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Survey Junkie reviews: legit or big scam?

About Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a paid survey site that boasts being the “most popular spot online to earn cash.” It brings together big companies and people interested in making money by filling out surveys. You basically get paid to give your opinion on products.

Filling out surveys for money is supposed to be an easy way to make some extra cash. You say what you think – big companies cash you out. You can fill out surveys in the comfort of your home, and you earn some extra income. Sounds great, but does it work?

Not all survey sites are legit

With so many similar sites across the network, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize scams from legit sites. They all offer easy money, they all promise a convenient way to earn something on the side, but very few actually deliver.

Changing your policy can save your business

People used to perceive Survey Junkie as dishonest a few years ago. This was because it would ask for money (registration fee) in advance. Which brings us to a great point. You should NEVER be asked to invest money in order to get access to surveys.

The background

Back in 2005, people registering a profile with Survey Junkie would have to pay to get to actual surveys. It used to cost $68 dollars to register with a $34 dollars gift certificate offer. The internet is filled with complaints of people realizing they wasted both time and money, not earning anything at all.

Survey Junkie used to be just the “middleman” selling your info to 3rd parties. Not anymore. The company makers decided to actually listen to all the complaints and rethink their strategy. Does Survey Junkie work? Is it a legit way to earn money or just another fail? This article unravels all the facts behind this website.

The Claim

Survey Junkie claims to be “the most popular” way to get paid online. All you have to do is create a profile and share your thoughts and opinions by taking surveys. You can work anywhere, anytime and you’ll earn some cash on the side.

The makers of this website express very honestly that you shouldn’t expect to get rich by filling out surveys. Our research team at Doesitwork got excited to find out what that means. Should you expect to earn enough for a decent monthly salary? Or filling out sheet after sheet is just a waste of time? Is SJ legit, or just another scam? Find out what we discovered after many hours of research.

How does Survey Junkie work?

Like we mentioned, Survey Junkie used to be recognized as a super-sketchy website. Similar to,, or, it used to be just the middle man between you and 3rd parties. Now it incorporates internal surveys and point-based-rewards. They still link you to other survey websites, but it’s optional.

So in the past, people would sign up, and then they were asked to pay a fee. Many people paid that fee, only to be transferred to a list of survey possibilities. After that they would be lost in the ocean of pre-screenings and surveys they didn’t “qualify” for. After hours filling out surveys and not getting results at all, people felt cheated and used.

All this changed in 2005, one year after they opened. The owners of Screen Junkie decided to eliminate the entry fee, and created a “Panel” system. So now, if you want to sign up, it’s free.

Protect your privacy

Once you decide to register with SJ you will need to disclose your name, telephone number, and email address. After completing your profile, a certain number of surveys unlock. After you use them up, you get new surveys. You can register with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and you have to be over 18.

We recommend opening a new Gmail account specifically for your new survey job. This is to protect you from all the spam emails you’ll be receiving. Because it doesn’t matter if you catch a survey or not, you’re still sharing your info with other companies, all the time.

If your plan is to register on websites that give you money for doing surveys get a new phone number. People report receiving sales calls within hours of sharing their number with different companies.

How do you earn money with Survey Junkie?

The web-site operates on a unique point system. You get 25 points for completing your profile, and you have to earn 1000 points to receive $10. You can choose to get them through PayPal, or in the form of a gift card. Most of the gift cards can be used with Amazon, Target or Walmart.

People report having to work extra hard to reach the above mentioned 1000 points. Most of the surveys take between 5-30 minutes and they bring 50-250 points. The problem is, you won’t be qualified for most of the surveys.

The Demographic Catch

So you might be filling out what you believe is an actual survey, only to find out it’s a pre screening. You need to be a part of a certain demographic in order to qualify for them. You do not have control over which surveys you’re eligible for. This means wasting quite a lot of your time and accomplishing nothing.

Here’s how they word it at Survey Junkie: “When you participate in surveys, you may be asked for your personal opinions, as well as demographic information, such as your age, type of job, and household composition.”

There’s always the chosen few that were lucky to be a part of a certain demographic, and they get paid a bit more. You never know if you’ll be one of them, or have to spend days on end, working for scraps. Getting paid to answer survey questions is like hunting in the dark.

Most people think that filling out surveys will be easy money. It sure sounds like it. Unfortunately even the most patient people soon discover that chasing surveys can be nerve wracking. You’re not sure what or if you’ll get paid.

Geographical Restrictions

SJ claim they’re the most popular site on-line. This is why we got really surprised when we found out they only work with certain countries:

  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • United Kingdom;
  • New Zealand;
  • Australia.

Supposedly, only USA and Canada get consistent work. So if you’re not a citizen of any of these, you won’t be able to register at all. Maybe it’s for the best.


