Wonder Core Reviews: The Best Ab Machine For Home?

By Sharyn Donovan: Fitness & Endurance Expert

Research Time: 14 hours

We weren’t sure about the “sizzling sexy rock hard abs” that Wonder Core Smart promises. It sounded more like over-hyped exercise equipment. So our team at Doesitwork had to dig deeper.

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About Wonder Core

You’ve probably given working out at home some thought by now. Nothing beats being able to get comfortable in the privacy of your home, playing your tunes, while losing weight. Sounds awesome!

So here you are researching the best ab machine for home workouts. You certainly can’t go for the cheapest when it comes to exercise machines for abs that actually work. So you’ve also probably heard of all the hype surrounding Wonder Core Smart. It was heavily promoted on TV and online.

What you get

With this popular ab trainer you should be able to strengthen your upper, middle, lower abs, and oblique muscles. You’ll be able to do sit ups, push ups, scissor kicks, triceps exercises and much more. It is supposed to be an all-round workout that you should “feel all over.”

Is Wonder Core Smart any good? Will it give you the body you always wanted, or is it just another scam? Read this article and find out all the pros and the cons behind this product.

The claim

Wonder Core comes with a promise of a better looking you. After watching all those ripped bodies on TV, you can’t help but get enchanted by the idea. But don’t expect the road for losing fat and toning your muscles to be easy.

Getting to an amazing 6-pack belly should take a lot of time and effort. Prepare for weeks and months of following workout routines and diet plans. You should constantly be either in pain or hungry, or both. In the end it should all be worth it.

With so many companies selling dreams and not too many giving actual value, we decided to research everything there is about this ab trainer. Does it work as well as it sounds? Find out what we discovered when reviewing it.

How does Wonder Core work?

This product was advertised as the “best ab machine for home workouts.” It features dual resistance springs that should work your muscles going down and up. In reality these springs actually help you get up and go down easier, so most people do not see the point there. No real resistance offered. Good for housewives wanting to do a light workout.

On a more positive note, you can use it in the comfort of your home, it is easily foldable and stored. Absolutely cool if you see it as a light daily workout. If it gets you going, who are we to judge?

How to use your Wonder Core?

  • Put on some sweats
  • Get the machine out and unfold it
  • Play the DVD
  • Set your desired level of resistance
  • Follow the routine that is displayed, it lasts for 35 minutes
  • Hydrate

If you visit their official website it has a promotional video with lots of ripped people looking overjoyed. Please do not think they got those bodies by doing sit ups on their little slide machine. Actually most people that have tried this exercise equipment do not feel it was made for advanced users. They say it has more of a “beginner” feeling.

It is tiny as advertised, so it will be easy to store, but on the other hand, it seems a bit fragile and flimsy. Not for the big boned or folks over 250 lbs. So what’s the point in wanting to lose weight if you can’t use the thing?


If you order it on their official website you get the option to pay 5 instalments, $19.95 each. That brings us to $99.75 for the equipment. They will offer you to buy a twister seat if you add $10 at checkout. What is twister seat? Another “thingy” that will help you “sculpt” your body, while you twist side to side.

If you call the 1-800 phone number to order, expect some hard selling. The lady on the phone will offer you at least 3 to 5 different products that are “awesome” and “will get you going stronger” for some extra bucks. So if you have a hard time saying “No” do not call and order by phone.

Another option is ordering this product on Amazon, and this seems to be the best option. You’ll find it for $89.99, plus shipping should get it to a $100. The older model will run the bill up to $153.

Get this fitness toy if you really need to, but make sure it doesn’t end up being a wasted investment that will catch dust under the bed. If you get it, use it, or give it away as a gift.

Refund & Guarantee Policy

If you buy it in one instalment through the Wonder Core official website you get 3 years warranty. Not applicable if you decide to pay it in 5 instalments. And they push you hard to choose the second option by letting you know it “used to be” 6 instalments of $19.95. And because they have such a “unique” offer, they say they’ll deduct one instalment. On this “special” day.

