others claim it washes off too easily.

Products like the brow filler are likely to behave differently for those who have thick, course eye brows, as opposed to those who don’t. It may however be worth your while trying this product for size, because if it does work for you, it’s quite likely to work very well. Available online, and with quite a good reputation, if you wish to make your eye brows look fuller, this could well be the eye brow layering product for you.

Please let us know what you think about Smartbrow, has it worked for you?

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