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Theradome Hair Growth Helmet Reviews: Does It Work?



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About Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

The Theradome Hair Growth Helmet is thought to be one of the better hair restoration helmets on the market. Based in Silicon Valley, the Helmet’s manufacturers have designed a product that uses laser phototherapy to encourage hair to grow once more.

Using perfectly safe cold lasers, it emits a specific range of lights that can help to restore hair, while ensuring new growth is thick, full, and healthy. With the use of red light that penetrates the scalp, it works to slowly but surely working to reduce the appearance of thinning and baldness.

Placing the helmet on their head just twice a week, will ensure that growth is seen within a period of six to nine months, although individual results can vary. Used exactly as instructed, the Theradome is thought to be the next generation in hair restoration.

How does Theradome Helmet work?

This helmet when placed on the head emits cold lasers that work to penetrate the scalp, and encourage follicles to produce new hair, that’s thicker and fuller. Claiming to fit most peoples’ heads, it is thought to increase the blood flow to the follicles, while also increasing the size of the follicles.

Harnessing the power of lasers

While many lasers are thought to be harmful, those used in this product are known as ‘Cold lasers’, and will not damage the scalp, or any existing hair. With the ability to reach the very bottom of the follicles, the lasers stimulate the cells, encouraging new growth. The red light that’s emitted when the lasers are in use are at a wavelength of 678 nanometers, the ideal wavelength to encourage growth.

Using the right dosage

The helmet uses the correct wavelength every time it is used. Consumers are advised to use it for 1,200 seconds (Twenty minutes), ensuring that their scalp gets the right energy dosage it needs. If consumers use the Theradome for less than the recommended amount of time, they will not see their desired results.

This is because it’s thought to take twenty minutes for the cold lasers to reach the base of the follicles.

Reversing hair loss

With the ability to reverse baldness and thinning, it is thought to start working within one to three months. During this period, users should see the first signs of growth.

After a period of two to four months:

  • There should be more visible signs of healthy hair

Between four and six months:

  • Healthier hair will continue to grow

After a period of six to nine months:

  • Users should see thicker, fuller growth
  • Fewer bald and thinning patches

When used for more than nine months:

  • Healthier, fuller, and thicker hair will be maintained.

Is it right for you?

Potential consumers who have some hair loss may benefit from the helmet. While it’s important to always speak to your doctor about any underlying issues that are causing the loss, this product may slow the loss down a little.

Those who have been bald, or have experienced thinning for quite some time may not get the results they are looking for. This is because the Theradome works to rejuvenate follicles that are still active.

Common questions about Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

Is Theradome effective? – Clinical studies are thought to have shown that 98% of consumers will see hair growth.

Used exactly as instructed for more than nine months, consumers should see a sustained growth that will leave them with fewer bald spots and thinning patches. Potential consumers should note that results will vary from person to person.

Is it safe? – Yes, there are thought to be no side effects associated with using it. Consumers should always follow the instructions that come with the growth helmet as standard. While the lasers will not harm the scalp, eye contact should be avoided, as the lasers could irritate the eyes.

Is it FDA approved? – No, but it has been FDA verified. This verification means that the helmet meets the specifications and requirements needed in order for it to produce the expected results. In simpler terms, it means this product is thought to work as well as it claims to.

Does laser hair therapy really work? – Reports suggest that laser therapy does work. This is because the cold lasers that are emitted as standard, work to gently increase the blood flow to the follicles. When the follicles have more blood flowing to them, hair is able to grow once more.

Potential consumers should note that laser therapy is only thought to work on follicles that are still active. This means that laser therapy is unlikely to work on follicles that have been inactive for some time. Consumers should therefore use laser therapy as soon as they spot the first signs of balding or thinning.


  • The Theradome Growth Helmet can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a cost of $895.00 for the Helmet, adapter, instruction manual, case, and pads.
  • It is also available at a cost of $1,090.00, for the Helmet, adapter, instruction manual, case, pads, and extended warranty.
  • This product is also available from Amazon at a cost of $895.00, sold by the manufacturer.
  •  It can also be purchased via CurrentBody for a price of $945.55.

What we like

  1. Works for 98% of consumers – This means that more people could benefit from using the Theradome, than they would using some other restoration products.

  2. Ideal for men and women – Both men and women can now benefit from having thicker, fuller, natural-looking hair. Those who are conscious about losing their hair should now start to feel more confident about how they look.

  3. FDA Verified – The FDA verification shows that the Growth Helmet words just as well as it claims to, reassuring those who have already purchased it.

What we don’t like

  1. The cost – This product is not cheap, meaning it could potentially be out of reach to some. Those who cannot afford to pay $800+ for the Helmet may have to look for alternatives products.

  2. Needs continuous use – Even if hair has completely grown back after six to nine months, consumers will still have to use the Theradome twice a week in order to maintain their level of growth.

  3. Won’t work if you’ve been bald for a while – It will not work with follicles that have been inactive for sometime. This means that those who fall into this group may need to look for alternatives.

Consumer reviews

On Amazon, most of the positive reviews seem to reference effective results, including sure signs that hair is regrowing.

Here are some highlights:

“…I can see where the hair is growing…”

“…We are more than pleased…even our hairdresser wondered what we were doing!…”

“…this takes time to get results… but I am pleased so far…”

On the other hand, as with any hair restoration product, the most common consumer complaint about Theradome referenced that it tends to break down after a few uses.

Here are some highlights:

“…It broke on my third use!…”

While this may not necessarily be what you experience with Theradome, it’s important to keep these reviews in mind nonetheless.

More than 750 customers have provided feedback on the manufacturers website, with 43% of customers claiming they ‘Loved it!’ and 56% claiming they ‘Liked it’. The remaining 1% of customers claimed they were ‘Not sure’. The positive reviews seem to reference effective results, including how well it works, and how easy it is to use.

Here are some highlights:

“..I have noticed it falling out less…”

“…It works great…”

“…I am very very happy with the helmet…”

There seem to be some very positive reviews from consumers, and you may want to keep these in mind if you wish to purchase the Growth Helmet.

Does Theradome Hair Growth Helmet work?

The Theradome Helmet uses cold lasers to help restore blood flow to follicles. Thought to be safe to use, and FDA verified, it could take up to nine months before users have fuller, thicker, healthier hair. Using just a few times each week, for twenty minutes each time, the Helmet is thought to work well for 98% of people.

While this product is thought to be quite expensive, it does appear to work as well as it claims to. Consumer reviews are for the most part quite positive, indicating to potential buyers that it could be worth the cost.

With continuous use, the Helmet may well be the best way for those who are recently thinning or balding, to have a thicker head of hair once more.

Please let us know what you think about Theradome Helmet, has it worked for you?