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Survey Club reviews: how much money can you really make?

About Survey Club

Survey Club is a marketing company that has been operating online since 2005. They connect big companies interested in customer feedback with us – the customers. Like many other websites offering similar services, they’ll have you working at home filling out surveys. Can you really make money doing surveys? Yes, but probably not nearly as much as you’d hope for.

The power of marketing

It completely baffled us how Survey Club used the power of wording to make itself sound more fancy. We have to admit, it is pretty genius from a marketing standpoint. So instead of doing surveys you’re “participating in studies”. Instead of joining a paid survey website you’re becoming a member of a “research recruitment platform.”

It does sound fancy, and the number of 16 million members only proves a huge interest. But does it work? Our team decided to research this website and find out – is it real or fake?

The Claim

Survey Club is the link between you and the big companies. They are interested in your opinion as a consumer and they’re prepared to pay for it. This sounds like most people’s dreams – getting paid to say what you honestly think.

They offer “lots of surveys, good rewards, and a fun experience” to all their members. All you need to do is share your information with them and fill out lots of surveys. You can work at home or anywhere you want. The website gets paid a fee each time they recruit new members/panelists.

Get more money IF you share more info

In order to sign up, and become their member, you’ll need to disclose some personal information. Survey Club encourages people to share about them as much as possible, promising bigger rewards.

It felt a bit creepy to us how they encourage you to “reveal” as much about yourself as possible. They ensure you this is the right way IF you’re interested to make more money. Here’s how they word it specifically at Survey Club.

“The paid surveys that are sent out pay more when they are targeted to a harder to find portion of the population.”

What the companies really do is gather ALL the information from everyone that registers. They say it is in order to improve a product line or decide who to sell their product to. So who will be their new target? Millions of Survey Club members sharing their emails daily, over and over again. This is you, once you sign up.

Is this website worth it, or just a waste of your time? In this article we focus on the promises Survey Club makes and especially their delivery. Having millions of members definitely stands for something, but how satisfied are they really?

How does Survey Club work?

In order to become a member of their Club and start filling out surveys you’ll need to register and share your email. Our team strongly suggests (as we often do regarding paid surveys) that you open a separate email account for this purpose. The main problem people face is receiving constant spam, free trials and limited time offers after sharing their info.

This website works exclusively with Canada, US, UK and Australia. So you’ll only be interesting for them if you’re from those countries.

Only people that qualify earn the dough

Once you share as much about you as possible, it’s time to start choosing the surveys that interest you. Most of them will pay $1 per 30 minutes. Expect to get paid more if you’re a part of a specific demographics. Otherwise, expect to work really hard and earn very little.

This isn’t one of those jobs where you get paid based on your efforts. You could be hunting for surveys all night long, but if you’re not demographically suited, your efforts will be wasted. To be quite fair, you do get paid 10 cents for every pre screening you don’t qualify for.

By qualify we mean: they were looking for single moms, but you’re a teenage guy. So you won’t be a good match to test pacifier satisfaction. Of course they don’t let you know beforehand what their specific requests are. So you end up filling survey after survey for hours. What you’re really doing is sharing personal information over and over, just to realize it was all for nothing.


It is absolutely free to register on SC. We do realize there is nothing free in this world, and this would be no exception. You are giving away valuable information about yourself, including your email, interests and hobbies. You end up with more trial offers and newsletters in your inbox than you can ever handle. So do not expect this website or any similar to really respect your privacy.

Also do not expect to get wealthy filling out surveys online either. If you end up reaching the $20 minimum required to get a deposit, and not get utterly frustrated, you’re a champ.

Common questions about Survey Club

  • How do I sign up and join? It is very easy to become their member. All you have to do is register with your email account and share some additional info. This includes your age, gender, ethnicity, and other personal stuff. Only available for people from the United States, Canada, UK and Australia, over the age of 13.
  • Is Survey Club legit? It is definitely one of the oldest in this business and seems to be legit at first glance. The truth is, it doesn’t really deliver all the amazing surveys it promises. Most of the time you’ll be working for 5 dollars a day. You can’t rely on this for your main source of income, but you could earn some $100-$200 a month. If you’re lucky.
  • Is it safe and are they going to spam if I give my email? They will definitely spam your email. SC promises not to do it, and they keep that promise – BUT: You’re asked to share your email again with all the companies listed on the website. This is how you’re giving permission and inviting spam over. Of course if you don’t share your email and info, you won’t get work. It is a catch 22.
  • How am I going to get paid? They have their own Rewards System. You can choose to get paid by PayPal, Amazon Gift cards, pre paid debit cards, cash sweepstakes, prize drawings or a check. Funny enough they ask you “How about an Ipad 2?” making it sound super easy to get one. Just make sure you understand what the reward is before accepting a job.
  • What are the best (and legit) alternatives to Survey Club? Be extremely careful when registering for paid survey sites. Do your research beforehand, never pay entry fees and never share your credit card info. If you still wish to experiment and have a taste of the Survey lifestyle, try Point Club they give you $5 when you sign up. Other favorite choices include Springboard Panel, Harris Poll, and MintVine. We’ve reviewed a few other survey cash sites so if you’re interested, check out our Survey Junkie review, InboxPays review, or Bigspot review.

Consumer Reviews

Most of the positive reviews deal with people’s expectations before they actually give this a try.

  • You’ll also find people that rave about making easy money. They were just lucky to be a part of the necessary demographics. The rest of us are doomed to fill out survey after survey, never seeing the end of it. Even if you decide to quit, you’ll still receive emails and offers for a very, very long time.
  • It really sounds like a great idea to work comfortably at home, and earn a lot. The truth is, most of us are just giving away personal information – for free.

On the negative side:

  • Survey Club has a C+ rating with Better Business Bureau. This is due to an unresolved complaint. Someone complained in February 2016 that they made $100 dollars with SC only to have their earnings erased. The company hasn’t responded at all. Not a good sign.

After digging deeper on BBB our team found out that the company Survey Club is also known as “Project Payday.” This is yet another website they own that offers stuff if you sign up. You complete a certain number of trial offers (to join Netflix) and then you find other people to complete trial offers.

  • Other complaints people have in general include tons of spam, and very low earnings. In other words, you’re better off learning a new skill then cycling thru a never ending list of viable companies.

What we like

  • The chosen few get some pretty good deals, like getting paid $100-$200 per survey. Although, opening survey after survey only to find out you’re not eligible is our personal version of hell.

What we don’t like

  • So much spam to deal with, that most people decide it’s not worth it at all. Others got smart and started opening emails specifically for their survey career.
  • All work and no results is a good way to loose motivation. You could be potentially wasting hours of your time working for change. Also, all those times one gets denied, doesn’t sound like a confidence booster in any way.
  • The unresolved complaint on BBB really bothered us. Why wouldn’t they address that matter after 1 year?

Does Survey Club work?

Aside its fancy name and wording, this website is just another semi legit survey provider out there. They won’t ask you for money and they do provide awards. You can potentially earn some money, if you’re a good fit and if you spend many hours online.

With so many if’s – we have to say it is best to avoid this opportunity. You’ll be working for hours not knowing if you’ll be eligible to earn anything or not. Use that time wisely and learn some new skills. Then go out and make some real money. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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