Survey Junkie is FREE to join. You create a profile and unlock surveys. The website promises up to $75 per survey. In reality you only get $5-$7 for each survey you fill.

Common questions about Survey Junkie

  • How much does Survey Junkie pay? You have to reach 1000 points by filling out surveys to amount to $10. You can choose if you want them deposited in your PayPal account or in the form of a gift card. Expect to earn $100-$200 a month.
  • Does Survey Junkie actually pay you? No they do not. They will have you collecting points and then drawing them with PayPal or as a gift card.
  • How do they pay? After you’ve reached the minimum of 1000 points or $10, you can get them as cash with your PayPal account, or use e-gift cards. This option is only available in the USA. So if you’re from Canada, UK, New Zealand or Australia, you won’t be able to use the gift card option!

If you wish to redeem what you’ve earned, select the “redeem” option on their website. You’ll get a pop-up window letting you know that your “reward” has been sent to your registered PayPal or e-gift card email.

  • How much time does it take to complete a survey? It should take you between 5 to 30 minutes for each survey. Plus if you opt for 3rd party surveys, count all the pre-screening involved. That could really turn out to be a time consuming process.
  • Will i have to pay tax on the money i make? US citizens are due to pay tax if they make over $600 in a calendar year. They will receive a 1099 form issued in their name. It should take you 3-6 moths to make this much.

If you belong to any of the other countries on the list, SJ implores that you check with the current laws of your country regarding tax returns.

  • How to know if online surveys sites are legit? A good starting point would be to use common sense. If a website offers you unbelievable amounts, you probably shouldn’t believe them.

Researching around their website will do you good. See if they are easy to contact. If you’re dealing with a scam, you won’t be able to find any “About us”, or “FAQ” sections. Usually, they only display a Limited Liability Privacy Policy, and that’s about all the info you can find on them. Never pay them money, and NEVER share your credit card info. These are all signs for alarm.

  • What are the most trustworthy paid survey sites online? There are some pretty awesome sites if you’re willing to fill in surveys online. One good example is Inbox Dollars. They give you 4 surveys to fill in a day, allowing you to earn $730 a year.
    The most popular survey/affiliate site for 2017 is Superpayme. They accept people from ALL countries and have 6 million users. Another popular site is Vip Voice. Similar to Survey Junkie, you collect points which can be redeemed for gift cards, free vacations and electronics.


  • What are the online survey companies that bear the BBB (Better Business Bureau) seal? Tellwut, PointClub, American Consumer Opinion, SurveySavvy, LegerWeb Canada, and Web Perspectives Canada.

In order to bear this seal companies must show high-levels of ethical business behavior, and offer great customer satisfaction. Survey Junkie is not on their list, which is not a good sign.

 Consumer Reviews

  • Most of the positive reviews mention that surveys are fun and easy way to earn something on the side.
  • People also like that the minimum to cash out is only $10 dollars or 1000 points. This is much lower than other sites. They make you work till you reach 2500 points before you can cash out.
  • Survey Junkie refreshes their pool often, so you shouldn’t be lacking opportunities for work.
  • The negative reviewers mostly complain because they waste time filling out surveys only to find out they weren’t “eligible.” This means working your butt off and not getting paid in the end. Our research team despises this fact.
  • Even if you do get paid, you’ll be making scraps. People report earning $25 dollars after 3 months. Others yet say they made $10 in 2 days. Not a reliable source of income if you ask us.

What we like

  • This can be a new experience in your life. If you wish to explore this world and you have tons of time, go for it.
  • It is a fun way to make extra money. And we’re not talking about half-time job income. Not by a long shot. You’ll be lucky if you cover the expenses for your network provider.

What we don’t like

  • You work super-hard and earn scraps. So do not consider building a survey career, or switching your existing one. It is not worth it.
  • You get tons of spam and many sales calls, if you choose additional work from 3rd party companies offered by Survey Junkie.
  • No control over what you qualify for. Working hard is not the main issue here. Not knowing if you’ll get paid in the end is what rocks our boat. Just imagine hours of filling pre-screening forms and not getting paid at all.

Does Survey Junkie work?

After all said and done, we have to say this website is NOT a scam (anymore).

It used to be the middle man between the consumer and other survey companies. Asking people for fees and filling their inboxes with tons of spam only drew their anger. People complained, and Survey Junkie listened. They’ve changed their policy, and proved that you DO get a second chance.

Today you can register on their website for free and you get access to internal surveys. The real question we should be asking is: “Is it worth it spending hours on line, filling out surveys for gift cards?” We’ll let you decide.

If you already have an opinion on this matter, go ahead and share it with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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