If you wish to return your ab trainer don’t count on the 60-day return guarantee unless you’ve paid the full price. Again if you choose 5 instalments you only get 30 days to change your mind.

Sounds like marketing for small children. Seems to work great too! People buy it, use it and rave about it. Well not all of them. But usually people that fail to use the Wonder Core Smart forget about it and forget to write about it as well.

Common questions about Wonder Core and sit ups

Are sit ups really an effective way to lose belly fat? Here’s a few things to have in mind if you’ll be losing belly fat with success.

Why do you need to engage ALL of the stomach muscles when working out? With Wonder Core you actually focus on the ‘Rectus Abdominus’ or as we prefer to call it the six-pack. So you only move front to back. There are no out to the side, or rotational movements.

These are very important issues if you want to do things the right way. If you only repeat one exercise over and over, you could even cause pain and injury. So in that sense Wonder Core is not very revolutionary at all. Dangerous to say the least.

What other steps I can take to tone my stomach? Avoid alcohol, soda and salty foods. Drink plenty of water. Get your fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Using a bike is also an effective way to build strength to your core. If bike riding appeals to you, check our review of the Sit N Cycle machine.

Some people have found success with toning their stomach through electro stimulation. If you’re not sure what this is, read our review of the Slendertone belt, which uses technology.

Do you have to go on a diet to lose belly fat? You can strengthen and tone your muscles all you want, but if you fail to deal with the fat over them, you might find yourself disappointed. Getting some nutritional advice on what to eat in order to lose fat could help you a lot.

Are there better ways to strengthen your stomach? If you want to read more on dealing with stomach fat, here’s 14 moves that are more effective than sit ups. Also if you like working out at home, joining the Daily Burn or Peloton online gym might be a great way to strengthen your stomach.

Consumer reviews

After reading hundreds of different experiences our team noticed that certain kinds of people always praise the product, while other types dislike it. So here’s the crowd where you’ll find some positive mentions:

  • This product works great for beginners that want to do some light exercise. They usually rave about it since it makes them feel like part of the “pro” world.
  • Elderly people that have difficulties doing sit ups will have great benefits, as they feel the double resistance feature helps them do the proper motion, even if they’re weak.
  • Anyone after rehabilitation, post-surgery, or feeling too weak to do any kind of heavy lifting, but still wants to stay moving somehow.

The biggest point of frustration comes from the makers misrepresenting their product:

  • People are always surprised by how small the machine is once they get it. Do not mind the “over 250 lbs” weight limit. Even if you’re “big boned” and under 250 lbs you still don’t fit the bill.
  • You need to be slender to really enjoy this device. So it was built for slim people, but no one said anything about it. This has led to a lot of “bigger boned” people ordering it and getting crazy frustrated with it. What you get is a lose-lose situation.
  • People that already have toned muscles don’t like this device very much, they do not find it challenging.

What we like

  • Wonder Core Smart offers an easy to use workout program
  • It could get you excited about exercising
  • It is designed to support your lower back
  • Good for beginners and the elderly

What we don’t like

  • People that weigh over 250 lbs or that are big boned can’t use it
  • Limited 3 year warranty, only valid if paid in one instalment
  • Lots of hard selling over the phone
  • Not as revolutionary as advertised

Does Wonder Core Smart work?

If we hold this company accountable for everything they’ve promised, then we have to say – they’ve failed. Promising people so much and delivering so little does not build trust and you can only go on fooling people so long.

On the other hand if you’re recovering, older, out of shape, or a complete beginner, this will work for you. But you had to come here to read all about it. Maybe next time the makers of this product will stop being dishonest, and state the real benefits of this product. Or is being straightforward too much to ask?

Have you tried the Wonder Core Smart yet? If yes, would YOU recommend it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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